Boz Scaggs / Tokyo 1993 / 1DVDR

Boz Scaggs / Tokyo 1993 / 1DVDR / Non label
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Live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 28th March 1993 PRO-SHOT

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Bos Scaggs of the 1990s who was proud of its strong popularity as a symbol of AOR. The best multi camera / pro shot that included the Japanese performance is a gift release decision.
This film was filmed “March 28, 1993: NHK Hall” performance. It is a scene of the 9th Japan tour. Bosu has been visiting Japan several times so far, but speaking of its peak, from 1988 to 1995. Repeat visiting Japan for 2 years and let me hear a wonderful singing voice like every year. This work is the best professional shot of such a time. First of all, let’s check the position of the show in the schedule of arrival in 1993.

· March 22nd: Nakano Sanguraza
· March 24: Kawasaki City Industry and Culture Center
· March 27: Shibuya public hall
· March 28: NHK Hall 【this work】

Over, all four performances. The venues are all apart, but all Kanto. There was no local performance this year, the NHK Hall performance of this work was also the last day. This show was taken by a certain satellite broadcasting station and broadcasted on TV. This work is one piece digitized from that air check · master.
That quality is excellent. It is already 25 years old, but it seems that it is digitized from the recording master itself, neither dubbing traces nor tape yore are found. Instantaneous noise enters the sound at the opening of the program before the opening, but degradation-like deterioration can not be found besides that. What’s even wonderful is its broadcast quality itself. As mentioned above, it was a satellite broadcast, and the image beauty that can not be at the time of the terrestrial wave (at that time) is also super delicate even for the eyes that have become a modern digital standard. Although it is a slightly reddish hue, it is due to lighting on site rather than deterioration, it is the best time to make a mistake as if it was caused by an official laser disc.
The quality drawn by that quality is a hit song that spells out with a singing singing voice. His great works, “SILK DEGREES” numbers are plentifully played in the 1970s by the first world, and it is as luxurious as “HITS!” To see with the eyes. Besides, it is not just a big test hit. It is not selected from “OTHER ROADS”, but at that time it was a large-scale event from “SOME CHANGE” which was still before release. Of course titles, “Follow That Man”, “I Lost It”, and even “Illusion” are also being shown with temporary titles. Even more delicious covers. Besides “Joe Simon’s song” Drowning In The Sea Of Love “also sung in” THE NEW YORK ROCK AND SOUL REVUE: LIVE AT THE BEACON “, Curtis Mayfield ‘s precious’ Gypsy Woman’ is also the best professional of the official grade You can taste it with a shot.
And the band playing such a set is wonderful. James, “Hatch” · Hutchinson, also known for his activities with Ricky Fatter and Bonnie Ratt at that time, freely beats and the Kevin Benz piano rolls pleasantly. The ensemble pretends the coming masterpiece “SOME CHANGE”. Kevin Dukes of the guitar did not participate in “SOME CHANGE”, but he was also a guitarist loved by superstars such as Jackson Brown, Billy Joel and Don Henry. It has a deep tone to make the masterpieces more brilliant.

Bosu of 1993 who had painted famous songs in history with casual sense and deep taste. It is 100 minutes that you can taste that Japanese performance with Official-grade superb multi camera / professional shots. One piece perfect for the late summer where the sign of autumn quietly creeps. Please choose this work for the luxurious music time this weekend.



・3月28日:NHKホール 【本作】

そのクオリティで描かれるのは、滋味深い歌声で綴るヒット曲の数々。大代表作『SILK DEGREES』ナンバーを中心に70年代に一世を風靡した名曲群がたっぷりと演奏され、まるで目で観る『HITS!』のような豪華さなのです。しかも、単なるグレイテストヒッツでもない。『OTHER ROADS』からはセレクトされていませんが、当時はまだリリース前だった『SOME CHANGE』からも大盤振る舞い。タイトル曲はもちろんのこと、「Follow That Man」「I Lost It」、さらには「Illusion」も仮タイトルながら披露されています。さらに美味しいのがカバー。『THE NEW YORK ROCK AND SOUL REVUE: LIVE AT THE BEACON』でも歌っていたジョー・サイモンの「Drowning In The Sea Of Love」の他、カーティス・メイフィールドの貴重な「Gypsy Woman」もオフィシャル級の極上プロショットで味わえるのです。
そして、そんなセットを演じるバンドも素晴らしい。当時の片腕だったリッキー・ファター、ボニー・レイットとの活動でも知られるジェームス・“ハッチ”・ハッチンソンがビートを自在な刻み、ケヴィン・ベンツのピアノが心地よく転がる。そのアンサンブルは来る傑作『SOME CHANGE』を予感させる。ギターのケヴィン・デュークスは『SOME CHANGE』に参加しませんでしたが、彼もまたジャクソン・ブラウンやビリー・ジョエル、ドン・ヘンリーといった超大物達から愛されたギタリスト。深みのあるトーンで名曲達を一層輝かせてくれるのです。


1. Intro (What Can I Say) 2. Running Blue 3. Slow Dancer 4. Drowning In The Sea Of Love
5. Follow That Man 6. Harbor Lights 7. Gypsy Woman 8. Breakdown Dead Ahead
9. Look What You’ve Done To Me 10. Some Change 11. Hard Times 12. I Lost It
13. Lido Suffle 14. Grand Illusion 15. Lowdown 16. We’re All Alone

Boz Scaggs – Vocal, Guitar Kevin Bents – Piano Kevin Dukes – Guitar Ricky Fataar – Drums
Hutch Huchinson – Bass Scott Plunkett – Keyboards Pam Landrum – Backing Vocal
Mary Serpass – Backing Vocal


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