Chicago / Seattle New Years Eve 1990 / 1DVDR

Chicago / Seattle New Years Eve 1990 / 1DVDR / Non Label

Seattle Washington USA 31st December 1990.

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The best edition “GREATEST HITS 1982? 1989” won the multi-platinum after a long absence, and the 1990’s CHICAGO ended the 80’s within glory. The best image is the gift release decision.
The film was shot at the “December 31, 1990 Seattle Performance”. This show was a special performance on New Year’s Eve, but it was hosted by Microsoft. It was still a Windows 3.0 era, and it was a multi-camera pro shot when she appeared at a private party on the eve of the revolution that conquered the whole earth. This work, where you can witness such a show, is a video aesthetic with 1990’s scent. Although it was digitized from the VHS Master, it is hard to say that it is “Official Class” with modern digital eyes, but the master freshness is the highest ever. And a little rough place is good again. A camera work that makes more use of the expression of each member than a sense of scale, a sense of switching angles with cross fade, a vivid mix that seems to be directly connected to the table …. It may be because it was a private party, but everything is like MTV of the 80’s, and the live broadcast at that time blurred.
シ ョ It is the show itself that gives a richer sense of age. At that time, it was just after Danny Serafin was replaced by Tris Imboden, and the same formation as “TWENTY 1”. The set is a video version of “GREATEST HITS 1982? 1989”. There is no doubt that it is full of single hits, but the 80’s hits are about half of the shows in total, while thickening the biggest hit of the 80’s “17”. The other half is the golden 70’s number, just like the gorgeous gorgeous effect of concentrating and reducing three of “GREATEST HITS”, “GREATEST HITS II” and “GREATEST HITS 1982-1989”.
レ ア Although the balance is unique to those days, it is a rare song with a spicy feel that feels especially “1990”. The album “17” will include “Please Hold On” and “We Can Stop The Hurtin ‘”, and “19” will also feature “What Kind Of Man Would I Be”. The ultimate is “Hearts In Trouble”. The soundtrack number provided for the movie Days of Thunder, a rare song played only in 1990. And this song is not only rare but also symbolic. In the first place, Days of Thunder itself was a movie that triggered the marriage of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and the soundtrack version includes solo titles David Cavadale, Tina Turner, GUNS N ‘ROSES, John Weight, Joan Jet & THE BLACKHEARTS, and many other big guys shining in the late 1980’s took part. The CHICAGO sound that was sounding when the Hollywood movie was a mass of PV. That precious number can be enjoyed with multi-camera pro shots.

ICA CHICAGO, which has become less hit by the rapid changes in the scene since the 1990s. And Microsoft, which dominated the world in the 90’s. This is a multi-camera pro-shot that vacuum-packed “1990”, which was the turning point of the times, when both crossed. It is a music work that has a huge hit number packed with gyu, and the turning point of the era is strongly felt. One piece that is deeply moved by the change from Heisei to Reiwa. Please enjoy this opportunity carefully.

ベスト盤『GREATEST HITS 1982?1989』が久々のマルチ・プラチナムに輝き、栄光の内に80年代を締めくくった1990年のCHICAGO。その極上映像がギフト・リリース決定です。
そんな本作が撮影されたのは「1990年12月31日シアトル公演」。このショウは大晦日の特別公演だったのですが、主催したのはあのマイクロソフト社。当時はまだWindows 3.0時代で、地球を丸ごと征服する革命前夜のプライベート・パーティに出演した際のマルチカメラ・プロショットです。そんなショウを目撃できる本作は、1990年が香り立つ映像美。VHSマスターからデジタル化されただけにデジタル全盛の現代の眼では「オフィシャル級」とは言い難いものの、マスター鮮度は過去最高。そして、ちょっとだけラフなところがまた良い。スケール感よりも各メンバーの表情アップを多用したカメラワーク、クロス・フェードでアングルを切り替えていくセンス、卓直結と思しき生々しいミックス……。プライベート・パーティだったせいもあるかも知れませんが、すべてが80年代のMTV的であり、当時の生放送っぽさが滲むのです。
さらに濃厚な時代感が発散するのがショウそのもの。当時はダニー・セラフィンからトリス・インボーデンへの交代直後であり、『TWENTY 1』と同じ布陣。セットは『GREATEST HITS 1982?1989』の映像版……かと思いきや、ちょっと違う。シングル・ヒット満載なのは間違いないものの、80年代最大のヒット作『17』を厚めにしつつも、トータルでは80年代ヒットはショウの約半分。もう半分は黄金の70年代ナンバーであり、ちょうど『GREATEST HITS』『GREATEST HITS II』『GREATEST HITS 1982?1989』の3枚を濃縮還元したような豪華絢爛ぶりなのです。
そのバランスも当時ならではですが、特に“1990年”を感じるのがスパイス的に配されたレア曲。アルバム『17』から「Please Hold On」「We Can Stop The Hurtin’」が盛り込まれ、『19』から「What Kind Of Man Would I Be」も披露される。極めつけは「Hearts In Trouble」。映画『デイズ・オブ・サンダー』に提供されたサントラ・ナンバーであり、1990年にしか演奏していないレア曲なのです。しかも単にレアなだけでなく、この曲そのものが象徴的。そもそも『デイズ・オブ・サンダー』自体がトム・クルーズとニコール・キッドマンが結婚するきっかけにもなった映画であり、そのサントラ盤にはソロ名義のデヴィッド・カヴァデール、ティナ・ターナー、GUNS N’ ROSES、ジョン・ウェイト、ジョーン・ジェット&THE BLACKHEARTS等々、80年代後期に輝いていた大物が大挙して参加していた。まさにハリウッド映画がPVの塊だった時代に鳴っていたCHICAGOサウンド。その貴重なナンバーをマルチカメラ・プロショットで楽しめるわけです。


1. Dialogue 2. Stay The Night 3. Just You And Me 4. Saturday In The Park
5. Beginnings 6. If You Leave Me Now 7. Please Hold On 8. Hearts In Trouble
9. What Kind Of Man Would I Be 10. Hard Habit To Break
11. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is 12. We Can Stop The Hurtin’
13. You’re Not Alone 14. Look Away 15. Make Me Smile 16. Hard To Say I’m Sorry/Get Away
17. Free 18. 25 Or 6 To 4

Jason Scheff – bass, vocals Robert Lamm – keyboards, vocals
Bill Champlin – pianos, keyboards, guitars DaWayne Bailey – guitars, background vocals
Lee Loughnane – trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals James Pankow – trombone, percussion, vocals
Walt Parazaider – saxophones, flute, vocals Tris Imboden – drums, percussion


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