Robert Plant / 6 Music Live 2017 / 1Blu Ray R

Robert Plant / 6 Music Live 2017 / 1Blu Ray R / Videosmash
Translated Text:
6 Music Live: Live at Maida Vale Studios, London, UK 6th October, 2017. Pro-shot
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Robert Plant’s latest professional shot live footage announcing the latest work “Carrie Fire” that will be in about three years will be released for the first time in Blu Ray!
October 6, 2017 “6 music · live” recorded at the BBC studio is recorded with high quality full HD quality.
Frames are already dropped in “What Is and What Should Never Be”, images with out-of-tone are on the market, but here we are recorded with no faults.Of course, as well as new songs from the latest album, the latest live attention that also showed off familiar red, led zeppelin classics, and additionally TV live footage at “Raitor Wither Jules Holland” and “One Show” was also added in 2017 Included.

It is the most recommended video title recommended for delivering in Blu-ray!


既に「What Is and What Should Never Be」でコマ落ち、音切れのある映像が出回っておりますが、ここでは一切欠点の無い状態で収録されております。最新作からの新曲は勿論、お馴染みのレッド・ツェッペリン・クラシックスも披露した注目の最新ライブで、さらに2017年”レイター・ウィズ・ジュールス・ホランド”と”ワン・ショウ”でのTVライブ映像も追加収録。



Set List

6 Music Live: Live at Maida Vale Studios, London, UK 6th October, 2017
1. Intro/2. What Is and What Should Never Be/3. Turn It Up/4. New World…/5. Misty Mountain Hop/6. The May Queen/7. Carry Fire/8. In the Light/9. Rainbow/10. Bones of Saints/11. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down/12. Whole Lotta Love


Later…with Jools Holland: Live at the Maidstone Studios, Maidstone, UK 9th October, 2017
1. Bones of Saints #1/2. Carry Fire/3. Interview/4. Misty Mountain Hop/5. Bones of Saints #2/6. New World…

The One Show: Live at Studio V, BBC Broadcasting House, London UK 11th October, 2017

7. The May Queen/8. The May Queen (Soundcheck)

Videosmash. VS-304BDR

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