Metallica / Edinburgh 1988 / 2CD+1Bonus CDR

Metallica / Edinburgh 1988 / 2CD+1Bonus CDR / Zodiac

Translated Text:
Live at Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland 24th September 1988 Plus Bonus CDR “Monster Of Rock 1987”

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Metal luster is also dazzling The super metal plate is appearing in permanent preservation press 2CD. Its identity is “September 24, 1988 Edinburgh Performance”. It is a superb audience recording capturing the act of “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR 1988-1989”.
The biggest point of this work is the shocking sound and the live itself more than anything. Before that, let’s first imagine the position of the show in the whole world tour.

“August 25” … AND JUSTICE FOR ALL “released”
· September 11 – November 5: Europe (41 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· November 15 – December 18: North America # 1 (23 performances)
· January 11 – April 21: North America # 2 (63 performances)
· May 1 – 18: Oceania / Japan (10 performances)
· May 24 – September 23: North America # 3 (79 performances)
· October 4 – 7: South America (3 shows)

[Metallic luster sound that can only be a boot leg] Over all, 219 performances. This is the whole picture of the tour. The Edinburgh performance of this work was a live show which is the tenth performance of “European leg” which decorated the tour beginning. That quality is already super metallic sound of metallic luster Giragirahara. What do you say, the sound is shining. Attack is hard for gingin, core is extremely thick like rough rope, treble jumps like a laser beam without distortion, deep bass shakes the five organs, gains power to deceive six. Actually, it is not a type called “just like a sound board”, but the sounds say “What’s up with that? It is an extraordinary super clear & super spectacle sound that embodies “the ideal of an audience / metal” in one person.
What sounds like a soundboard is “ringing”. It is not a direct sound like a line recording, but it is amazing because it is a point of departure (fierce). The air feeling is transparent to crystal clear, and the detail of riff is vivid. Besides, this space sense is improving to the hardness of the riff so it is amazing. Soundboarding of the soundboard is great, but METALLICA’s crunch is also “dynamic” at the same time. Doubling · doubling · doubling with this dynamism at the place of exquisite venue acoustics! Although the album “… AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” was also a sound with a unique scale feeling, this work paints Yunkel and Viagra on that masterpiece, it is such a strong sound that reinforced heavy bass and dynamism.

【Experience heavy metals producing superb sound】
This sound is beyond just a “good sound”. For example, if you have a direct desktop sound board, you will feel “There is METALLICA in the brain”, but this work has a feeling that “the skull is in the hall”. The ceiling and wall of “Playhouse · Theater” trembling with deep bass synchro the skull, the floor is on the brain stem and the stage is in the frontal lobe. All of that space is the sound that is drawn in detail in detail in the head.
And in the cerebrum there is also a British metal heads firmly. These guys are already the highest! It is not “highest”. It is “the highest!” The big singing chorus is largely full from the new song “Blackened”. Moreover, the voices of two people are not outstanding, becoming a super-thick chorus squad. It was like ACCEPT where clones of Peter Barthez and Wolf Hoffman gathered on a scale of 1000 people. They memorize up to one word of the lyrics and shout and riff and beat are pushed up as “Hey! Hey !!”. Besides, it is full-showed with tears without knowing it … …. There is also a body odor of UK where METALLICA diverges. Of course, they are American no bands, but the engraved on that soul was British metal or punk. This is because it smells from every corner of the new music “Slash metal”, British bastards are sympathizing with so much. This “feeling of the band crossing the sea” feeling can only be an audience recording. It can only be in the UK in 1988. It is a heavy metal world of only this work, just boot leg.

[Actually it was short METALLICA of the pure metal age] The show drawn with that sound is no longer a super alloy. Speaking of METALLICA, although it is a synonymous band of metal, the sound has changed significantly with a long career. Among them, this work is to answer the question of “What was the heaviest metal the most?”
Cliff Barton who was hardcore disregarded sense was also died and Jason Newstead of pure metal bastard joined. It became possible to draw a sense of consistency by raising the performances of the other three people, and even made up “… AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” that searched for that alignment feeling to the rash. Besides, “DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR” is also the initial point. As we advance the world tour, I wake up to “Big Groove” and get closer to the world of “BLACK ALBUM”, but this work is the 10th performances which the tour just started. As for the young band, the engine warmed up soon, and it was fully opened with 10 performances. Although it is still a forbidden groove, I have not woken up yet, and I am immersed in pursuit of metallic feeling until it is simple. Pure metal that is neither a core nor a groove. A live album that has drawn that moment with miraculous sound … It is this work.

Set analysis, initial impulse full throttle “… AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” number, etc. It has become totally long before the point where you usually scroll up to write. In other words, I do not care about important things as usual, it is one ordinary thing. METALLICA which studied the metallic luster sound of miracle, enthusiasm of UK metal heads, metallic feeling. A super alloy live album that all fruited in one. A miracle of heavy metals, created by a strange culture of audience recording. Without preserving this permanently, what is the boot leg for? Now, please be careful and beat me with a blow!

金属光沢も眩しい激烈なる超メタル盤が永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。その正体は「1988年9月24日エディンバラ公演」。“DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR 1988-1989”の一幕を捉えた極上オーディエンス録音です。


以上、全219公演。これがツアーの全体像です。本作のエディンバラ公演はツアー冒頭を飾った「欧州レッグ」の10公演目にあたるライヴでした。そのクオリティは、もうもう金属光沢ギラッギラの超メタル・サウンド。何と言いますか、音が光ってる。アタックはギンギンに堅く、芯は荒縄の如く極太で、高音は歪みもせずにレーザービームの如く飛び込み、重低音は五臓を揺るがし、六腑をえぐるド迫力。実のところ「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶタイプではないのですが、「それがどうした? 客録って最高だろ?」と音が言ってくる。“オーディエンス・メタルの理想”を一身に体現した異様なる超クリア&超スペクタクル・サウンドなのです。
サウンドボードっぽくないのは“鳴り”。ライン録音のような直結サウンドではないのですが、それが欠点どころか(凄まじいまでの)美点になっているから凄い。その空気感はクリスタル・クリアに透き通っており、リフのディテールまで鮮やかなのです。しかも、この空間感覚がリフの硬度まで高めているから凄い。サウンドボードの叩きつけ感も素晴らしいですが、METALLICAのクランチは同時に「ダイナミック」でもある。このダイナミズムが絶品の会場音響で倍加・倍加・倍加! アルバム『…AND JUSTICE FOR ALL』も独特なスケール感のあるサウンドでしたが、本作はあの名盤にユンケルとバイアグラを塗りたくり、重低音とダイナミズムを増強したような強靱サウンドなのです。

そして、その大脳には英国のメタルヘッズもしっかりといる。こいつらがもう、最っっ高! 「最高」ではありません。「最っっ高!」です。新曲「Blackened」から野太い大合唱が大全開。しかも、1人2人の声が特出することなく、超ぶ厚いコーラス隊になっている。まるでピーター・バルテスとウルフ・ホフマンのクローンが1000人規模で集まったACCEPT。そいつらが歌詞の一語まで暗記して叫び、リフやビートを「Hey! hey!!」と押し上げやがる。しかもしかも、それをフルショウ疲れ知らずでノリまくってる……。このシンクロ感はMETALLICAが発散するUKの体臭もあるのでしょう。もちろん、彼らはアメリカノバンドですが、その魂に刻まれているのはイギリスのメタルやパンクだった。それが新たな音楽“スラッシュ・メタル”の隅々から匂い立つからこそ、英国の野郎がこれほどまでに共感している。この「海を渡ってきた俺たちのバンド」感は、オーディエンス録音でしかあり得ない。1988年のイギリスでしかあり得ない。ブートレッグだけの、本作だけの重金属世界なのです。

ハードコアな自棄っぱち感覚も凄まじかったクリフ・バートンが亡くなり、純メタル野郎のジェイソン・ニューステッドが加入。他3人の演奏力も上がったことで整合感を描けるようになり、その整合感をガチガチに究めた『…AND JUSTICE FOR ALL』まで作った。しかも、“DAMAGED JUSTICE TOUR”でも初期なのがポイント。ワールドツアーを進めるごとに「ビッグなグルーヴ」に目覚め、『BLACK ALBUM』の世界へと近づいていくわけですが、本作はツアーが始まったばかりの10公演目。若いバンドだけにエンジンはすぐに暖まり、10公演目にして全開。それでいながら禁断のグルーヴにはまだ目覚めず、純朴なまでに「金属感の追及」に没頭している。コアでもなく、グルーヴでもない純メタル。その刹那を奇跡のサウンドで描ききったライヴアルバム……それが本作なのです。

セット分析や初期衝動全開な『…AND JUSTICE FOR ALL』ナンバーなど、普段なら書きまくるポイントの前にすっかり長くなってしまいました。つまり、いつもなら大事な事も構っちゃいられねーって事、普通じゃない1本って事です。奇跡の金属光沢サウンド、英国メタルヘッズの熱狂、金属感を究めたMETALLICA。そのすべてがひとつに結実した超合金のライヴアルバム。オーディエンス録音なる奇特な文化が生み出した、重金属の奇跡。これを永久保存せずして、何のためのブートレッグか。さぁ、刮目してブン殴られてください!


Disc 1 (61:52)
1. The Ecstasy of Gold 2. Blackened 3. For Whom The Bell Tolls
4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 5. The Four Horsemen 6. Harvester Of Sorrow
7. Eye Of The Beholder 8. Bass Solo 9. To Live Is To Die 10. Master Of Puppets
11. Whiplash 12. One

Disc 2 (58:38)
1. Seek & Destroy 2. …And Justice For All 3. Creeping Death 4. Fade To Black
5. Guitar Solo incl. Little Wing 6. Battery 7. Prowler/Run To The Hills/Helpless
8. Last Caress 9. Am I Evil ? 10. Damage Inc. 11. Blitzkrieg

James Hetfield – Guitar, Vocal Lars Ulrich – Drums Kirk Hammett – Guitar
Jason Newsted – Bass

Zodiac 290


Metallica / Monster Of Rock 1987 / 1Single CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Castle Donington, Leicestershire, UK 22nd August 1987

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The main press 2CD is a super masterpiece of a heavy metal live that can only be found in the UK and METALLICA. Of course, bonus etc is unnecessary if it is originally, but if you say “Britain and METALLICA”, you can never forget the sacred place Castle Donington. Known for the legendary festival “MONSTERS OF ROCK”, it is now a sacred place where “DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL” is held. A special venue where METALLICA constantly looks “special”, and if there is an offer, it will be casting albums while they are producing albums. So far METALLICA appeared a total of 8 times with “MONSTERS OF ROCK” + “DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL”, but this work is the second time. It is a live album of “August 22, 1987: MONSTERS OF ROCK” performance.
Audience recording that such a work is said even as “legend”. Actually, it is a piece by Mr. Crazy S., his masterpiece which was directly digitized from the original master directly transferred from himself. In fact, the sound of this work shines the name of “Crazy S.” even more. What is wonderful is a clear sound with a natural and freshness. At the beginning is a basking feeling and it is a “nice” level, but when the second song “For Whom The Bell Tolls” starts, it clears up quickly, it changes into a shining sound with violent clearance. Besides, it is an outdoor festival where tens of thousands of people gather, but straight / reaching shouts are fragile everywhere. Although it does not have a sense of distance, it is sharp that the riff is too transparent, the real feeling of life is “scent of 1987” and stands up from the speaker.
It depicts with that sound the performance of METALLICA who intends to put the whole world in hand. In the “MASTER OF PUPPETS” era, there were legendary events such as the death of Cliff Burton and first visit to Japan. Let’s check the position of the show from the tour outline here.

本編プレス2CDは、英国とMETALLICAでしかあり得ない重金属ライヴの超傑作です。もちろん、本来であればボーナスなど不要なのですが、“英国とMETALLICA”と言えば、決して忘れることのできないのは聖地キャッスル・ドニントン。かつて伝説的なフェスティバル“MONSTERS OF ROCK”で知られ、現在では“DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL”が開かれる聖地。METALLICAが常に“特別”と仰ぎ、オファーがあればアルバムの制作中だろうが投げ出して出演する特別な会場。これまでMETALLICAは、“MONSTERS OF ROCK”+“DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL”で合計8回出演していますが、本作はその2回目。「1987年8月22日:MONSTERS OF ROCK」公演のライヴアルバムです。
そんな本作は“伝説”とさえ言われるオーディエンス録音。実は、かの名匠“Crazy S.”氏による作品で、本人から直接譲られたオリジナル・マスターからダイレクトにデジタル化された逸品なのです。実際、本作のサウンドは、“Crazy S.”の名を一層輝かせる。何よりも素晴らしいのはナチュラルな生々しさを湛えながらもクリアなサウンド。冒頭は籠もり気味で「なかなか良い」レベルなのですが、2曲目「For Whom The Bell Tolls」が始まるやサッと晴れ渡り、猛烈なクリアさで輝くサウンドに様変わりです。しかも、数万人が集う野外フェスだというのに真っ直ぐ届く演奏/シャウトはどこまでも骨太。距離感がないわけではないものの、あまりの透明感にリフもえらく鋭く、生々しい臨場感が“1987年の薫り”となってスピーカーから立ち上るのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、全世界を手中に収めんとするMETALLICAの熱演。『MASTER OF PUPPETS』時代というとクリフ・バートンの死や初来日など、伝説的な出来事もありました。ここでショウのポジションをツアー概要から確認してみましょう。



1. The Ecstasy Of Gold 2. Creeping Death 3. For Whom The Bell Tolls 4. Fade To Black
5. Leper Messiah 6. Phantom Lord 7. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 8. Seek And Destroy
9. Master Of Puppets 10. Run To The Hills Jam 11. Last Caress 12. Am I Evil?
13. Battery 14. Layla (Outro.)

James Hetfield – Guitar, Vocal Lars Ulrich – Drums Kirk Hammett – Guitar
Jason Newsted – Bass


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