Rainbow / Definitive On Stage Remastered Edition / 2CD+Ticket & Programme Replica

Rainbow / Definitive On Stage Remastered Edition / 2CD+Ticket & Programme Replica / Rising Arrow
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 16th December 1976 Evening Show STEREO SBD

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Ideal board that crystallized “Mania’s Dream” appeared newly. That ideal board is the big decision live album “DEFINITIVE ON STAGE” which realized the longest sound board of “Legendary Budokan”. It is a super name board which caused a great repercussion at the same time as releasing, becoming sold out in an instant in the popularity for the first time and becoming out of print. This work is one that should be said as the 2nd edition which renewed the transcendent topic work.
Although this work is a live album that can be enjoyed enough to those who got the last work, the one who wants to deliver mainly is unexperienced. For this reason, I will start with the basic basics first.

What is included in this work is a show which can be said to be a legend itself for RAINBOW fans, “1976 Memorial December 16: Nippon Budokan (Night Club)”. It was also adopted in the official daimyo banner “ON STAGE”, and is a masterpiece in the performance that has been touted in numerous superb audience recordings. RAINBOW It is a show that has become a symbolic presence of Hard Rock in the UK, boasting a remarkable reputation even the first visit to Japan. Although it is also a treasure trove of masterpiece / name recording, especially the soundboard is overwhelming for the first time. In spite of a single show, indeed five different sound boards have been known. Among them, two were specialized in terms of length / quality. One is the official sound board released as Disk 2 of the official “ON STAGE” Deluxe Edition (It is credited with Osaka, this is an official side mistake, it is definitely Nippon Budokan). The other is the cassette tape (so-called Cozy Tape) that the late Koji Powell had. The former is widely known only to the official, but the courage of the underground which has produced numerous name board boot legs even for the latter cozy tape. Both are transcendental sound boards that convey the legendary night with the highest class sound.
However, what was different from ordinary here is that the contents of these two were different. Although the official soundboard was also a shock, it was not full recording. It was an incomplete version in which the master of the show was incomplete, or whether the latter half of the show (keyboard / drum solo / Still I’m Sad part from Stargazer) was cut off with a bagasari or whether it was in order to fit in one CD. And, the cozy tape is a cozy tape, again the cut is different but incomplete. So, what was invented was “coalescence of the two”. Based on the official sound board, complementing the missing part with Koji tape. Furthermore, the longest sound board album that complemented several minutes (Over The Rainbow of the last solo and the performance of the drum solo) with the superb audience recording that there is no sound board … it was “DEFINITIVE ON STAGE”.

The story of the previous board so far. This work becomes its renewal edition. Speaking of what is different, mastering. The previous work also connected the two sound boards by mastering closely, but the concept was “the official SBD was justice” to the last. The cozy tape SBD was made as close to the official SBD as possible, and the official SBD side had stopped adjusting the degree of compromise. In contrast, this work is “Justice Connection”. Cozy tape SBD which was officially approached to the limit was kept as it was, the official SBD side also brought close to the cozy tape side with full power.
……, and when you write like this, you may think that “You lowered the quality of the official SBD”, but it is not so. Rather it is reverse, upgrading like pure audio. Drum separation feeling and guitar & vocal stereo feeling are improving, the whole range has also expanded. The point at which each instrument collides with each other in the middle range is also reduced, and the reverberation of the cymbal of the high region linked with hiss noise is also arranged. It is a legendary sound board with cozy tape, and its advantages were reproduced in the official SBD … … I do not mind thinking so.
This work finished with such a concept is wonderful, the sense of unity that became even more natural. Of course, even if you love the rich “ringing” of the previous work, there is no reason, and it is not surprising even if it feels that the sound of this work is “too hard”. Strictly speaking, it does not mean that the switching point is completely unknown. However, when it gets soaked through as a live album, this work is the one that “that?” Is (little). Although it is OK to say “upgrade” with great conclusion, I would like to call it “another version” daringly with respect to the official SBD and the original board … that live album.

“DEFINITIVE ON STAGE” which disappeared from the market in a blink of an eye as soon as it was so popular as the strong shock and tsunami. Despite mania’s dream crystal, there must be no thing that it will not be available anymore. Of course, by meticulous remaster this work draws a different world from the previous work. For the core maniac, it is one that you can pursue the possibilities of the sound board.
However, I would like you to enjoy this “dream” for everyone more than that. Yes, even those who were unfortunately unable to get the previous work. The renewal edition that appeared again for that. Please taste it to your heart ‘s content with the longest sound board, “Legendary Night” which is also a symbol of Hard Rock Britain and Japan.

★ Only for the first 200 sets, 1976 Nippon Tour brochure and a replica of the ticket will be attached.

★ Upper version of the full sound board edition of the final performance of the Budokan in 1986. This is exactly a historical challenge.

“マニアの夢”を結晶化させた理想盤が装いも新たに登場です。その理想盤とは“伝説の武道館”の最長サウンドボードを実現した大決定ライヴアルバム『DEFINITIVE ON STAGE』。リリースと同時に大反響を巻き起こし、あまりの人気ぶりに瞬く間に完売・廃盤となった超名盤です。本作は、その超絶な話題作をリニューアルした2ndエディションとも言うべき1本なのです。

本作に収録されているのは、RAINBOWファンにとって伝説そのものとも言えるショウ、「1976念12月16日:日本武道館(夜の部)」。オフィシャルの大名盤『ON STAGE』にも採用され、数々の極上オーディエンス録音でも伝えられてきた名演中の名演。RAINBOW初来日でも格別の名声を誇り、英国ハードロックの象徴的な存在となっているショウです。名作・名録音の宝庫でもあるわけですが、特にサウンドボードの多産ぶりは圧倒的。1回のショウにも関わらず、実に5種ものサウンドボードが知られてきたのです。その中でも長さ/クオリティの両面で特出していたのは2つ。1つはオフィシャル『ON STAGE』デラックス・エディションのディスク2として公開された公式サウンドボード(大阪とクレジットされていますが、これはオフィシャル側のミス。間違いなく日本武道館です)。もう1つは、故コージー・パウエルが所蔵していたカセット・テープ(いわゆるコージー・テープ)です。前者はオフィシャルだけに広く知れ渡っておりますが、後者のコージー・テープにしても幾多の名盤ブートレッグを生み出してきたアンダーグラウンドの勇。どちらも伝説の夜を最高級サウンドで伝えてくれる超絶サウンドボードなのです。
しかし、ここで普通と違ったのは、この2本の内容が違っていたこと。公式サウンドボードも衝撃ではあったものの、フル収録ではなかった。CD1枚に収めるためなのか、はたまたマスターに不備があったのか、ショウの後半(Stargazerからキーボード/ドラムソロ/Still I’m Sadパート)がバッサリとカットされた不完全版だったのです。そして、コージー・テープはコージー・テープでやはりカットは異なれど不完全。そこで考案されたのが“両者の合体”。公式サウンドボードをベースにしつつ、欠けているパートをコージー・テープで補完。さらにサウンドボードが存在しない数分間(ドラムソロ終盤と終演のOver The Rainbow)を極上オーディエンス録音で補完した最長サウンドボード・アルバム……それが『DEFINITIVE ON STAGE』だったのです。


強烈な衝撃と津波のような大好評のため、あっと言う間に市場から姿を消してしまった『DEFINITIVE ON STAGE』。マニアの夢の結晶にも関わらず、もう手に入らないなんてことがあってはいけないのです。もちろん、細心リマスターによって本作は前作とは違う世界を描いている。コア・マニアの方には、サウンドボードが持つ可能性を追及していただける1本です。




Disc 1 (61:12)
1. Over The Rainbow 2. Kill The King 3. Mistreated 4. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
5. Catch The Rainbow 6. Man On The Silver Mountain/Blues/Starstruck/Man On The Silver Mountain

Disc 2 (55:04)
コージーテープTaken from the original master cassette (TDK SD:C90)

1. Keyboard Intro. ★イントロはコージーテープから (Disc1最後の同箇所はデラックス・エディション)
2. Stargazer 3. Still I’m Sad incl. Keyboard Solo
4. Drum Solo incl. 1812 Overture ★6:05 – 最後まで既発イコラ補填
5. Still I’m Sad (reprise) ★0:00 – 0:25 既発イコラ補填
6. Do You Close Your Eyes ★10:09から大きくクロスフェードでオーディエンスに移行。
7. Over The Rainbow ★全部オーディエンス補填




Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie James Dio – Vocal Cozy Powell – Drums Jimmy Bain – Bass
Tony Carey – Keyboards


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