Band / Live 1969 Revisited / 3CD

Band / Live 1969 Revisited / 3CD / Non Label

Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USA 19th April 1969, Isle Of Wight Festival, UK 31st August 1969
Felt Forum, New York, NY, USA December 1969 & Academy Of Music, Philadelphia, PA, USA 26th October 1969

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The audience album “LENOX 1976” which recorded the valuable stage at the end of the band activity with the highest sound quality recorded sales exceeding this expectation. Of course it is a natural result considering the precious sound source of the great group of the 1970s, but then it is a record of the early days of activity that the band was making the sound that they were most like what the mania asked for in the next . Although the first album “MUSIC FROM BIG PINK” that has become an eternal masterpiece has sparked another revolution called the importance of return to the origin in the rock world of the late 1960’s when the revolution was buzzing, but the same album There was no live activity after the release of.
It was a surprising fact that it took me a long time for the band, which was trained on the stages of each day, to start his own live activities when he was back as Ronnie Hawkins and Bob Dylan. I will. The long-awaited live of them was realized in 1969, and the masterpiece that summarized the valuable live sound source left in the year is the name “LIVE 1969”. The three discs started with the legendary Woodstock stage, included the Isle of Wight, and the second album, the stage after the release, and it was a set of contents that can be called a live anthology in ’69.
Until then, the band’s live sound source was concentrated only on items from 1973 to 76, and the live sound source of the period that they were most likely was not released. It is “LIVE 1969” that casts a stone in such a situation, and the volume called to CD three pieces is also highly appreciated by the mania. As a result, it has become Sold Out as a matter of course.

The mania calls for a resurgence of “LIVE 1969” which has become an old masterpiece with the release and hit of “LENOX 1976”. So, this time, it is consistent with the same title re-appearing for the first time in a long time, but in fact it is not a mere relapse. In the official 38-disc set “BACK TO THE GARDEN: THE DEFINITIVE 50TH ANNIVERSARY ARCHIVE”, which will be released in commemoration of the 50th anniversary from Woodstock, the release of the full version of their stage was finally announced (ending The decision was made to record a different live sound source in the first piece in response to the fact that the announcement of
At one time, a version where the first piece was omitted and toned down to a pair was also considered, but fortunately a mania provided a sound source suitable for putting in place. It is winter land of April, 69 that was debut gig as the band. More than half a year has passed since the release of the first album and great success, and at that time it was the stage where the live as the band was finally realized while the production of the second album was in progress.
The debut gig at Winterland, which everyone hoped, took place from April 17 for three days, but on the first day hypnotized Robbie Robertson who was too nervous It is also famous for the legend that they played a gig. It is also famous for the lobby to compose “Stage Fright” based on this experience. Such a legendary gig, but there is an audience recording that captures the pattern of the 19th, which will be the third day.
The sound of the band on the last day of the gig on which the band made its debut is miraculous, but it has been around for more than 10 years ago. At that time it was also a long time ago that some CD-R items were on sale at that time due to their great value. Now it has been turned into a valuable sound source that can not be found even if you search the internet.
It is a big topic just because such a sound source is recorded on the press CD for the first time, but the sound quality is a typical vintage audience. Hiss noise drifting with a lot of analog feeling is not disgusting at all. Of course it must be a sound source for mania, but it is surprisingly easy to hear. First of all, in terms of the sound image, this is also a surprisingly on-balance, and among them the balance of each person’s vocals is large. However, it has vintage audience, low pitch instability from the beginning, and this problem which was completely left play with conventional items is thoroughly adjusted this time.
And above all, what’s so moving is the appearance of unfolding the world of “MUSIC FROM BIG PINK” on the stage. Because the balance of the vocals is large for the previous reason, I can not but be moved by the way Richard Manuel sings “Tears of Rage” and the appearance of listening to the kindness of “In a Station”. About. This is a scene that can only be tasted in the early bands. Also on the first day the lobby was out of heat and playing the guitar in good condition, and finally speaking to the audience.
The ultimate is Country Traditional ‘Little Birds’. The place where I played these pastoral songs live in 1969 is the appearance of the band, and the performance as the band is a super valuable cover that is still only heard with this sound source. As I mentioned earlier, it has been difficult to obtain in recent years, so there are not a lot of enthusiasts who are new to this release. What’s more, since April Winterland was recorded in place of Woodstock, everything was composed of audience recordings, and it was also a content that the live sound source through 1969 is wonderfully integrated with three discs .

The second and subsequent discs will basically follow the previous release, but we will do a thorough restoration of the sound source that does not stop at just a mere relapse. The truth is that the last release wasn’t making any changes other than pitch adjustment, so this time it’s also a release in the imposing upper version where the problems found in each sound source were swept away. Of course, it is great that those sound sources were originally in excellent condition, but this time, as described in another section, we are adding precise corrections to each sound source.
Isle of Wight has been an unbelievable level of sound for the 1969 audience recording since its last release, and its impact has not faded yet. Is it like radio broadcasting at that time? The sound image that is on is so great that it seems like an illusion. After all, “Chest Fever” is astonishing clearness that you can clearly distinguish the piano keys played by Garth Hudson’s organ and Richard. Furthermore, “To Kingdom Come” which is hot in the lobby (songs rather than guitars), which became a topic in special magazines at the time of release, is intense. There is nothing like Rick and Livon singing in the same song, but if the lobby sings with Richard, the vocals that distort at a stretch will be strange. That’s interesting because I was able to write only good songs and was good at guitars, but I was not good at singing. That’s why the band’s composition was that other members sang his song.
The lobby is still in the “To Kingdom Come” at the felt forum in December, which was put on a bonus after Isle of Wight, but it is reversed from the figure that was singing the same song modestly even in the winter land in April. , I will no longer be amazed at the majestic marvelous (lol). This is a rough vintage sound quality, but after all the sound image is very on and I can enjoy it enough.

And the last Philharmonic in October recorded on the disc, which delighted enthusiasts all over the world as the band’s oldest full-size live source excavated nearly a decade ago. Sound-wise, it is the recording state that feels the most distance sense in the audience recording included in this title, but instead it has another attraction and easy-to-hearness that the freshness and presence are wonderful. There is not much repertoire in April Winterland yet, and the band that was only to play about 40 minutes of gigs has also increased repertoire at once with the release of the second album.
Above all, the album is not only a big hit, but even the single “Up on Cripple Creek” is in a hit situation, and while listening politely, it captures the audience’s reaction and presence feeling that it is rising That’s good. Therefore the reaction to the second album recording is enthusiastic. As a bonus, Garth’s improvisation of the organ (which was still a short development at the moment) moved to “Chest Fever”, or the lobby guitar and Richard piano unfolded in “Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever” It’s a shame that the audience clearly grasps how the audience is listening to the music, such as applause for the battle.
Soundboard Woodstock will be given to the official, this time is a 1969 live anthology that was organized only by audience recording. A more enthusiastic content and a genuine, first-hand performance of the whole band through it can be tasted in full. They have been reborn into the ultimate rare live sound source set, where their original appearance is more pronounced than the previous version!
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ザ・バンド活動末期の貴重なステージを最高の音質にて収録したオーディエンス・アルバム「LENOX 1976」はこちらの予想を上回るセールスを記録。もちろん1970年代の偉大なグループの貴重音源ということを考えれば当然の結果なのですが、そうなればマニアが次に求めてくるのはザ・バンドがもっとも彼ららしいサウンドを作り上げていた活動初期の記録。永遠の名作となったファースト・アルバム「MUSIC FROM BIG PINK」が革命の吹き荒れていた1960年代後半のロック界に原点回帰の大切さという、別の革命を巻き起こして一躍脚光を浴びたものの、同アルバムがリリースされた後はライブ活動を行わなかったのです。
ロニー・ホーキンスやボブ・ディランのバックを務めていた時代には、それこそ連日のステージで鍛え上げられたザ・バンドが自身のライブ活動をスタートさせるのに時間がかかったというのは意外な事実でしょう。待ち望まれた彼らのライブが実現したのは1969年のことで、その一年に残された貴重なライブ音源をまとめた名作がその名も「LIVE 1969」。三枚のディスクには伝説のウッドストックでのステージから始まり、ワイト島、さらにセカンド・アルバム・リリース後のステージまで収録するという、正に69年ライブ・アンソロジーと呼べる内容のセットだったのです。
それまでバンドのライブ音源といえば1973年から76年にかけてのアイテムばかりに集中しており、もっとも彼ららしい時期のライブ音源がなかなかリリースされなかった。そんな状況に一石を投じたのが「LIVE 1969」であり、CD三枚分にも呼ぶボリュームもマニアに高く評価されています。その結果、当然の如くSold Outとなってしまいました。

「LENOX 1976」のリリースとヒットによって古の名盤と化した「LIVE 1969」の再発を求める声がマニアから寄せられます。そこで今回、同タイトルが久しぶりの再登場を果たすことと相成りましたが、実は単なる再発ではありません。何故ならウッドストックから50周年を記念してリリースされるオフィシャル38枚組セット「BACK TO THE GARDEN: THE DEFINITIVE 50TH ANNIVERSARY ARCHIVE」の中において、遂に彼らのステージの完全版のリリースがアナウンスされた(エンディングのアナウンスまで完全収録)ことを受け、一枚目に違うライブ音源を収録させる判断が下されたのです。
誰もが待ち望んだウインターランドでのデビュー・ギグは4月17日から都合三日間に渡って行われたのですが、その初日は緊張のあまり発熱してしまったロビー・ロバートソンに催眠術をかけてギグを決行したという伝説でも有名。この時の体験を元にロビーが「Stage Fright」を作曲したのもまた有名でしょう。そんな伝説のギグですが、何と三日目となる19日の模様を捉えたオーディエンス録音が存在します。
そして何より感動的なのは、正に「MUSIC FROM BIG PINK」そのままの世界をステージで繰り広げる様子。先の理由からボーカルのバランスが大きめですので、リチャード・マニュエルが「Tears of Rage」を熱唱する様や、優しさに溢れた「In a Station」を聞かせる姿には感動せずにはいられないほど。これぞ初期のバンドでしか味わえない場面でしょう。また初日には熱が出て絶不調だったロビーも快調にギターを弾いており、最後には観客に語り掛けてくれます。
極めつけはカントリー・トラディショナルの「Little Birds」。こういった牧歌的な曲を1969年にライブで演奏してみせたところがザ・バンドの面目躍如であり、ザ・バンドとしての演奏は未だにこの音源でしか聞かれないという超貴重カバー。先にも触れたように近年入手困難な存在でしたので、今回のリリースで聞くのが初めて…というマニアも少なくないのでは。しかもウッドストックの代わりに4月のウインターランドが収録されたことにより、全てがオーディエンス録音で構成され、なおかつ1969年を通したライブ音源が三枚のディスクで見事に集約される内容ともなりました。

ワイト島は前回のリリース時から、1969年のオーディエンス録音としては信じられないレベルな音の良さであり、そのインパクトは未だに色褪せていません。まるで当時のラジオ放送か?と錯覚しそうになるほどオンな音像が素晴らしい。何しろ「Chest Fever」ではガース・ハドソンのオルガンとリチャードが弾くピアノの鍵盤類がはっきりと聞き分けられるという驚異的なクリアネス。さらにリリース当時に専門誌などで話題となった、ロビーの(ギターでなく歌が笑)唸りまくる「To Kingdom Come」が強烈。同曲でリックとリヴォンが歌っている時は何ともないのに、リチャードと一緒にロビーが歌い出すと一気に歪むボーカルが異様なほど。あれだけ名曲を書けてギターが上手いのに、歌声がからきしダメだったのだから面白いものですね。だからこそ、他のメンバーが彼の曲を歌い上げるというバンドの構図が成り立っていたのです。
ワイト島の後にボーナス的に収められた12月のフェルト・フォーラムでもロビーは未だに「To Kingdom Come」で唸ってますが、4月のウインターランドであれだけ控えめに同曲を歌っていた姿から一転、もはや堂々とした唸りっぷり(笑)に驚かされます。こちらは粗いビンテージ音質ですが、やはり音像が非常にオンなので十分に楽しめるかと。

何より同アルバムが大ヒットしただけに留まらず、シングル「Up on Cripple Creek」までもがヒットと言う状況の中にあり、礼儀正しく聞き入っていながら、それでいて盛り上がるというオーディエンスの反応や臨場感を捉えているのがいい。よってセカンド・アルバム収録に対する反応も熱狂的。おまけにガースがオルガンのインプロビゼーション(この頃はまだ短い展開でした)から「Chest Fever」に移った瞬間の盛り上がり、あるいは「Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever」で繰り広げられるロビーのギターとリチャードのピアノのバトルに対する拍手といった、オーディエンスが「音楽に聞き入っている」様子を克明に捉えてくれているのがエラい。

Disc 1 (40:44)
Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USA 19th April 1969

1. This Wheel’s On Fire
2. Tears Of Rage
3. Long Black Veil
4. Chest Fever
5. In A Station
6. Little Birds
7. To Kingdom Come
8. The Weight

Disc 2 (61:10)

Isle Of Wight Festival
Woodside Bay, Wootton, Isle of Wight, UK 31st August 1969

1. We Can Talk
2. Long Black Veil
3. To Kingdom Come
4. Ain’t No More Cane
5. Don’t Ya Tell Henry
6. Chest Fever
7. I Shall Be Released
8. The Weight
9. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

Felt Forum, New York, NY, USA December 1969

10. The Unfaithful Servant
11. To Kingdom Come
12. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
13. Across The Great Divide
14. We Can Talk
15. Up On Cripple Creek
16. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

Disc 3 (63:25)

Academy Of Music, Philadelphia, PA, USA 26th October 1969

1. Introduction
2. This Wheel’s On Fire
3. We Can Talk
4. Don’t Ya Tell Henry
5. Caledonia Mission
6. Chest Fever
7. I Shall Be Released
8. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
9. The Weight
10. Long Black Veil
11. Tears Of Rage
12. Don’t Do It
13. The Unfaithful Servant
14. Up On Cripple Creek
15. Slippin’ And Slidin’
16. Look Out Cleveland
17. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Robbie Robertson – guitars, vocals
Rick Danko – bass, vocals
Levon Helm – drums, mandolin, vocals
Garth Hudson – organ, saxophone
Richard Manuel – piano, drums, vocals

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