Iron Maiden / The Slaves Revolt / 2CDR

Iron Maiden / The Slaves Revolt / 2CDR /Power Gate

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Somewhere Back In Time World Tour 08.

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From the large South American tour that took place immediately after the performance in Japan, the final Santiago show in Chile on 9th March appeared in a super high quality stereo sound board complete recording! Although the local FM broadcasting sound source is the master, although it is surprised by the local DJ’s talking and jingle which jumps suddenly between songs and songs, the powerful full-score performance that you can listen with high-quality stereo line recording is all Maiden It is no exaggeration to say that fans must be listened. You can enjoy Santiago performances with the highest sound quality that you heard that they performed spectacular performances in front of the 25,000 big audiences. Since it is a stereo line recording which is officially recorded even if it says anything, you can enjoy the latest tour with a direct sound completely different from the audience recording. It has been carefully remastered, and it is no doubt that it is the best version of this broadcasting sound source at present. It is an inevitable recommendation to be treated as a definitive version of the “Somewhere Back In Time” tour in the future.

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol. 95 (June 2008 issue). For your information.

Iron Maiden’s “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR 08” went to the United States after Japan and continued to South America. The Santiago performance on March 9, 2008 was live on the local FM, and it was a CD-R mastering that sound source. Because it is a stereo sound board sound source, the sound quality is the best for both. The left and right guitars are on the front and the sound has power, but the vocals are recorded with the balance of the retraction. Also, there is an announcement of Spanish (?) Between most songs and it has been covered by the intro of the next song and the blues MC, and it is also an obstacle to have a place containing jingle in the song. The sounds of the three guitars are separated, the sound of the guitar that can be heard in the center is small and there are times when it is off. Bruce’s vocals are doing well, the band’s performance is stable on this day, and the sound quality that Niko’s drum play is well known is well understood. Fans are excited and the enthusiasm of South America is felt. There was a guitar problem in the intro of Angkor’s “Moonchild”, there is a scene to start over.

日本公演直後に行われた大規模な南米ツアーより、終盤3月9日、チリのサンティアゴ公演が超高音質ステレオ・サウンドボード完全収録で登場!現地FM放送音源をマスターにしており、曲間・曲中といきなり飛び込んでくる現地DJの喋りやジングルに驚いたりするものの、高品質なステレオ・ライン録音で聴ける迫力満点のパフォーマンスは全てのメイデン・ファン必聴と言っても過言ではありません。25000人の大観衆の前で壮絶なパフォーマンスを繰り広げたと伝え聞くサンティアゴ公演を最高音質で楽しめます。なんと言っても公式に録音されたステレオ・ライン録音ですので、オーディエンス録音とは全く違うダイレクトなサウンドで最新ツアーを堪能できます。丁寧なリマスター処理も施してあり、現状、この放送音源の最良のヴァージョンであることは間違いありません。今後「Somewhere Back In Time」ツアーの決定版扱いになることは必至の大推薦の一枚です。

★beatleg誌 vol.95(2008年6月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

アイアン・メイデンの「SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR 08」は、日本の後はアメリカに渡り南米へと続いた。2008年3月9日のサンティアゴ公演は現地のFMで生放送され、その音源をマスターにしたCD-Rだ。ステレオ・サウンドボード音源なのでどちらも音質は最高。左右のギターが前面に出て音には迫力があるのだが、ヴォーカルは引っ込みぎみのバランスで収録されている。また、ほとんどの曲間にスペイン語(?)のアナウンスが入って次の曲のイントロやブルースのMCに被ってしまっており、曲中にジングルが入っている箇所があるのも邪魔だ。3人のギターの音は分離されており、中央に聞こえるギターの音は小さくなっていてオフぎみの時もある。この日もブルースのヴォーカルは好調だしバンドの演奏も安定しており、ニコのドラム・プレイのキレのよさもよく分かる音質だ。ファンの盛り上がりにも南米ならではの熱気が感じられる。アンコールの「Moonchild」のイントロでギター・トラブルがあったのか、やり直す場面がある。

Disc 1
1. Churchill’s Speech/Aces High 2. 2 Minutes To Midnight 3. Revelations 4. The Trooper
5. Wasted Years 6. The Number Of The Beast 7. Can I Play With Madness
8. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

Disc 2
1. Powerslave 2. Heaven Can Wait 3. Run To The Hills 4. Fear Of The Dark 5. Iron Maiden
6. Band Introductions 7. Moonchild 8. Clairvoyant 9. Hallowed Be Thy Name

Bruce Dickinson – Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar
Adrian Smith – Guitar Janick Gers – Guitar Nicko McBrain – Drums


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