Bad Company / Louisville 1995 / 1CDR

Bad Company / Louisville 1995 / 1CDR / Uxbridge

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Kentucky State Fair Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, KY. USA 26th August 1995, STEREO SBD

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Originally, the super name board which the official should leave appears. It is BAD COMPANY ‘s superb superb sound board album that came back to Bruce Rock with the name singer, Robert Heart, who was called “The Return of Paul Rogers”.
Robert Heart is the third son of Badukan. Original Rogers, pop hit era Brian Howe is famous, but it is not so. Unlike Lou Gram-like Brian, he has exactly the same voice as the great first Paul Rogers, and is a devoted man who sings deeply and deeply. Even Simon Kirk, who fulfilled the reunion with Rogers, looked back at the time though Brian was something different, but Robert He was a real singer who says that he was real.
【Super best sound board as an alternative to official】
Such rare singing voice is engraved on studio “COMPANY OF STRANGERS” “STORIES TOLD & UNTOLD”, but live album was not left. This work is the ultimate and superb sound board that makes a dignified “official substitution” as a vertex sound board of such Robert Hart era.
Such a work is contained in ‘Louisville’ performance on August 26, 1995. FM station WESTWOOD ONE’s famous program “SUPERSTAR CONCERT” is recorded. And that sound is ultimately wonderful. Even if it says “broadcasting goods” to one’s mouth, it is inconvenient, but this work is not quite different from aircheck and transcription LP raising from Sogyosho. I am using the original masterpiece before broadcasting, but it is also the CD in the ’90s. In other words, it is zero degradation unique to digital. It is genuine official work itself. As a matter of fact, the next work “STORIES TOLD & UNTOLD” also has professional shots, but unfortunately it is a quality that can not be said to be official. This work is the perfect “official substitute” as the only one.

[Unknown superior material singer] The quality of British blues rock is drawn with such quality. When it says that depth, it is an undeniable taste. Although the musical direction is the initial Vadokan itself, since it is not a reunion to the end, there is nothing like the alumni association smell of sweet compatibility. A blend of taste of the long career and active feeling is exquisite, Robert ‘s exquisite vocal is pulling out veteran’ s first seriousness. Moreover, it also joins the taste of the twin with Dave Colwell who is also involved in reunited Vadocan. It is an ensemble that is “that much” though it is “that Badcaban”.
And, I’d like you to taste Robert Heart’s “Rogers exactly like it”. Although it was similar in studio work, it is also a pole at the stage. However, it is not only that but Robert ‘s awesome place to listen to a variety of handwriting than Paul. From the beginning, from David Cavadair to Eric Martin, it was Rogers’ song that a variety of singers thought “I would like to sing like that”! Even singing it easily easily is terrible ability, but I have it until “other than that” ….
’90s was the era of real sound reconstruction awakened from the’ 80s ” s “reverb nightmare”. In the neighborhood of Blues, how can we think of British Blues Rock while boasting a new real sound with the Chicago Revival that continues from the Rovaluation Revaluation and Hill Country Blues rise of Phat Posum? Were HUMBLE PIE a distant old story, WHITESNAKE sold the soul, and the British lamps disappeared, there were other bands that make such a spectacularly realistic Blues Rock heard. Nanjiji ‘It is misunderstood because it has a pop hit in the’ 80s, but the Budokan in the late ’90s was also the guardian god above the original home Paul Rogers.

【3 bonus tracks】
In addition to such an official album, we also recorded a bonus bonus for official rare tracks. It was recorded in the promotion single of “COMPANY OF STRANGERS” era, it is an edited version of “Abandoned And Alone” “Down And Dirty” and an acoustic version of “You’re The Only Reason”.
Especially wonderful is an acoustic version of “You’re The Only Reason”. Voice quality shines even more with a simple arrangement. Furthermore, what I notice here is the goodness of the song. To tell the truth, Robert was a man with little ambition as a rock star, rather aiming for a composer. In the FIFA World Cup theme song or in the charity project “HELP FOR HEROES”, Robert’s song is sung by Robert’s songwriter Paul Rogers, as a composer. Also in the main live “COMPANY OF STRANGERS” “Company Of Strangers” “Down And Dirty” “Gimme Gimme” is also singing, but from this rare tracks you can hear the white Blues that started from the admiration for the old black blues It is the modernity of the English people who arrived. Robert ‘s singing voice smiling at the last calm You’re The Only Reason’ s acoustic version is the songs in which the thought of “Oh, I liked the blues rock was good” is bleeding.

Robert Hart era which was not noticed commercially. However, there was a superb English blues rock that was thin in the original Budokan. This work is a soundboard album that has drawn its rich stage with top quality. Paul Rogers is a singer too great, but BAD COMPANY was not Paul itself, he played the finest blues rock in the ’90s when he was not there. This work is “evidence of sound”. It is an absolute board equivalent to the official studio “COMPANY OF STRANGERS” “STORIES TOLD & UNTOLD”.

本来であれば、オフィシャルが残すべき超名盤が登場です。「ポール・ロジャースの再来」とまで称された名シンガー、ロバート・ハートを迎えてブルースロックに回帰したBAD COMPANYの超極上サウンドボード・アルバムです。
その類い希なる歌声はスタジオ作『COMPANY OF STRANGERS』『STORIES TOLD & UNTOLD』に刻まれていますが、ライヴアルバムは残されなかった。本作は、そんなロバート・ハート時代の頂点サウンドボードにして、堂々“オフィシャル代わり”を務める超・極上サウンドボードなのです。
そんな本作に収められているのは「1995年8月26日ルイヴィル公演」。FM局WESTWOOD ONEの名物番組“SUPERSTAR CONCERT”を収録しています。そして、そのサウンドは究極的に素晴らしい。ひと口に「放送物」と言ってもピンキリですが、本作はそんじょそこらのエアチェックやトランスクリプションLP起こしとはわけが違う。放送前の原盤を使用しているのですが、それも’90年代ならではCD。つまり、デジタルならではの劣化ゼロ。正真正銘オフィシャル・ワークそのものなのです。実のところ、次作『STORIES TOLD & UNTOLD』にはプロショットもあったりするのですが、残念ながらオフィシャル級とはとても言えないクオリティ。本作は、唯一にしてパーフェクトな“オフィシャル代わり”なのです。

’90年代は、’80年代の“リヴァーヴの悪夢”から目覚めたリアルサウンド復興の時代でした。ブルーズ界隈ではロバジョン再評価から続くシカゴ・リバイバルやファットポッサムのヒルカントリー・ブルーズ勃興で新たなリアルサウンドに沸き立つ一方、我らがブリティッシュ・ブルーズ・ロックはどうだったでしょう。HUMBLE PIEは遠い昔話となり、WHITESNAKEは魂を売り、英国の灯は消え失せてしまった時代に、これほど見事にリアルサウンドなブルーズロックを聴かせるバンドが他にあったでしょうか。なまじ’80年代にポップヒットを持つが故に誤解されていますが、’90年代後期のバドカンは本家ポール・ロジャース以上の守護神でもあったのです。

そんなオフィシャル代わりの本作には、さらに公式レアトラックをボーナス収録しました。『COMPANY OF STRANGERS』時代のプロモシングルに収録されていたもので、「Abandoned And Alone」「Down And Dirty」のエディットバージョンと「You’re The Only Reason」のアコースティック・バージョンです。
特に素晴らしいのは「You’re The Only Reason」のアコースティック版。素朴なアレンジで声の良さが一層輝くのです。さらに、ここで気付くのが曲の良さ。実のところ、ロバートはロックスターとしての野心があまりない人で、むしろ作曲家を志していた。FIFAワールドカップのテーマソングを手がけたり、チャリティ・プロジェクト“HELP FOR HEROES”では、ロバートの曲を本家ポール・ロジャースが歌ったりと、作曲家として身を立てている人です。本編ライヴでも『COMPANY OF STRANGERS』の「Company Of Strangers」「Down And Dirty」「Gimme Gimme」も歌っていますが、このレアトラックスから聞こえるのは、古き黒人ブルーズへの憧れからスタートしたホワイト・ブルーズがたどり着いた、英国人たちのモダンさです。ラストの穏やかなYou’re The Only Reasonのアコースティック・バージョンで微笑むロバートの歌声は、“あぁ、ブルーズロックが好きで良かった”の想いが滲む曲たちなのです。

商業的には注目されなかったロバート・ハート時代。しかし、そこにはオリジナル・バドカンに肉薄する極上の英国ブルースロックがありました。本作は、その芳醇なステージを頂点クオリティで描ききったサウンドボード・アルバムです。ポール・ロジャースは偉大すぎるシンガーではありますが、BAD COMPANYはポールそのものではなく、彼がいない’90年代にも極上のブルースロックを奏でていた。本作は、その“音の証拠”。公式スタジオ作『COMPANY OF STRANGERS』『STORIES TOLD & UNTOLD』と同等の絶対盤なのです。

1. Movin’ On 2. Rock Steady 3. Rock’n’Roll Fantasy 4. Company Of Strangers
5. Ready For Love 6. Good Lovin’ Gone Bad 7. Seagull 8. Down And Dirty 9. Silver, Blue & Gold
10. Shooting Star 11. Gimme Gimme 12. Feel Like Makin’ Love 13. Bad Company 14. Can’t Get Enough

15. Abandoned And Alone (Edit Version) 16. Down And Dirty (Edit Version)
17. You’re The Only Reason (Acoustic Version)

Robert Hart – Vocals Mick Ralphs – Guitar Dave “Bucket” Colwell – Guitar
Rick Wills – Bass Simon Kirke – Drums


Uxbridge 760

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