Cheap Trick / Live Mantra 1977 /1CDR

Cheap Trick / Live Mantra 1977 /1CDR /Gypsy Eye Project
Translated Text:

WKQX-FM Broadcast,Live At Mantra Studios, Chicago, IL December 20th 1977.SBD



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Precious sound board sound studio live of 77 years initial Cheap Trick is first appearance!

For broadcast in Chicago radio station WKQX-FM which was recorded at 77 December 20, Chicago Mantra studio, set list of the first and second album center is playing power pop fully open early Cheap Trick unique in a fan must listen!

Is a big recommendation title to deliver a lively studio live in high-quality sound! !





01. Intro
02. Hello There
03. Come On Come On
04. Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace
05. Elo Kiddies
06. High Roller
07. Auf Wiedersehen
08. Ain’t That A Shame
09. Please Mrs. Henry
10. Downed
11. Southern Girls
12. The Ballad Of TV Violence
13. He’s A Whore
14. Goodnight Now

Live At Mantra Studios, Chicago, IL December 20th 1977

Gypsy Eye Project. GEP-320

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