Guns N’ Roses / House Of Blues 01.01.01 / 2CD

Guns N’ Roses / House Of Blues 01.01.01 / 2CD / Zodiac

Translated text:
Live at House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV, USA 1st January 2001 STEREO SBD

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This is amazing … it is too terrible! Astonished stereo sound board album is newly discovered. The world’s first publicly released impact board is appearing in press 2CD !!
It is sealed in the shock plate “January 1, 2001: Las Vegas performances”. It’s a perfect outflow stereo sound board sound source. This is different from just a new excavation sound board. First and foremost, the show is special special. GUNS N ‘ROSES took a long long sleep with the end of “USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR”, but this is the end of that day. Axel Rose launched the newborn GUNS N ‘ROSES and it is the first show on stage. Since the last day of “USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR” was July 17, 1993, it was a big revival for the first time in 7 years, 5 months and 16 days. The day when I could hear the whole story on the sound board came … ….
Moreover, it is not merely the first time in seven and a half years. After that the tour was foretold, but canceled due to the bucket head disease. Members were making changes as soon as the tour was realized after a year and a half. This work is also a valuable period sound board that can be said such an “original newborn”. Because it is a good opportunity, here let’s organize all the shows of “Original Newborn”.

· January 1: HOUSE OF BLUES Performance 【this work】
· January 14: ROCK IN RIO III appearance
“Tour canceled”
· December 29: THE JOINT Performance
· December 31st: THE JOINT Performance
“Paul Tobias withdrawal”

Over, all four performances. Only this. “ROCK IN RIO III” said to mobilize 200,000 people is famous, all others were warm-up shows of 1,400 to 1,800 people. I think that you will be able to understand precious shoes afterwards, but such a first stage is also recorded in the official. Rumor has been rumored for the release plan several times, but it did not finally come true.
This new excavation proves such rumors with sound. Despite the rude nature of direct desk connection is not official grade, the intense direct feeling is perfect sync with the brains. The singing voice of Axel burning in the full stage for the first time in 7 years roars at zero distance and the virtue of bucket head is played in the brain. Of course, not only close but also all the notes of all members are super clear. Although it is left in the audience recording on this day, you can experience full show with a close fitting / assimilation sound of completely different dimension at all.
And the show which can be unfolded with such shock line sound is amazing. The set which is sung with tension blown by Axel is premiere of a lot of classics and an incomparable new song. At that time new songs were noticed, but still valuable are “Oh My God” and “Silkworms”. It is two very rare songs that were played only in 2001. Furthermore, “Riad N ‘the Bedouins” is also delicious. It does not play in “ROCK IN RIO III”, it sounds valuable by bucket head soundboard. Speaking of Buckethead, his classics group is valuable too. “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION” shows all songs except “You’re Crazy” “Anything Goes”, two songs from “USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II”, and “Patience” are scattered in it. Everybody of those numbers is killed by a line sound that no one has ever heard … ….
Although I have repeated it with shocks and shocks, the real shock is not a novelty such as preciousness or historical value. The hotness of the dash who led the start of the new generation GUNS, the danger of exploding rock. It is possible to witness the whole stereo with the stereo sound board.

Axel’s screaming screaming “Happy! Fuckin ‘new year !!!” at the big ras “Paradise City” is also a transcendent complete outgoing sound board. Although it is Shinsei GUNS which has already become one page of history, this work is also a powerful live album that far surpasses its preciousness. Although there is a feeling that it has paralyzed also “great excavation” with the development of the net, the excavation which is extremely intense excavation which seems to hit such a brain shame blown up. With permanent preservation press 2CD, shock is the world’s first public release!

これは凄い……凄すぎる! 驚愕のステレオサウンドボード・アルバムが新発掘。全世界初公開の衝撃盤がプレス2CDで登場です!!
その衝撃盤に封じ込まれているのは「2001年1月1日:ラスヴェガス公演」。その完全流出ステレオ・サウンドボード音源なのです。これは単なる新発掘サウンドボードとはワケが違う。まず何より、ショウが特別中の特別。GUNS N’ ROSESは“USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR”の終了と共に長い長い眠りに就いたわけですが、それが終わったのがこの日。アクセル・ローズが新生GUNS N’ ROSESを立ち上げ、初めてステージに立ったショウなのです。“USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR”の最終日は1993年7月17日でしたから、丸7年5ヶ月と16日ぶりの大復活。その一部始終をサウンドボードで聴ける日が来てしまったのです……。

・1月1日:HOUSE OF BLUES公演 【本作】
・1月14日:ROCK IN RIO III出演
・12月29日:THE JOINT公演
・12月31日:THE JOINT公演

以上、全4公演。たったこれだけ。20万人を動員したと言われる“ROCK IN RIO III”が有名ですが、他はすべて1,400-1,800人規模のウォームアップ的ショウでした。後にも先にも貴重なショウなのがご理解頂けると思いますが、そんな初ステージはオフィシャルでも記録。幾度となくリリース計画も噂に上りましたが、遂には実現せずじまいでした。
そして、そんな衝撃ライン・サウンドで繰り広げられるショウが凄い。アクセルのぶっ飛んだテンションで歌われるセットは大量のクラシックスと初々しい新曲の初演。当時は新曲が注目されましたが、今なお貴重なのは「Oh My God」と「Silkworms」。2001年でしか演奏されなかった激レアの2曲です。さらに「Riad N’ the Bedouins」も美味しい。“ROCK IN RIO III”では演奏されず、バケットヘッドによるサウンドボードは究めて貴重です。バケットヘッドと言えば、彼の弾くクラシックス群も貴重。『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』からは「You’re Crazy」「Anything Goes」以外の全曲が披露され、『USE YOUR ILLUSION I&II』から2曲ずつ、それに「Patience」が散りばめられる。そうしたナンバーのことごとくが今まで誰も聞いたことのないライン・サウンドでブチかまされる……。

大ラスの「Paradise City」で「Happy! Fuckin’ new year!!!」と叫ぶアクセルの絶叫も超絶な完全流出サウンドボード。すでに歴史の1ページとなっている新生GUNSですが、本作はその貴重度を遙かに凌駕するド迫力のライヴアルバムでもある。ネットの発達で「凄い発掘」にも麻痺してきた感がありますが、そんな惚けた脳みそをブン殴るような強烈極まる発掘作。永久保存プレス2CDで、衝撃の世界初公開です!

Disc 1 (59:35)
1. Intro 2. Welcome to the Jungle 3. It’s So Easy 4. Mr. Brownstone
5. Live And Let Die 6. Oh My God 7. My Michelle 8. Think About You
9. You Could Be Mine 10. Sweet Child O’ Mine 11. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
12. Band Introductions 13. November Rain

Disc 2 (56:08)
1. Out Ta Get Me 2. Rocket Queen 3. Riad N’ The Bedouins 4. Chinese Democracy
5. Buckethead Guitar Solo 6. Patience 7. Street of Dreams 8. Nightrain
9. Buckethead Guitar Solo (Chicken Binge) 10. Silkworms 11. Paradise City

Axl Rose – lead vocals, piano, rhythm guitar, whistle, whistling
Robin Finck – lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Buckethead – lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar
Paul Tobias – rhythm guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals
Tommy Stinson – bass, backing vocals
Bryan “Brain” Mantia – drums, percussion
Dizzy Reed – keyboards, piano, backing vocals
Chris Pitman – keyboards, samples, backing vocals



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