Rainbow / Definitive Budokan 1978 2nd Night / 2CD

Rainbow / Definitive Budokan 1978 2nd Night / 2CD / Rising Arrow

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 22nd January 1978

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In the history of RAINBOW, Japan tour of 1978 which became the largest scale. A name recording representing such a great heyday is upgraded with a new excavation of the nobleman no grand master. In addition, it is a two-sheet set which also included a part of the world’s first appearance master.
That name recording is “January 22, 1978: Nippon Budokan” performance. Although it is a concert that has brought about many masterpieces and masterpieces so far, the one that shines as the highest peak among them is the special-grade audience recording known as “DYNAMO (Rising Arrow – 005)” “DEFINITIVE DYNAMO (Rising Arrow – 031)” I guess. This work is the same recording as that legend’s masterpiece. However, it is neither a recurrence nor a remaster. This time, it is an upgrade version which made CD directly from the newly discovered Omoto master.
If you know “DYNAMO” “DEFINITIVE DYNAMO”, you already have decided your mind alone. However, I will explain from the basics for those who are not. First, concert. Even though it says “Budokan in 1978,” three performances are given on this tour. Let’s check the position of the show from the tour schedule.

· January 11th – 20th: West Japan (8 performances)
· January 21: Nippon Budokan
· January 22: Nippon Budokan 【this work】
· January 24: Koriyama Municipal Hall
· January 27: Nakajima Sports Center (pressure death accident)
· January 29: Akita Kenkan Kaikan
· January 31: Niigata Prefectural Civic Center
· February 1: Kanazawa Koto Pension Center (Canceled)
· February 3: Nippon Budokan (additional performance)

This is the 15th Japan tour tour in 1978. Since it will be long, we compressed West Japan edition of the first half of 8 performances, but still there is only this. The Nippon Budokan has two midfield performances and three final performances, and this work is the 2 nd performances. It was a concert near Sapporo tragedy.

【Omoto master of name recording “DYNAMO”】
Although this record has existed since ancient times, there were difficulties in terms of quality, people who knew knew it was “one of the best known works of 1978”. It was “DYNAMO” that broke down the situation and reigned as a majestic masterpiece, “DEFINITIVE DYNAMO (Tape # 1)”. That wonderful direct sound gave a vivid illustration of the performances that had only been asked to the other side of the noise, “Nakaari Budokan no rainbow is special” and it was made known to the full weather.
This work is a grandmaster of such a name recording. Although it was natural and clear at the stage of the previous generation, the power of the generation which became much young is tremendous. From the opening part to “Over The Rainbow” may not feel much difference, but as the band sound of “Kill The King” comes in, the difference is obvious! Three-dimensional feeling · sharpness is more intense than anything. The direct feeling which approaches closer closely is beaten as Mike Tyson’s punch (old), silence is deep like the darkness of jet black. Every member, one sound one sound “stands” and it is cleanly separated. The RAINBOW ensemble approaches with a sense of three-dimensional touch.
Everything is brilliant, for example “Mistreated” intro guitar solo. Even in “DEFINITIVE DYNAMO” there was one sound per sound, but it was a flat plate like a watercolor painting. In contrast, this work is oil painting. As the paint is thick, the dynamism from picking to mute is quite different. And, as the shadow created by the unevenness of the paint gives life force to the painting, the stereoscopic effect of this work and the breath of the performance are also drawn out. Despite the familiar playing, it is playing with lively as if it were a different show.

【Complete recording of the longest show in history】
Even if you are reviving as a different thing, the recording itself is the same. Cuts such as tape change are in the same way. Therefore, in this work, I used another powerful recording and finished it as the longest live album in history. Another recording is “DEFINITIVE DYNAMO (Tape # 2)” and a new discovery master (see below). This allows seamless connection of parts that were missing anywhere so far, and the end “Over The Rainbow” can be listened for longer than ever.
Especially, I feel full document feeling on this day. Actually, on this day there were equipment problems, the show was interrupted. Meanwhile, Ronnie got connected with MC, and the audience gazed at “What happened?” That trouble happens “Sixteenth Century Greensleeves”. In the original “DYNAMO” recording, a cut is entered in this scene, and rif is about 5 seconds missing after restoration, but this work is uncut & seamless. While disturbing air fills the octagonal space, you can experience a dramatic moment (Richie is cool enough!) Where Ritchie sharply points out the main riff.

【Bonus included new master for the first public release in the world】
Even full upgraded full lives are full of stomach, but this work also includes a bonus recording of the world’s first public release. Recording excerpts of the same “January 22, 1978: Nippon Budokan”, recorded scenes and encore’s “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll”, “Do You Close Your Eyes”, and BGM’s “Over The Rainbow” It was done. This is also a splendid sound, but more than that is the first public scene. We also recorded the scenes that I could not listen to, such as a single shot that “Do You Close Your Eyes” was played out and a performance BGM “Over The Rainbow”. These scenes are also used in the full live version of this volume, but in order to celebrate the first public release in the world, the complete recording version was included in the press CD.

Drawn by name recording upgrade sound, one of the most prestigious names in 1978. After this, RAINBOW which passed the tragedy of Sapporo strangely shrinks, but this work has no such shadow at all. A full-length show where Richie / Ronnie / Kozie is brought into direct contact with the whole body in popularity of cum. It is a superb one that can attend (including troubles) in its full story. Overnight at Nippon Budokan, which was special for RAINBOW, its highest peak. Please enjoy with the newly revived sound.

その名録音とは「1978年1月22日:日本武道館」公演。これまで幾多の名盤・傑作を生んできたコンサートですが、中でも最高峰として輝いているのは『DYNAMO(Rising Arrow-005)』『DEFINITIVE DYNAMO(Rising Arrow-031)』で知られる特級オーディエンス録音でしょう。本作は、あの伝説の名作と同じ録音。しかし、再発でもリマスターでもありません。この度、新発掘された大元マスターからダイレクトにCD化したアップグレード・バージョンなのです。
『DYNAMO』『DEFINITIVE DYNAMO』をご存じの方であれば、これだけですでに心を決めていらっしゃることでしょう。しかし、そうではない方のためにも基本からご説明します。まず、コンサート。ひと口に“1978年の武道館”とは言っても、このツアーでは3公演。ツアースケジュールからショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。

・1月22日:日本武道館 【本作】


このショウは古くから記録が存在したものの、クオリティ面で難があり、知る人ぞ知る“1978年屈指の名演”でした。その状況を打破し、堂々の大定番として君臨したのが『DYNAMO』であり、『DEFINITIVE DYNAMO(のTape #1)』だったのです。その素晴らしいダイレクト・サウンドは、それまで駄音の向こうに伺うだけだった熱演を鮮やかに描き出し、「やはり武道館の虹は特別」と満天下に知らしめたのです。
本作は、そんな名録音の大元マスター。既発の段階でもナチュラルでクリアでしたが、格段に若くなったジェネレーションの威力は絶大。開演パートから「Over The Rainbow」まではあまり差を感じないかも知れませんが、「Kill The King」のバンド音が入ってくるや、その違いは歴然! 何よりも強烈なのは立体感・メリハリ。グッと間近に迫るダイレクト感はマイク・タイソンのパンチ(古っ)のように殴りかかり、無音は漆黒の闇のように深い。メンバー1人ひとり、1音1音が“立って”いて綺麗に分離。RAINBOWアンサンブルが立体的に肌触り感覚で迫るのです。
すべてが鮮やかですが、例えば「Mistreated」イントロのギターソロ。『DEFINITIVE DYNAMO』でも1音1音が克明ではありましたが、それは水彩画のように平板でした。それに比べ、本作は油絵。絵の具に厚みがあるように、ピッキングから消音までのダイナミズムがまるで違う。そして、絵の具の凸凹が生み出す陰影が絵画に生命力を与えるように、本作の立体感も演奏の息吹も描き出している。聴き馴染んだ演奏にも関わらず、まるで別のショウかのようにイキイキと弾けているのです。

まるで別物に甦っていても、録音自体は同じ。テープチェンジ等のカットは同じようにあります。そこで、本作では別の強力録音を駆使して、史上最長のライヴアルバムに仕上げました。その別録音は『DEFINITIVE DYNAMO(のTape #2)』と新発掘マスター(後述)。これにより、これまでどこかしら欠けていたパートもシームレスに繋がり、終演「Over The Rainbow」もこれまで以上に長く聴くことができるのです。
特に、この日は完全なドキュメント感が嬉しい。実はこの日は機材トラブルがあり、ショウが中断。その間、ロニーがMCで繋いだり、観客が「何かあったのかな」とどよめいたりするのです。そのトラブルが起きるのは「Sixteenth Century Greensleeves」。オリジナルの『DYNAMO』録音ではこのシーンでカットが入り、復旧後もリフが約5秒ほど欠落しているのですが、本作はノーカット&シームレス。不穏な空気が八角形の空間を満たす中、リッチーが鋭くメインリフを弾き出す劇的な瞬間(シビれるほど格好良い!)も体験できるのです。

アップグレードしたフルライヴだけでもお腹いっぱいですが、本作はさらに世界初公開の新録音もボーナス収録しています。同じ「1978年1月22日:日本武道館」の抜粋録音で、開演シーンとアンコールの「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」「Do You Close Your Eyes」、それに終演BGMの「Over The Rainbow」が録音されていました。これまた見事なサウンドなのですが、それ以上なのが初公開シーン。「Do You Close Your Eyes」を弾き出す一発や終演BGM「Over The Rainbow」など、これまで聴けなかったシーンも収録していたのです。こうしたシーンは本編のフル・ライヴ編でも活用されていますが、世界初公開を記念して録音全編版もプレスCDに封じ込めました。



Disc 1 (68:45)
1. Intro. 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Kill The King 4. Mistreated
5. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves (Breakdown) 6. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
7. Catch The Rainbow 8. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll

Disc 2 (78:58)
1. Lazy Intro. 2. Man On The Silver Mountain 3. Blues 4. Starstruck/Man On The Silver Mountain
5. Keyboard Intro. 6. Still I’m Sad 7. Beethoven 9th 8. Keyboard Solo
9. Drum Solo feat. 1812 Overture 10. Still I’m Sad(Reprise)
11. Do You Close Your Eyes incl. Guitar Crash 12. Over The Rainbow

Bonus Track
13. Intro. 14. Over The Rainbow 15. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
16. Do You Close Your Eyes incl. Guitar Crash 17. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie James Dio – Vocals Cozy Powell – Drums
Bob Daisley – Bass David Stone – Keyboards

Rising Arrow-056

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