Pink Floyd / Cincinnati 1973 1st Gen / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Cincinnati 1973 1st Gen / 2CD /Sigma

Armory Fieldhouse, University Of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 8Th March 1973

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This week, the title of the first appearance on Sigma will come down !!
Unexpected 1st gen source appeared for the first time in a minor sound source in 73 where few spots hit so far, recording only one exists will rewrite the history with the best sound quality ever!!!

Pink Floyd March 8, 1973, Cincinnati, USA. The sound source of this day, which is rarely seen even in 73 years, has hardly been released through unofficial editions at home and abroad so far, except for a title such as “CINCINNATI 8 MARCH 1973 (AVCD 0359)”, a fan-made boot There are only two or three legs. This is probably because of the incomplete recording that lacked the last three songs of the show, and because the tape hiss was intense and belonged to a category that was hard to say good sound, but On the other hand, the taper has long been regarded as important for the following three reasons.

1. A unique sound source that does not exist except for this recording
2. A precious performance day when “Childhood’s End” was performed
3. Dynamic and very good performance

In other words, despite the downsides, the program and performance were valuable and exquisite, so it was useful as a sound source for trading instead of an unofficial title.

However, this January, 2020, the cassette source that dropped this unfortunate sound source directly from the master recording was suddenly released on the Internet, and the situation suddenly changed and became the focus of attention. It is a master sound = 1st gen source that directly inherits the impact of very high quality monaural recording, and there is a low noise and high grade that renews the sound image full of tape hiss known so far Because the sound quality was breathing. This brand new 1st gen source is recorded on two different cassette tapes, one is the Maxell XLII-S 60 (* 1988-89 production type) containing the first half of the show (= the entire disc 1), the other is the show It is SA-90 (* 1987-89 production type) of TDK that contains the latter half. In other words, both are full of vivid and energetic 1st gen sound unique to Hi Pos, and reproduced and digital output with the famous Technics RS-B565 (* Naturally Type Ⅱ tape compatible machine) that strictly adjusted the azimuth What is sealed in two press boards is Cincinnati in ’73, where the strongest 1st gen sound in the history of the sound source is released with this latest work, Sigma label first appearance!!!

In addition, since this tape transfer was performed relatively recently in November 2018, it is a nice point that the freshness of the sound is maintained without deterioration. In fact, the upper feeling was considerable, up to the point of “Echoes”, it was a chunk of jarring sound in hiss noise, but here the chorus by Dave and Rick is clearly distinguishable It has resolution. Although the recorder turned on / off the recorder for a short moment at 0:28, the scene dropped for about 1 minute at 6:02, but it was normal at 0: 47-51 at the beginning. Rick is playing a different melody, and Roger also plays a different bass melody from 12:49 to 53. . “Obscured By Clouds” is attractive because of its dense and high-resolution midrange and wide left and right channels. Here, the power of the XLII-S tape used is well exhibited, and the figure where the hard low range slowly moves after the rhythm enters is revived vividly. “When You’re In” also has a beautiful mid-to-low range, with a clear sound with the core of the organ melody moving from 3:26, a hi-hat engraved around it, and a distinctive sound of the bass with a hook effect. It must be exciting. The remarkable “Childhood’s End” has a remarkable rise in sound, and the expected value of hearing reaches the MAX at a stretch. The high range and the goodness of the omission come here and reach the culmination, and you will be drunk with the multilayered feeling of the sound where multiple sounds proceed at the same time even though it is monaural. Dave’s youthful singing can be heard clearly, and the guitar’s distinctive edge, such as the edge of the guitar, is also exploding here, and the sorrow of the sound from the entire performance permeates deep into the chest. “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” also appears as a dense sound full of scale, with the expression of the day proceeding as if checking each sound. In particular, this day’s scream is an unprecedentedly direct and ferocious scream, but you will even be terrified that it revived with such a vivid sound.

When it comes to disk 2, the tape changes, and a faint sound image by TDK SA appears. You will immediately notice that the position is the same high position but gives a different sound impression than Disc 1. In fact, during the show’s break time, the orientation of the microphone of the recorder and the surrounding environment may have been re-arranged, but the disc 1 and a high-grade sound with a hard-to-attach charm, and a sound image with hiss noise drastically reduced The feature is that you can listen to the rest with. In fact, “On The Run” has become a major listening point for such a disc 2. Rick is releasing a variety of approaches unique to this day throughout the song, but the 1st point is that you can enjoy the collision of the imagination of the listener and the creativity of the player with the clarity and attack feeling unique to SA tape. The charm of gen source. In “The Great Gig In The Sky”, the contrast between the growing female vocals and the performance is radiated with a dazzling sound, and you will definitely be impressed by the sound that spreads out to the outside. The mellow tone that can be heard in “Us And Them” is also impressive, and you will be impressed again by the romantic composition of the music as it melts down. Unfortunately the recording fades out at the end of “Any Color You Like”, but the sound quality is kept high up to the end of the disk, and the dynamic performance using a wide range of sounds breathes to the end To expand. It is especially important to note that the hot performance in the middle stage is recorded until the performance converges, and that even after a fade-out on the way, the musical lingering sound will remain deeply.

Actually, this is followed by “Brain Damage” and “Eclipse” and the encore song “One Of These Days”, but unfortunately these three songs have not been originally recorded because the recorder has run out of tape. If you try to criticize the sound source and search for it, you can do as much as you want, but there are many performances including approaches that can only be heard here, and the rare song “ Childhood’s End ” has good sound quality The significance of listening is more than supplemented, and the significance of the existence of the 1st gen source, which has a significantly increased amount of information that can be retrieved = the only non-existent recording, has been shining more and more. Also, note that the difficulty of the source published online, that is, the pitch that was about 20% lower than a semitone, was completely corrected in the production of this title, so let’s add that the quality and the advantage of this work are also added . The impact of Floyd 73 Cincinnati, suitable for the label’s first appearance, please enjoy it!

これまで殆どスポットが当らなかった73年のマイナー音源に驚きの1st genソースが初登場、たった1つしか存在しない録音が史上最良の音質でその歴史を塗り替えます!!!

ピンク・フロイド1973年3月8日、米国シンシナティ。73年でも滅多に見掛けないこの日の音源はこれまで国内外の非公式盤を通して殆どリリースされておらず、かつて『CINCINNATI 8 MARCH 1973 (AVCD 0359)』といったタイトルがあった他はファンメイドのブートレッグが2つ3つ存在する程度です。この理由は恐らくショウの後半3曲が欠けた不完全収録であること、またテープ・ヒスが激しくてお世辞にも音が良いとは言い難い部類に属していたためと思われるのですが、しかしその一方でテーパーの間では古くから次の3つの理由により重要視されていました。

1. この録音以外は存在しない唯一無二の音源であること
2. 「Childhood’s End」が演奏された貴重な公演日であること
3. 演奏がダイナミックで非常に優れていること


ところが今年2020年1月、この不遇な音源をマスター録音から直落とししたカセット・ソースが突如ネット公開され事態は急変、大注目の的となりました。それはマスター・サウンド=非常に質の高いモノラル録音の衝撃を直に受け継いだ1st genソースで、そこにはこれまで知られていたテープ・ヒスだらけの音像を一新するロー・ノイズでハイグレードな音質が息衝いていたからです。この真新しい1st genソースは2本の異なるカセットテープに記録されており、ひとつはショウの前半(= ディスク1全部)を収めたマクセルXLII-S 60(※ 1988-89製造タイプ)、もうひとつはショウ後半を収めたTDKのSA-90(※ 1987-89製造タイプ)となっています。つまりどちらもハイポジ特有の色鮮やかでエネルギッシュな1st genサウンドが漲っている訳で、これを厳密にアジマス調整した名機Technics RS-B565(※ 当然ですがType Ⅱテープ対応機)で再生・デジタル出力して2枚のプレス盤に封じ込めたものが本最新作、Sigmaレーベル初登場にして音源史上最強の1st genサウンドが放たれる73年シンシナティなのです!!!

更にこのテープ転送は2018年11月と比較的最近行われているため、音の鮮度が劣化無しで保たれているのも嬉しいところ。実際そのアッパー感はかなりのもので、「Echoes」どこれまではヒス・ノイズの中でキンキンと耳障りに鳴る音の塊でしたが、ここではデイヴとリックによるコーラスが明瞭に聴き分けられるほどの解像度が備わっているのです。録音者がレコーダーのオンオフを押してしまった事で0:28にほんの一瞬の音切れ、6:02に約1分間ほどのシーン欠落が生じてはいるものの、序盤の0:47~51では通常とは異なる旋律をリックが弾いていたり、12:49~53ではロジャーも異なるベース旋律を奏でているなど、マイナス面を抱える一方で通常とは違う曲の姿を追える喜びも同居しているのです。「Obscured By Clouds」は濃密にして高解像な中音域と左右チャンネルのレンジの広さが魅力です。ここは使用したXLII-Sテープの威力がよく出ており、リズムが入ってからの硬質な低音域がゆっくり動き出す姿が鮮やかに甦ります。「When You’re In」もまた中~低音域が麗しく、3:26から躍動するオルガン旋律の芯の入った明瞭な音やその周囲で刻まれるハイハット、果てはフックの効いたベースの輪郭際立つ音に胸躍るに違いありません。注目の「Childhood’s End」は音の立ち上がりが抜群で、聴感の期待値が一気にMAXに達します。高音域の拡がりと抜けの良さもここに来て絶頂に達し、モノラルながらも複数の音が同時進行する響きの多層感に酔い痴れるでしょう。デイヴの若々しい歌声もハッキリ聴こえ、ギターもエッジの際立ちが極めて良いなどハイポジ特有の魅力がここでも炸裂し、演奏全体から発される響きの慟哭が胸の奥深くまで染み渡るのです。「Careful With That Axe, Eugene」もひとつひとつの響きを確かめる様に進行するこの日の表現がスケール感満点の濃密サウンドで登場。特にこの日のスクリームは他では例を見ないほど直接的で凶暴なスクリームとなっているのですが、それがこれほど鮮烈なサウンドで甦った事に戦慄すら覚える筈です。

ディスク2になるとテープが換わり、TDKのSAによる艶やかな音像が登場します。ポジションは同じハイポジながらもディスク1とは異なる音の印象を放っている事にも直ぐ気付かれるでしょう。実際、ショウの休憩時間中に録音機のマイクの向きや周囲の環境を整え直したのかもしれませんが、ディスク1と甲乙付け難い魅力を持ったハイグレードなサウンド、かつヒスノイズが激減した音像で続きを聴き進められるのが特徴となっています。そんなディスク2で大きな聴きどころとなっているのが実は「On The Run」。曲を通してリックがこの日ならではの多彩なアプローチを随所で放っているのですが、聴き手の想像力と奏者の創造力がぶつかり合う様子をSAテープ特有の明瞭さとアタック感で満喫出来る点もこの1st genソースの魅力です。「The Great Gig In The Sky」では伸びのある女性ボーカルと演奏との対比が眩しいサウンドで放射され、外へ外へと拡がってゆく音の営みに感銘を受けること間違い無しでしょう。「Us And Them」で聴ける潤いのある音色も感動的で、まるで音楽が溶け落ちてゆく様なロマンティックな楽曲構成に改めて感銘を受ける筈です。録音は残念ながら「Any Colour You Like」の終盤でフェイド・アウトするものの音質の良さはディスク・エンドまで高く保たれており、広い範囲の音域を使ったダイナミックな演奏力が最後まで息を呑むサウンドで展開します。特に中盤の熱っぽいパフォーマンスが収束するまで録れている意義は大きく、途中でフェイド・アウトを迎えてもその音楽的余韻は深く残る事を特記しておきましょう。

実際にはこの後「Brain Damage」「Eclipse」とアンコール曲「One Of These Days」が続く訳ですが、録音者がテープを使い果たしたため残念ながらこれら3曲は元から未収録です。そこを突いて音源の批判やあら捜しをしようと思えば幾らでも出来る筈ですが、しかしここでしか聴けないアプローチを含んだ演奏が多々含まれている事やレア曲「Childhood’s End」が良音質で聴ける意義はそれを補って余りあるものとしており、汲み取れる情報量が格段に増した1st genソース=これ以外に現存しない唯一の録音という存在意義をますます輝かせているのです。またネット公開されたソースが抱えていた難点、すなわち半音の20%程度低かったピッチも本タイトル制作にあたって完璧に修正してあるため、品質も本作にアドヴァンテージがある事も書き添えておきましょう。レーベル初登場に相応しいフロイド73年シンシナティの衝撃、どうぞ活目して御堪能下さい!!!

Disc 1 (49:08)
1. Echoes
2. Obscured By Clouds
3. When You’re In
4. Childhood’s End
5. Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Disc 2 (43:39)

The Dark Side Of The Moon
1. Speak To Me
2. Breathe
3. On The Run
4. Time
5. Breathe (Reprise)
6. The Great Gig In The Sky
7. Money
8. Us And Them
9. Any Colour You Like




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