Paul McCartney / Welcome To The Secret / 1CDR

Paul McCartney / Welcome To The Secret / 1CDR / Beatfile

Translated Text:

Live At CDUK, Television Centre, London, UK 24th November 2001. Soundboard

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From Paul McCartney ‘s 2002 “Driving · USA · Tour”, sound comprehension before the performance concert ~ compilation which summarizes the rehearsal with the sound board sound source is newly appeared!

Sound check at New Orleans that was unveiled on the website, including Auckland, Dallas and other sound checks. From the Oldies Number not showing off at the live performances precious sound checks up to improvised unreleased songs such as “Waiting for Your Train” and “Bring It to Jerome” contain only rehearsal sound sources.
It is a compilation of fans to listen to “Live Freedom” Studio Live at British TV Show at Bonus!



01. Welcome To The Secret/02. Honey Hush / Foxy Lady/03. Country Blackbird/04. Calico Skies/05. Honey Don’t/06. Celebration/07. Welcome To The Secret (Jam)/08. India/09. Lady Madonna/10. Welcome To The Secret (Outro)
Live At The LA New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, USA 12th October 2002

11. Hello Goodbye/12. Jet/13. All My Loving/14. Getting Better/15. Coming Up/16. Lonely Road/17. Driving Rain/18. Blackbird/19. Vanilla Sky/20.Eleanor Rigby/21. Band On The Run/22. Back In The U.S.S.R./23. Maybe I’m Amazed/24. Hey Jude
Live At The Oakland Arena, Oakland, USA 1st April 2002

25. Waiting For Your Train/26. Midnight Special/27. San Francisco Bay Blues
Live At The Reunion Arena, Dallas, USA 9th May 2002

28. Bring It To Jerome/29. Matchbox
Live At The National Car Rental Center, Ft. Lauderdale, USA 17th May 2002

Bonustrack:30. Freedom
Live At CDUK, Television Centre, London, UK 24th November 2001


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