David Bowie / Definitive Tokyo 1978 / 1DVDR

David Bowie / Definitive Tokyo 1978 / 1DVDR / Non label

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Live At NHK Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan 12th December 1978. Pro-Shot

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David Bowie’s most important pro shot is reprinted with a gift title. This work is a television broadcast video that a certain public broadcasting station housed the Japan tour of “Berlin era Bowie”. Pro shot video containing not only Japan but also “World Life AND Heroes TOUR 1978” Worldwide Chiakiaku “December 12, 1978 NHK Hall Performance”. It is the highest quality quality board ever.
This pro shot has long been known as a masterpiece representing the Berlin era for a long time, but in 2002 it was the best master of the pro shot. It was Masterport label “TOKYO 1978 (MDM – 001)”. Anyhow, we boasted overwhelming quality to wipe out previous episodes and ran a shock to Bowie fans all over the world. Anyway, with an abnormal level of quality, vividness, depth, and pixel smoothness of overwhelming picture quality. Everywhere, it was full of intense clear image beauty that I can not imagine the picture of the 70’s roughly. That should be that, this original master is not an ordinary air check. Although it was already a video deck that appeared at that time, it is a time when it can not be said that it is still popular in general. It was about time that television broadcasting could not be seen twice, and the fans all over the country were watching at the preparedness of a meeting for the first time just like the actual stage. In those days, there was a person who was recording at the cutting edge business deck at the time. That recording maniac was an enthusiastic Bowie fan, he took a video tape that was expensive at that time to know the broadcast, he relied on acquaintance and asked for recording to the place where the business deck was. As long as I could, I could not help trying the best method I could think of. It was the master I could leave behind because of that feeling.

This is the story of the recording master who became the original. This work is not a copy but an upgrade version. To tell the truth, there are still no titles beyond the master of this recording mania yet, but this work borrowed again from the original mania himself, digitized with the latest technology. Moreover, aged deterioration that was slightly even is repaired by digital remaster, it is a big decision version which tried every thing. This version was released as a press title “TOKYO 1978 (Wardour – 176)” last year, sold out and out of print in a blink of an eye. This time, I reprinted that supreme version with gift DVDR specially.
In fact, the quality of this work is ultimate. Unlike the Masterport label board in 2002, re-digitization entrusted to overseas specialized manufacturers. Recently the Japanese version of Laser Disk Reprint Series has gained great popularity in our shop, but it is an upgrade by making full use of the manufacturer’s analog reprint know-how. In addition to extracting the quality brought to the original master to the utmost limit, repair of latest and meticulous digital mastering is also thorough. Of course, I will not forcibly raise the highlight or do not equalize it. The main work is to carefully correct each noise of several places corresponding to the voice one by one. I made it to the highest version ever that took every possible means in 2016.
The image beauty and the beautiful sounds created in this way are clearly more vivid coloring than the Masterport label board, and the texture is getting deeper and deeper. One shirt wrinkle, one guitar string, one disturbed hair will sharpen, and if it sways in intense action, blur will also be drawn without disturbance. There is also no noise which made it a bubble wrap which became anxious by the previous departure.
The show drawn with that quality is exactly bliss. Especially, the second half “Ziggy · Stardust” 6 consecutive episodes are overwhelming. In addition to the “LOW” “HEROES” “in the Berlin era, this tour is one of the main pillars of the masterpiece” Ziggy Stardust “. In the Japanese performance, “Five Years”, “Soul Love”, “Star”, “Hang On To Yourself”, “Ziggy Stardust” and “Suffragette City” were shown, but all of them are included in this work. Especially “Suffragette City” is continued to be omitted even if the official board “STAGE” repeats supplementation many times, it is exceptional that you can hear the performance at that time with official quality. This program is not a complete version of the show, but still none of these six songs were removed. It is to see how the broadcasting staff at that time captured the feelings of Bowie fans.

Bowie who loves Japan stayed in Japan after this live and he said he enjoyed Christmas in 1978. He sings to Dandy with a rainbow-colored shirt that bowls his chest, Bowie who spends his life in a beige coat and sports the world of Ziggy. It is a masterpiece in a masterpiece talking about the NHK hall performance that became the whole world Chiaki – ku that was shining brightly in his career “Berlin era” to the present age.
The boy who loved Japan, the sincerity of the staff who produced the program, the passion of the recording mania that “I want to do whatever I can do”. Because of those things, the name picture of this age remained in the present. Only because that passion is changing its appearance to quality, we’ve made the world’s highest peak updated “Do whatever you can do”. Beyond the century, the appearance of a bowie that was brilliant in Japan. This work is one piece of a gem that all fruits have come to its best form.

★ Color development of the screen is a record high.

デヴィッド・ボウイの最重要プロショットがギフト・タイトルで復刻です。本作は、“ベルリン時代ボウイ”のジャパンツアーを某公共放送局が収めたテレビ放送映像。日本だけでなく“LOW AND HEROES TOUR 1978”の全世界千秋楽でもあった「1978年12月12日NHKホール公演」を収めたプロショット映像。その史上最高峰クオリティ盤です。
このプロショットは古くからベルリン時代を代表する大傑作として知られておりますが、その最高峰マスターが世に出たのは2002年のこと。Masterportレーベルの『TOKYO 1978(MDM-001)』でした。とにかく、それまでの既発を一掃する圧倒的なクオリティを誇り、世界中のボウイ・ファンに衝撃を走らせた。とにかく異常なレベルのクオリティで、圧倒的な画質の鮮やかさ、深み、そして画素の滑らかさ。どこをとっても、おおよそ70年代の映像とは思えない強烈にクリアな映像美に充ち満ちていました。それもそのはず、このオリジナル・マスターは、普通のエアチェックではない。当時すでにビデオデッキが登場していたとは言え、まだまだ一般に普及しているとはとても言えない時代。テレビ放送は二度見ることはできないのが当たり前だった頃で、この放送も全国のファンが本番ステージと同様に一期一会の覚悟で見つめていました。そんな時代に、当時最先端の業務用デッキで録画している人物がいた。その録画マニアは熱狂的なボウイ・ファンで、放送を知るや当時は高価だったビデオテープを携え、知人を頼って業務用デッキのあるところへ録画を頼み込んだそう。自分ができる限り、思いつく限り最高の方法を試さずにはいられなかった。その想いがあったからこそ残し得たマスターなのです。

ここまでは大元となった録画マスターのお話。本作は、そのコピーではなくアップグレード版なのです。実のところ、現在もなお、この録画マニアのマスターを超えるものは登場していないわけですが、本作はそのオリジナルをマニア本人から再度借り受け、最新技術でデジタル化したもの。さらに僅かにあった経年劣化もデジタル・リマスターでリペアし、万全を尽くした大決定版なのです。このバージョンは昨年プレス・タイトル『TOKYO 1978(Wardour-176)』としてリリースされ、瞬く間に完売・廃盤。今回は、その至上バージョンを特別にギフトDVDRで復刻したのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるショウは、まさに至福。特に圧巻なのは後半の『ジギー・スターダスト』6連発。このツアーはベルリン時代の『LOW』『”HEROES”』に加え、名作『ジギー・スターダスト』も大きな柱の1つ。日本公演では「Five Years」「Soul Love」「Star」「Hang On To Yourself」「Ziggy Stardust」「Suffragette City」が披露されましたが、本作にはそのすべてが収録されている。特に「Suffragette City」は、オフィシャル盤『STAGE』が何度増補を繰り返しても省かれ続けているだけに、当時のパフォーマンスがオフィシャル・クオリティで聴けるのは格別です。この番組はショウの完全版ではないわけですが、それでもこの6曲は1つも外すことがなかった。当時の放送スタッフがいかにボウイ・ファンの気持ちを捉えていたかが分かろうというものです。



1. Warszawa 2. “Heroes” 3. Fame 4. Beauty And The Beast 5. Five Years 6. Soul Love
7. Star 8. Hang On To Yourself 9. Ziggy Stardust 10. Suffragette City 11. Station To Station
12. TVC 15


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