Heart / Magic Night / 2CDR+1Bonus 1DVDR

Heart / Magic Night / 2CDR+1Bonus 1DVDR / Uxbridge

Translated text:

Live At Music Hall, Boston,MA, USA 27th January 1979 Early Show Plus Bonus DVDR ‘ Largo 1978 ‘

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Dan Ramp ski recorded Heart live sound source of is appeared. Than US tour due to the 1979 “Dog & Butterfly”, complete recording across the Boston performances of January 27, in 1 hour 31 minutes. Among the Ramp skiing sound source, will be ranked in the top-level undoubtedly, to the extent not considered as this era, has been recorded at the highest quality of audience recordings can assert that just completely exceptional. There is a fine cut of tape change at 3:19 of the Mistral Wind, but otherwise it has been recorded in a perfect sound. Anyway not feel things like muffled the sound from being surprised, is ultra-clear sound that can be called common sense out, even a sense of stability punch of the sound of the preeminent, you can enjoy the full picture of the show in a really tight sound image you. Hard Tune also to enjoy ballads also sound also say perfect, natural texture and spread of different sounds and even line recording what to say is a very impressive, high-quality sound up to this point has not been output from the PA was it enough to remember the excitement in fact. Ann and It has also been recorded in the balance well clear Nancy vocals, thick tight ideal sound is just a masterpiece that gives off the rhythm. Of course guitar, keyboard have also been recorded in ultra-clear, the charming performance as well, you will be impressed to the splendor of sound. Not be told in the line recording, emitted directly into the space from the PA, the live timely sense of groove that was accompanied by a fresh texture, you can enjoy the best of form in this board. . It can be said that the heyday of the heart, the four familiar sets that are well-balanced selection from the album, from beginning to end to listen to respond fully. Show the late Representative song Crazy On You, Kick It Out, Barracuda, further early White Lightning & Wine, familiar Zeppelin cover Rock And Roll, the name ballad Without You with a set of great listening stations full of Harry Nilsson, a fan you can enjoy plenty in the superb sound of Luo outstanding experience. It appeared a piece of full large special that you can assert that one of the best pieces of the past few years for the fans!

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.118 (No. 5 May 2010). In case you’re wondering.

Than US tour due to the 1979 “Dog & Butterfly”, the audience recordings were nearly complete recording of the Boston performances of January 27th. According to the blurb, but thing of the highest quality audience recording of as unthinkable as that time, but the sound quality that approaches a series of LA performance of the Stones and Zep enough made. Such as poor current digital recording, in the goodness of the sound of more than comfortably, you can appreciate without any problem except that there is a slight tape change in the Mistral Wind.


ダン・ランピンスキーの録音したハートのライブ音源が登場です。1979年「Dog & Butterfly」に伴うUSツアーより、1月27日のボストン公演を1時間31分に渡って完全収録。ランピンスキー音源の中でも、間違いなく最上位にランクインされであろう、この時代としては考えらないほどの、まさに完全別格と断言できる最高音質のオーディエンス録音で収録されています。Mistral Windの3:19でテープチェンジの微細なカットがありますが、それ以外はパーフェクトなサウンドで収録されています。とにかく驚かされるのは音にこもりといったものが感じられない、常識外れとも言えるウルトラ・クリアーなサウンドであり、音の安定感・パンチも抜群の、実にタイトな音像でショウの全貌を楽しむことができます。ハード・チューンもバラードも完璧とも言えるサウンドで楽しめますし、何といってもライン録音とは異なる音の広がりと自然な質感は実に感動的であり、ここまでクオリティの高いサウンドがPAから出力されていた事実に感動を覚える程です。アンとナンシーのボーカルもバランス良くクリアーに収録されていますし、リズム隊の放つ太くタイトな理想的なサウンドはまさに圧巻。勿論ギター、キーボードもウルトラクリアーに録音されており、その魅力的な演奏同様に、サウンドの素晴らしさに感動させられます。ライン録音では伝えきれない、PAから空間に直接放たれる、生々しい質感を伴ったライブリーなグルーブ感を、本盤では最良の形で楽しむことができます。。ハートの絶頂期と言える、4枚のアルバムからバランスよくセレクトされたお馴染みのセットは、終始聴き応え十分。ショウ後半は代表曲Crazy On You、Kick It Out、Barracuda、さらに初期の White Lightning & Wine、おなじみツェッペリン・カバーRock And Roll, ハリー・ニルソンの名バラードWithout Youと素晴らしい聴き所満載のセットを、ファンですら未体験の極上サウンドでたっぷりと堪能することができます。ファンにとってはここ数年の最高の一枚と断言できる完全大別格の一枚が登場です!

★beatleg誌 vol.118(2010年5月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

1979年「Dog & Butterfly」に伴うUSツアーより、1月27日のボストン公演をほぼ完全収録したオーディエンス録音。宣伝文句によれば、当時としては考えられない程の最高音質オーディエンス録音とのことだが、成る程ストーンズやZepの一連のLA公演ものに迫る音質だ。下手な現在のデジタル録音など、楽に上回る音の良さで、Mistral Wind で若干のテープチェンジがある以外は全く問題なく鑑賞できる。

Disc 1
1. Cook With Fire 2. High Times 3. Heartless 4. Devil Delight 5. Straight On 6. Magic Man
7. Love Alive 8. Magazine 9. Mistral Wind 10. Dog & Butterfly

Disc 2
1. Crazy On You 2. Kick It Out 3. Barracuda 4. White Lightning & Wine 5. Rock And Roll
6. Without You

Ann Wilson – Vocals & Flute Nancy Wilson – Guitars & Vocals Roger Fisher – Lead Guitar
Michael Derosier – Drums Steve Fossen – Bass & Vocals Howard Leese – Keyboards, Guitars & Vocals

Uxbridge 217


Heart / Largo 1978 / 1single DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Capitol Center, Largo, MD. USA 15th October 1978 PRO-SHOT

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“DOG & BUTTERFLY TOUR 1978 – 1979” which also peaked even at the initial career, realized legendary first visit to Japan. A valuable multi camera / pro shot that conveys its shining appearance is a gift release decision.
It is contained in this work “Largo Show on October 15, 1978”. First of all, let’s check the position of the show in the whole world tour.

“October 7” DOG & BUTTERFLY “Release”
· September 26 – October 22: North America (18 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· November 15 – December 31: North America (21 performances)
· January 26 – February 28: North America (23 performances)
· May 13 – June 17: North America (13 performances)
· August 4th – 11th: Japan / Hawaii (4 shows)
· August 19 + 22: North America (2 shows)

This is the outline of “DOG & BUTTERFLY TOUR”. The number of performances is not strict because there are some obscure parts in the record at that time, but I think that you can imagine the rough flow. The legendary first visit to Japan was realized at the end of the tour in 1979, but this film’s Largo performance is in the beginning of the opening. It was a concert after about a week from the release of the album “DOG & BUTTERFLY”.
This work which contained such a show is a picture known as a large staple of the 1970s before, but a pro shot by a story outflow master, not a television broadcast. To tell the truth, the soundboard sound source is also left in the “October 16 Pitzpurg performance” which will be the day after this work, and it is said that “What was the performance recorded for official release?” . Although it is speculated hypothesis, it is the quality of this work that nods such a story. Although there is sweetness of analog shooting, shooting itself is really professional. Of course not only the angles that made use of many cameras, but also each one of those cuts has been carefully reviewed and edited, and overlap is also heavy. Although it is a method which is not used much for the concert picture from the present feeling, the sensation of the rich 70s era that it is why is delicious is also delicious. Furthermore, this work will be the highest peak even in such a classic image. Overseas mania remastered the best master. The tracking noise which had been a concern for the past has been kept to a minimum, the darkness is furthermore jet black, and the shine is reviving more colorfully.
And the show itself is also rich in “smell of the 1970s”. Although it is regrettable that “Cook With Fire” and “High Time” which decorate the beginning are not recorded yet, after that it is 15 songs plentifully until the end. A splendid hard rock side and a lyrical unique acoustic sound are also splendid, including “Love Alive” where you can listen to Ann’s splendid flute performance, a dramatic masterpiece “Mistral Wind”, now “White Lightning & Wine And Nancy ‘s acoustic solo to be shown in the intro also a wonderful “Crazy On You” and so on. A group of famous songs up to “DOG & BUTTERFL” line up with Zurari, mostly luxurious like the ’70s best board to watch with the eyes. Although it is selected well from each album in a well-balanced manner, the number of “MAGAZINE” that I especially want to pay attention to. The three tracks of the title track “Magazine”, heavy “Devil Delight” and HARRY NILSSON “Without You” are masterpieces that will not be played “DOG & BUTTERFLY TOUR 1978-1979” at the end. Rock ‘n’ Roll promised that their roots will be exposed alongside that “Without You”. All that can be witnessed perfectly with multiple cameras.
It is a precious 70s pro shot that will be revived for legendary first visit to Japan. Its its highest quality quality version. One sheet that burns the shine of the 70’s because of HEART. Please, enjoy this opportunity.

初期のキャリアでもピークを迎え、伝説の初来日も実現した“DOG & BUTTERFLY TOUR 1978-1979”。その輝く姿を伝えてくれる貴重なマルチカメラ・プロショットがギフト・リリース決定です。

《10月7日『DOG & BUTTERFLY』発売》

これが“DOG & BUTTERFLY TOUR”の概要。当時の記録にはあやふやなところもあるので公演数は厳密ではありませんが、おおまかの流れはイメージしていただけると思います。伝説的な初来日は1979年のツアー末期に実現したわけですが、本作のラルゴ公演は逆に序盤。アルバム『DOG & BUTTERFLY』のリリースから約1週間後のコンサートでした。
そして、ショウそのものも“70年代の薫り”を濃厚に発散している。冒頭を飾る「Cook With Fire」「High Time」が未収録なのは残念なものの、それ以降は終演までたっぷり15曲。豪快なハードロック・サイドとリリカルな独特のアコースティック・サウンドも見事で、アンの見事なフルート演奏が聴ける「Love Alive」、ドラマティックな大作「Mistral Wind」、今では望むべくもない「White Lightning & Wine」、そしてイントロで披露されるナンシーのアコースティック・ソロも素晴らしい「Crazy On You」等々。『DOG & BUTTERFL』までの名曲群がズラリと並び、ほとんど“目で観る70年代ベスト盤”のような豪華さ。各アルバムからバランス良くセレクトされていますが、特に注目したいのは『MAGAZINE』のナンバー。タイトルトラック「Magazine」、ヘヴィな「Devil Delight」、HARRY NILSSONの「Without You」の3曲は“DOG & BUTTERFLY TOUR 1978-1979”を最後に演奏されなくなってしまう名曲たち。その「Without You」と並んで彼女たちのルーツが露わになるのがお約束の「Rock ‘n’ Roll」。そすべてがマルチカメラでばっちり目撃できるのです。

1. Heartless 2. Devil Delight 3. Straight On 4. Magic Man 5. Love Alive 6. Magazine
7. Mistral Wind 8. Dog & Butterfly 9. Silver Wheels 10. Crazy On You 11. Kick It Out
12. Barracuda 13. White Lightning & Wine 14. Rock And Roll 15. Member Introduction
16. Without You


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