YES / Glasgow Apollo 1977 / 1 DVDR

YES / Glasgow Apollo 1977 / 1 DVDR /Non Label

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Live at Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK 8th November 1977 & Pavillon de Paris, Paris, France 6th December 1977 PRO-SHOT

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In recent years appeared in 1977 “Going FOr The One” November 8 days from the UK tour due to, Scotland recorded Ketteiban video was recorded the Glasgow Apollo performances in the past the best image quality and sound quality. Than in the past already departure board, even more than the improvement of image quality, not only are also reliable upgrades voice, this time has been synchro perfectly, the best is as same content video title of which has been released so far we finished in the title. It is said that the audience-shot video of one camera but, like, such as parties the take that was taken with a tripod camera is directly digitized for the record, it is very neat content. Although previously released in 2DVD title “GOING FOR THE BEST” disc 2 “Wonderous Stages” is the same content as that of this time, “GOING FOR THE BEST” is, this time of “Tool Man” production and supervision was this board a is obtained by recording remastered, I “GOING fOR tHE BEST” is unlikely be inferior than the content, the present record, but, this board is an avid “Tool Man 2012” to the collector for the production of the video of the Omoto it has been recorded as it is (the lower sound pressure somewhat is better here). In addition of this benefit is December 6, is a tour final performance in 1977, is that the precious image was recorded with one camera live on the second day in Paris with a high-quality professional shot 7 minutes have been recorded. Here is also and is also available from the course “GOING FOR THE BEST”, when all is said and done, this volume CD “GOING FOR THE LAST” is, because this is Paris performance the second day, very good at the same time enjoy the sound and picture set has become. The Paris show also image quality and sound both very good, if this video is enough can also be used in television broadcasting as it is. Steve’s side, and force of the captured rare footage to go around from the back side is intense! And You And some in addition Going For The One full recording of the I, the last has taken a state in which the greeting is lined with all members from the side. A comparison of the voice, all this for 7 minutes, because it is the same day as the take of the CD, this is the video of the December 6, definitely. Amazing video up to this point, not only Remastered, that it is worth also get the video board of Omoto, this time, I will again release in the form of say bonus DVDR of “GOING FOR THE LAST”. From beginners to enthusiasts, if about Jesus fan, anyone is the one where you can enjoy plenty, it is a gem of the “ultimate” that can enjoy the 1977 Jesus tour the best of the video over one hour 37 minutes.

近年登場した1977年「Going FOr The One」に伴うUKツアーより11月8日、スコットランドはグラスゴー・アポロ公演を過去最高の画質・音質で収録した決定盤映像を収録。過去の既発盤に比べ、画質の向上もさることながら、音声も確実にアップグレードしているばかりか、今回は完璧にシンクロしており、これまでリリースされてきた同内容の映像タイトルとしては最良のタイトルに仕上がっています。ワン・カメラのオーディエンス・ショット映像と言われていますが、まるで、関係者が記録用に三脚カメラで撮影したテイクをそのままデジタル化したような、非常に端正な内容です。先にリリースされた2DVDタイトル「GOING FOR THE BEST」ディスク2「Wonderous Stages」は今回のものと同内容ですが、「GOING FOR THE BEST」は、今回の「トゥール・マン」製作・監修した本盤をリマスター収録したものであり、「GOING FOR THE BEST」が内容的に本盤より劣ることはありえないのですが、本盤は熱心なコレクター向けに「トゥール・マン 2012」製作の大元の映像をそのまま収録しています(音圧はこちらの方がやや下)。更に今回のメリットは1977年ツアー最終公演である12月6日、パリ2日目のライブをワンカメラながら高品質プロショットで7分間収録した貴重な映像が収録されていることです。こちらも勿論「GOING FOR THE BEST」にも収録されてますが、何と言っても、本編CD「GOING FOR THE LAST」が、このパリ公演2日目ですので、音と絵を同時に楽しめる非常に良いセットになっています。このパリ公演も画質・音声共に非常に良好で、この映像なら、そのままテレビ放送にも使用できる程です。スティーブのサイド、そして裏側から回り込むように撮影されたレア映像の迫力は強烈! And You And Iの一部に加えGoing For The Oneフル収録、ラストはメンバー全員が並んで挨拶する様子をサイドから撮影しています。音声を比較すると、この7分間は全て、CDのテイクと同じ日のものですので、これは間違いなく12月6日の映像です。ここまで凄い映像は、リマスター版だけでなく、大元の映像盤も入手する価値ありということで、今回、「GOING FOR THE LAST」のボーナスDVDRと言う形で改めてリリース致します。ビギナーからマニアまで、およそイエス・ファンならば、誰でもたっぷりと楽しめる1枚であり、1時間37分に渡って1977年イエス・ツアー最高の映像を堪能できる「究極」の逸品です。

1. Firebird Suite 2. Parallels 3. I’ve Seen All Good People 4. Close To The Edge
5. Wonderous Stories 6. Colours Of The Rainbow 7. Turn Of The Century 8. Tour Song
9. And You And I 10. Wakey’s Magic Feat 11. Going For The One 12. Flight Jam
13. Awaken

Pavillon de Paris, Paris, France 6th December 1977
And You And I(partial) & Going For The One

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitar, Vocal Chris Squire – Bass, Vocal
Rick Wakeman – Keyboards Alan White – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.97min.

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