Rolling Stones / Tattoo You US Promotion Singles / 1CDR

Rolling Stones / Tattoo You US Promotion Singles / 1Single CDR / TYPR

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Taken from the original US promo 7″ singles


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And “Start Me Up” more “Waiting On A Friend” this time than US Promo Only seven inch singles at the time, recorded by two take each mono and stereo (Waiting On A Friend of the 3rd single “Hang Fire” is It is a gift item 6 songs that both sides edit version). It is the upgraded version of gift items last year, limited release, was well received. Come the difference of the sound by cutting by Robert Radou~iku, enjoy this opportunity.

I think was launched immediately after the “Tatto You” was released a US’s tour in ’81 that’s you know. Now We are pleased to introduce It is the introduction of the US-only promo STEREO / MONO panel of three hit singles from the “Tattoo You”. First, is the STEREO / MONO version of “Start Me Up”. STEREO version cutting by Robert Radou~iku is rolled dull, can only have you heard this. Freshness of sound, separation … all of the left and right RL cut indeed! It is the quality that I want to beat the. I am finished to the sound quality of ant also hear MONO MONO version also: “Start Me Up”, but there is no RL engraved. Well’s ahead then “Waiting On A
Friend is “STEREO / MONO version. I did not hear only 7 inches Japanese board and this promo This STEREO edit version is a fact well-known but, MONO version you only listen to here what’s the big point of this gift item. I tend to have been the Katteingu there is a shoddy little feeling than STEREO side a relatively MONO side of promo-only STEREO / MONO single normal US board, but this MONO version is genuine by Robert Radou~iku like the A-side It is the board of RL RL engraved. Spree bass sound, tenor of Sonny Rollins full of clarity, it is in MONO! ! ! It be said it is not an exaggeration to say that over the STEREO side even if I take anything to be “sound” is. Announced just keep an eye on Brazil now US, Canada and this time more
I was able to add seven inches from US promo has been sold to “Hang Fire”, to cover all the single cut from “Tatto You”. STEREO side of “Hang Fire” has finished in sound Bing excellent sharpness of Robert Radou~iku only there is a RL engraved course. There is no RL engraved but MONO side and finished to the sound of the best bass sounds so good. Please enjoy this presentation item the world of promo that has been cut from the single “Tatto You!”

「Start Me Up」と「Waiting On A Friend」更に今回は3rdシングルの「Hang Fire」を当時のUSプロモ・オンリー7インチ・シングルより、ステレオとモノラルとそれぞれ2テイクずつ収録(Waiting On A Friendは両面エディット・ヴァージョン)した6曲入りプレゼントアイテムです。昨年、限定リリースされ、好評を博したプレゼントアイテムのアップグレード・バージョンです。ロバート・ラドウィクによるカッティングによる音の違いを是非、この機会にお楽しみ下さい。

『Tatto You』が発売された直後にスタートしたのが81年USツアーなのは皆さんご存じだと思います。さて今回ご紹介するのはその『Tattoo You』からのシングルヒット3曲のUSプロモオンリー STEREO/MONO盤のご紹介です。まずは『Start Me Up 』のSTEREO/MONOバージョンです。ロバート・ラドウィクによるカッティングが冴えまくりのSTEREOバージョン、これは聞いていただくしかありません。音の鮮度、左右の分離・・・すべてがさすがRLカット!と唸りたくなる音質です。次のMONOバージョンもMONOで聞く『Start Me Up 』もアリの音質に仕上がっています、ただしRL刻 印はありません。さて次に控えてるのが『Waiting On A
売された「Hang Fire」をUSプロモ7インチから追加して、『Tatto You』からのシングルカットを全て網羅することができました。「Hang Fire」のSTEREOサイドはもちろんRL刻印があるロバート・ラドウィクならではの切れ味抜群のビンビンな音に仕上っています。MONOサイドはRL刻印は無いものの低音がばっちり聴こえる最高の音に仕上っています。『Tatto You』からシングルカットされたプロモ盤の世界を今回のプレゼンアイテムでお楽しみください!

Start Me Up (US Promo 7″ single, Rolling Stones Records, RS 21003)

1. Start Me Up (Stereo) 2. Start Me Up (Mono)

Waiting On A Friend (US Promo 7″ single, Edit, Rolling Stones Records, RS 21004)

3. Waiting On A Friend (Stereo, Edit) 4. Waiting On A Friend (Mono, Edit)

Hang Fire(US Promo 7″ single, Rolling Stones Records, RS 21300)

5. Hang Fire (Stereo) 6. Hang Fire (Mono)


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