Queen / Knebworth 1986 / 2CD+DVD

Queen / Knebworth 1986 / 2CD+DVD / Wardour

Translated Text:
Knebworth Park, Stevenage, UK 9th August 1986

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QUEEN last night was revived with the latest sound! This work, realistic Live album of “August 9, Knebworth Park concert 1986” which attracted a large crowd of 150,000 people. Freddie is the last performance. Kano is a brush-up version of the Daimyo board “THANK YOU ALL.”
First, let me explain from “THANK YOU ALL.” Was to be met with this memorial should be concerts, master craftsman taper Crazy. S said. In masterpiece of leading among his collection, is known for “ELECTRIC MAGIC (Amsterdam)” from ancient times. This “ELECTRIC MAGIC”, I gem that boasts about great sound is said to be a disconnect the historical significance “in the audience recording of QUEEN entering the five fingers”, but it still was a generation fall master superimposed dubbing. So, Crazy. In response EMPRESS the original cassette itself from Mr. S himself directly, I was that was produced in 2007, “THANK YOU ALL.” Of course, recording time is long, the work that sound was also dramatically improved, the “Freddie Ma queue Lee last performance” gave us deliver on our original in the best quality.
Eight years from that shock lords board of. As we already introduce to again everyone was sold out masterpiece, is again Crazy. This work was once again digitized with the latest digital mastering technology from Mr. S of the original cassette. Of course, because it is the original recording was even a generator dropped “Best of QUEEN 5”, perfect sound that does not require a makurakotoba of “In those days” is popping out come.
This sound, dimension is different from just a high-quality and high-quality sound. After all that time, it happened on the scene, it is where the master cassette sucked the vibration to have the atmosphere directly. Coming blowing from the speaker is definitely “sound”, “music” that should such of it, but actually felt like a “scene of the air”. it was also not 30 years ago the United Kingdom carried out, also inclusive wind pressure until the expiration of Freddie and spectators. Until the raw smell of vegetation Tayutau in August of Knebworth Park reality also is wafting. Enough to not want to stale three-letter “realistic” it’s Musekae~tsu to mellow smell. This freshness is equivalent to “THANK YOU ALL”, but the latest technology this time, until the fine vibe, such as challenge to the human hearing also picked up from the cassette, the optimal balance to play in modern standard audio environment It was trimmed. It is, of course, do not do unrefined a Manet, such as breaking the vivid of Motooto, win a spot in the jerk and musical sound, I more direct feeling is increasing. Reality of “Who Wants To Live Forever” as spelled in this sound, I would like your experience by all means ….
This work as well as “THANK YOU ALL”, it has decided also the day of the video to the press DVD. This is the image that captures a day in the field screen in the auditorium shooting. Of course, the 1980s and screen shot is the pixel and screen texture of but not be compared with the modern digital image, because the screen of the site is the professional multi-camera that was repeated bands and Kamerariha has been projected, spectacular is not the same as a professional shot. Sound is also added to the original video voice, Crazy. Top specification which you can select the S’s best master. If you happened on the scene, at the sound of the best position, if you were to be staring at the screen, it’ll be that you can do the same experience with this work. Of course, such a thing I even at the scene physically impossible, the coexistence of the “spectacle” the ideal “sound” of such an ideal, and yet the “Freddie last brave figure” in the reality of the field recording with plenty full You can taste the small. This is the other, you may experience a music of which even lined up in the feel of the site. “Tutti Frutti” and rolled boil venue in, take off the jacket to force out the “Bohemian Rhapsody” Freddie. Slowly breathing sense of drinking sip water. Here, in this place, flesh and blood of Freddie he has dedicated himself to the music alive ….

2015 also now Brian May and Roger Taylor to is alive and well, will tell the vibe of QUEEN in the 21st century of Earth. However, we are not stop love “four QUEEN” disappeared forever this day at the end, it is not anymore anywhere in the universe. Never again, “and to sluggish the audience and the air” thing is I’ve gone. The trembling of the last of the air, a cassette tape that has the last throb, inhale as much as inhalable in the field. The concert tape there is only one in this world has been real experience, and I press a 2CD + DVD that was reproduced in fidelity and best shape as possible.
While set a crown “Good night, sweet dreams. We love you!” And Freddie to tell the last farewell. If me also revive him in Buddha God, it is alleged genius scientist If me make a time machine, this work did not need. But, if it does not come true, at least it Is not that not only will experience person in this work. Can far from us as the Almighty, one such as prayer. This weekend, we will deliver to you.

QUEEN最後の夜が最新サウンドで蘇りました! 本作は、15万人の大観衆を集めた「1986年8月9日ネブワース・パーク公演」のリアル・ライヴアルバム。フレディのラスト・パフォーマンスです。かの大名盤「THANK YOU ALL」のブラッシュアップ・バージョンです。
まずは、「THANK YOU ALL」からご説明しましょう。この記念すべきコンサートを収めたのは、名匠テーパーCrazy. S氏。彼のコレクションの中でも屈指の代表作で、古くから「ELECTRIC MAGIC(Amsterdam)」で知られています。この「ELECTRIC MAGIC」、歴史的意義をヌキでも「QUEENの客席録音でも五指に入る」と言われるほど素晴らしいサウンドを誇る逸品なのですが、それでもダビングを重ねた世代落ちマスターでした。そこで、Crazy. S氏本人からオリジナル・カセットそのものを直接ゆずり受け、2007年に制作されたのが「THANK YOU ALL」だったのです。もちろん、収録時間は長くなり、サウンドも飛躍的に向上した同作は、“フレディ・マーキューリー最後のパフォーマンス”を最上クオリティで我々の元に届けてくれました。
あの衝撃の大名盤から8年。すでに完売した名作を再び皆さまにご紹介するにあたり、再びCrazy. S氏のオリジナル・カセットから最新デジタル・マスタリング技術で改めてデジタル化したのが本作です。もちろん、ジェネ落ちですら「QUEENのベスト5」だった録音のオリジナルですから、「当時にしては」の枕詞を必要としないパーフェクト・サウンドが飛び出してくる。
このサウンドは、ただの高品質・高音質とは次元が違う。なにしろ当時、現場に居合わせ、そこで振動していた大気を直接吸い込んだマスターカセットなのです。スピーカーから吹き出してくるのは、間違いなく“音”であり、“音楽”のはずなのですが、実際には“現場の空気”のように感じられる。行ったこともない30年前イギリスの、フレディや観客の呼気までも含んだ風圧。8月のネブワース公園にたゆたう草木の青臭さまでもが漂ってくるリアリティ。陳腐な3文字「臨場感」にはしたくないほど芳醇な匂いにむせ返っているのです。この鮮度は「THANK YOU ALL」と同等ですが、今回は最新技術により、人間の聴力に挑むような微細なヴァイヴまでもカセットから拾い上げ、現代の標準的なオーディオ環境での再生に最適なバランスに整えました。もちろん、元音の生々しさを崩すような野暮なマネはしておりませんが、グッと楽音にスポットが当たり、よりダイレクト感が増しているのです。このサウンドで綴られる「Who Wants To Live Forever」の現実感、ぜひご体験いただきたい……。
本作は「THANK YOU ALL」と同じく、当日の映像もプレスDVDにいたしました。客席撮影で当日の現場スクリーンを捉えた映像です。もちろん、80年代のスクリーン・ショットですので画素やスクリーンの質感は現代のデジタル画像と比べるべくもありませんが、現場のスクリーンにはバンドとカメラリハを繰り返したプロのマルチカメラが映し出されているのですから、見応えはプロショットと変わりない。サウンドもオリジナルのビデオ音声に加え、Crazy. S氏の極上マスターを選択できる最上仕様。もし現場に居合わせ、ベストポジションのサウンドで、スクリーンを凝視できたとしたら、本作と同じ体験ができたことでしょう。もちろん、そんなことは現場にいても物理的に不可能なのですが、そんな理想の“光景”と理想の“サウンド”を共存させ、なおかつ現場記録のリアリティで“フレディ最後の勇姿”をたっぷりとフルショウで味わえる。これはもう、現場の実感にさえ並ぶ音楽体験なのかも知れません。「Tutti Frutti」で会場を沸かしまくり、ジャケットを脱いで「Bohemian Rhapsody」を弾き出すフレディ。おもむろに一口水を飲む呼吸感。ここに、この場に、生身のフレディは生きて音楽に身を捧げている……。

王冠を掲げながら「Good night, sweet dreams. We love you!」と最後の別れを告げるフレディ。神でも仏でも彼を生き返らせてくれるなら、天才科学者とやらがタイムマシンを作ってくれるなら、本作はいらなかった。でも、それが叶わないなら、せめて本作で体験者になるしかないじゃありませんか。全能とはほど遠い私たちができる、祈りのような1本。今週末、あなたにお届けします。

Disc 1(60:11)
1. One Vision 2. Tie Your Mother Down 3. In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited
4. Seven Seas Of Rhye 5. Tear It Up 6. A Kind Of Magic 7. Vocal Improvisation
8. Under Pressure 9. Another One Bites The Dust 10. Who Wants to Live Forever
11. I Want To Break Free 12. Impromptu 13. Guitar Solo 14. Now I’m Here

Disc 2(54:24)
1. Love Of My Life 2. Is This The World We Created? 3. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care
4. Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) 5. Tutti Frutti 6. Bohemian Rhapsody
7. Hammer To Fall 8. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 9. Radio Ga Ga 10. We Will Rock You
11. Friends Will Be Friends 12. We Are The Champions 13. God Save The Queen
14. Harvey Goldsmith Farewell Announcement

Live at Knebworth Park, Stevenage, UK 9th August 1986

1. One Vision 2. Tie Your Mother Down 3. In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited
4. Seven Seas Of Rhye 5. Tear It Up 6. A Kind Of Magic 7. Vocal Improvisation
8. Under Pressure 9. Another One Bites The Dust 10. MC 11. Who Wants to Live Forever
12. I Want To Break Free 13. Impromptu 14. Guitar Solo 15. Now I’m Here 16. Love Of My Life
17. Is This The World We Created? 18. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care
19. Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) 20. Tutti Frutti 21. Bohemian Rhapsody 22. Hammer To Fall
23. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 24. Radio Ga Ga 25. We Will Rock You
26. Friends Will Be Friends 27. We Are The Champions 28. God Save The Queen
29. Harvey Goldsmith Farewell Announcement

COLOUR NTSC Approx.114min.

Wardour -153

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