Judas Priest / Swedish B Goode 1988 / 2CDR

Judas Priest / Swedish B Goode 1988 / 2CDR / Shades

Translated Text:
Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 7th May 1988

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The best master that PRIEST mania all over the world praises appeared. It is the highest peak live album that recorded the extremely rare “Johnny B. Goode” live!

【Pleasant heavy metal version “Johnny B. Goode”】
A cover has something that is not good for him. Even with the name band, there are sometimes covers for now, and some bands are fascinated with coolness far beyond the original. And our steel god is a wonderful cover wisdom man. Starting with “The Green Manalishi” which was also acclaimed at the head home Peter Green, “Diamonds & Rust” which is the best among electric and acoustic, “Race With The Devil” which was an eye for remaster board bonus, excellent sense of arrangement and arrangement . Better By You, Better Than Me “also finished coolest, although the fans killed himself because they committed suicide. Even if you do cover it is completely opposite to IRON MAIDEN which does not go far beyond the original song and does not go out of play.
Even in the cover of such JUDAS PRIEST, special and extremely rare is “Johnny B. Goode”. Of course, with the cover of Chuck Berry, it became the theme song of the movie “Johnny Be Good”, and even a single recorded a smash hit. It was arranged that it was stronger than that. I finished it as a perfect metal song that broke the original song, and also pulled out “I was completely different!” To the layer not knowing PRIEST. This is what it feels like. I wonder what the public thinks was that there were also many metal heads who were smiling so much, saying “This is a metal, complaints!”
However, such a PRIEST version “Johnny B. Goode” was also extremely rare at the stage. Only the early European legs were played “MERCENARIES OF METAL TOUR 1988”. It is said that it is not all the performances, “There are ten times in all” or not. PRIEST mania all over the world are pursuing the highest peak only for that rare song, but now it is said that “Kore is the best!” It is an audience recording of the first day of the world tour “Stockholm May 7, 1988” performance.

【The highest call of the tour highest sound】
The biggest point of such work is in “Johnny B. Goode” which is too precious, but that is not enough. Actually, the quality is also “top”. It is the Leicester Performance of press 4CD “ROBBED AND RAMMED (Zodiac 127)” that maniacs all over the world admit as “the highest peak of MERCENARIES OF METAL TOUR”, but the Stockholm performance of this work is similar to that super masterpiece It is also a vertex recording to be done.
Moreover, this work is the ultimate genie digitized directly from Omoto master. In fact, the sound flowing out of this work is overwhelmed by the direct feeling until terrible. As a fact, cheers are also vivid audience recordings, but even while listening they even forget them. The stubborn core approaches with zero sense of distance, and the detail escapes barefoot for Sogo sonkei line recording. As a matter of fact, although it can not be said that it is overpeaked to the right channel (to a slight extent), it can not be said that it is “perfect”, but neat and brilliant feeling is even a masterpiece soundboard album “EXPANDED NEW HAVEN 1988” Resulting in. A crazy master with a pitch nearly a semitone is on the market, but of course this film is just “the best in the best”.

[Daihatsu that returned to pure metal] It is precisely Metal · Shangri-La that is drawn with such quality. The problematic work “TURBO” caused controversy over the world, but PRIEST himself was “no”. Glenn said “I will not make a second mistake again”, but practice that word for words. It removes all the songs of “TURBO” and completely hits the metal side show.
And it is the new songs of “RAM IT DOWN” that make the most of the “TURBO” number instead of the number. Originally “TURBO” was supposed to be a pair of two, although it is a famous story to mania. However, opposed to a record company, only pop songs were released as one piece. The remaining “metal side” song was fruited as “RAM IT DOWN”, which is why it became a masterpiece like “de metal” to balance with pop ‘TURBO’.
This work plays plenty of new songs of such masterpieces. Of course not only “Ram It Down” but also Heavy · Anthem “Come And Get It” “Heavy Metal”, Reevaluated in the Farewell Tour “I’m A Rocker” ……. It is only wonderful heavy metal classics, None of this work is premiered. And “Johnny B. Goode” which is crucial! I will not say anything about this song anymore. Enjoy listening just to this. It is a rushing take that I was impressed with the violent maniacs all over the world saying “This song can be heard with this sound …”.

As a matter of fact, JUDAS PRIEST is a band with extremely few songs that can only be heard by audience recording. As a result, popularity tends to concentrate on topic sound boards. But there are exceptions in everything. “Johnny B. Goode” is a good example. PRIEST mania all over the world gathered the best sound championships by desperately gathering audience recording desperately, seeking a masterpiece not heard by the official or soundboard. This work answers that. “METALLIC B. GOODE” the highest peak ever. Please, please experience!

世界中のPRIESTマニアが絶賛する極上マスターが登場。激レアな「Johnny B. Goode」ライヴを収録した最高峰ライヴアルバムです!

【痛快な重金属版“Johnny B. Goode”】
カバーには得手不得手があるもの。名バンドと言えどもカバーは今いちのこともあれば、オリジナルを遙かに超えるカッコ良さで魅せてくれるバンドもいる。そして、我らが鋼鉄神は素晴らしいカバー巧者。本家ピーター・グリーンにも絶賛された「The Green Manalishi」を始め、エレキでもアコースティックでも最高な「Diamonds & Rust」、リマスター盤ボーナスでも目玉だった「Race With The Devil」など、センスもアレンジも絶品。ファンが自殺したためにライヴは望めないものの、「Better By You, Better Than Me」も最高にカッコ良く仕上げてくれました。カバーをやってもオリジナル曲には遠く及ばず、お遊びの域を出ないIRON MAIDENとはまったく逆です。
そんなJUDAS PRIESTのカバーの中でも、特別で激レアなのが「Johnny B. Goode」。もちろん、チャック・ベリーのカバーで、映画『ジョニー・ビー・グッド』のテーマソングにもなった他、シングルでもスマッシュヒットを記録しました。それ以上に強烈だったのがアレンジ。原曲を崩しまくった完全メタル曲に仕上げており、PRIESTを知らない層にも「全然違う!」とド肝を抜いた。これがもう、何とも痛快。一般人がどう思おうが「これがメタルだ、文句あっか!」とほくそ笑んでいたメタル・ヘッドも多かったのではないでしょうか。
しかし、そんなPRIEST版「Johnny B. Goode」も、ステージでは激レアでもありました。演奏されたのは“MERCENARIES OF METAL TOUR 1988”序盤のヨーロッパ・レッグだけ。それも全公演ではなく、“全部10回あるかないか”と言われています。それだけのレア曲だけに、世界中のPRIESTマニアが最高峰を追い求めているわけですが、現在「コレがベスト!」と言われているのが本作。ワールドツアーの初日「1988年5月7日ストックホルム」公演のオーディエンス録音なのです。

そんな本作最大のポイントは貴重すぎる「Johnny B. Goode」にあるわけですが、それだけでは済まない。実は、クオリティも“てっぺん”なのです。世界中のマニアが「MERCENARIES OF METAL TOURの最高峰」と認めているのはプレス4CD『ROBBED AND RAMMED(Zodiac 127)』のレスター公演なのですが、本作のストックホルム公演はあの超傑作と並び称される頂点録音でもあるのです。
しかも、本作は大元マスターからダイレクトにデジタル化された究極ジェネ。実際、本作から流れ出るサウンドは、凄まじいまでのダイレクト感に圧倒される。事実としては喝采も生々しいオーディエンス録音ではあるのですが、聴いているうちにそれさえも忘れる。逞しい芯は距離感ゼロで迫り、ディテールはそんじょそこらのライン録音も裸足で逃げ出す。実のところ、右チャンネルに(極わずかながら)オーバーピーク気味になることがあるので「パーフェクト」とまでは言えないものの、端正で図太い感触は傑作サウンドボード・アルバム『EXPANDED NEW HAVEN 1988』にさえ肉薄してしまう。半音近くピッチの狂ったマスターも出回っていますが、もちろん本作はジャストな“ベスト中のベスト”です。

そして、『TURBO』ナンバーの代わりに幅を利かせているのは『RAM IT DOWN』の新曲群。マニアには有名な話ですが、元々『TURBO』は2枚組となるはずでした。ところがレコード会社に反対され、ポップな曲だけが1枚物としてリリースされた。残った“メタル・サイド”な曲は『RAM IT DOWN』として結実したわけですが、だからこそポップな『TURBO』とバランスを取るように“ド・メタル”な名作になったわけです。
本作は、そんな名作の新曲をたっぷりと生演奏してくれる。必殺の「Ram It Down」はもちろん、ヘヴィ・アンセム「Come And Get It」「Heavy Metal」、フェアウェルツアーで再評価された「I’m A Rocker」………素晴らしく重金属な名曲ばかりですが、本作はそのどれもが初演なのです。そして、肝心要の「Johnny B. Goode」! もう、この曲については何も言いません。こればかりは聴いてのお楽しみ。世界中の激マニアが「このサウンドで、この曲が聴けるなんて……」と感激した極めつけのテイクなのです。

実のところ、JUDAS PRIESTはオーディエンス録音でしか聴けない曲が極端に少ないバンド。それだけに、頂点的なサウンドボードに人気が集中しがちです。しかし、何事にも例外はある。「Johnny B. Goode」は、その好例。オフィシャルでもサウンドボードでも聴けない名演を求め、世界中のPRIESTマニアがオーディエンス録音を必死にかき集めてはベスト・サウンド選手権を繰り広げてきたのです。本作は、その回答。“METALLIC B. GOODE”の史上最高峰。どうぞ、あなたもご体験ください!

Disc 1 (38:02)
1. The Hellion 2. Electric Eye 3. Metal Gods 4. Sinner 5. Breaking The Law
6. Come And Get It 7. I’m A Rocker 8. The Sentinel 9. The Ripper

Disc 2 (57:55)
1. Beyond The Realms Of Death 2. Ram It Down 3. Heavy Metal 4. Victim Of Changes
5. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) 6. Johnny B. Goode
7. Living After Midnight 8. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ 9. Hell Bent For Leather

Rob Halford – Vocals Glenn Tipton – Guitars K.K. Downing – Guitars
Ian Hill – Bass Dave Holland – Drums

Shades 858

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