Whitney Houston / Yokohama Arena 1990 / 1DVDR

Whitney Houston / Yokohama Arena 1990 / 1DVDR / Non label
Live at Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan 7th January 1990 PRO-SHOT(from Original Video Master)

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Became inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and decided to produce a new biographical film, “I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY”. Whitney Houston still has a huge presence in the scene. The original master who is the highest peak of the masterpiece professional shot that has symbolized her performance in Japan has been newly discovered. It is an urgent release decision.
Whitney has performed seven times in Japan in his life, but the one included in this work is “January 7, 1990: Yokohama Arena Performance”. It is a multi-camera pro shot that recorded the TV special program that was broadcast at that time. First, let’s check the position of the show from the schedule of “FEEL SO RIGHT JAPAN TOUR”, which was extremely popular in Japan.

・ January 1st + 2nd: Yokohama Arena
・ January 5; Hokkaido Industrial Co-Promotion Venue
・ January 7: Yokohama Arena ← ★ This work ★
・ January 8: Yokohama Arena
・ January 12-14: Osaka Castle Hall (3 performances)
・ January 17 + 18: Nagoya City General Gymnasium
・ January 20: Fukuoka International Center
・ January 21: Hiroshima Sun Plaza
・ January 23; Sendai City Gymnasium
・ January 24: Yokohama Arena

Above, all 14 performances. Her most performance was “THE MOMENT OF TRUTH TOUR” in 1988, but in 1990 it was second only. Moreover, not only are there many times, but there are many large venues all over Japan. Even though the biggest hit “I Will Always Love You” wasn’t born yet, the schedule shows how absolute it was. Among them, Yokohama Arena is the core venue, and it is held five times from the beginning to the final performance. This work was filmed at a concert that corresponds to the three performances.
This show was broadcast as a special TV program “Super Live WHITNEY HOUSTON in JAPAN”. It has reigned as a major standard among the standard that has produced many existing cases. This work is also such a familiar TV pro shot, but the quality is not familiar. In our shop, we archive a lot of music programs with the best master by domestic record enthusiasts, but this work is the original master only for this work provided by such core enthusiasts. This week it will be released at the same time as Janet Jackson’s “TOKYO DOME 1990”, but these two are the highest peak versions by the same enthusiast.
In fact, the quality is amazing. This enthusiast is recording with high-end equipment in the times, but it’s not just recording with expensive decks. Pay attention to the reception status, wiring, and power distribution, and store the tape thoroughly. Not to mention that there are no dubbing marks, there is no slight fading, ghosting, running twist, or even tracking. Of course, the resolution itself is not the modern digital standard only for analog broadcasting of the times, but the glossy color and vivid edge make me wonder, “What? Was it an official laser disc?”
The beauty of the image is the Whitney show, which was only 26 years old. The beautiful voice that swept the world is overwhelming, and the youthful voice and the deep and deep emotion that does not suit youth are wonderful. And the set spelled out with that singing voice is also super luxurious. Speaking of the early 90’s, it was also the time when the official video “WELCOME HOME HEROES WITH WHITNEY HOUSTON” was left, so let’s organize it while comparing it here.

● Whitney Gift (5 songs)
・ You Give Good Love (★) / Saving All My Love For You / How Will I Know / All At Once (★) / The Greatest Love Of All
● Whitney II: Nice Somebody (4 songs)
・ So Emotional (★) / Didn’t We Almost Have It All / Where Do Broken Hearts Go / I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)
● I’m Your Baby Tonight (4 songs)
・ Takin’A Chance (★) / All The Man That I Need / Who Do You Love / Higher Love (★)
● Others
・ A House Is Not A Home
* Note: The “★” mark is a song that cannot be seen in the official video “WELCOME HOME HEROES WITH WHITNEY HOUSTON”.

… And it looks like this. After all, I sang “Saving All My Love for You” as the third song, and even though I thought “What should I do from now on?”, There are still many hit songs. He had a record of seven songs in a row from “Saving All My Love for You” to “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”, which was No. 1 in the United States and exceeded the Beatles, but this work sang all of them enthusiastically. The new song “All The Man That I Need” is also the number one song, and if you include the program intro “I’m Your Baby Tonight”, all the No. 1 hits in the United States at that time will appear. The highlights are the danceable “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and “The Greatest Love Of All” sung with a band introduction. The singing voice of the century that spells out the beautiful melody. Literally, the soul is frozen and thawed in the world of beauty that forgets to breathe.
Of course, it’s not just Greatest Hits. “You Give Good Love” and “All At Once”, which cannot be seen in “Who Do You Love” and “WELCOME HOME HEROES”, which are unique to this period, will also be shown. The ultimate is “Takin’A Chance” and “Higher Love”. Both are extremely rare songs that have only been recorded for performances in Japan in 1990. You can watch it with an official-class multi-camera pro shot.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony was canceled due to the influence of the new Corona, but the biographical film of Anthony McCarten’s script of “Bohemian Rhapsody” following the documentary film was also announced. The world is still looking for Whitney, including the controversial hologram tour plans. This work is one that says such dryness. A singing voice left only for Japan. Please enjoy the best video of the new excavation that updates the highest peak.

ロックの殿堂入りとなり、新たなる伝記映画『I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY』の制作も決定。今なお、シーンに絶大な存在感を残しているホイットニー・ヒューストン。そんな彼女の日本公演を象徴してきた名作プロショットの最高峰となるオリジナル・マスターが新発掘。緊急リリース決定です。
その人生で7度の来日公演を行ったホイットニーですが、その中で本作に収められているのは「1990年1月7日:横浜アリーナ公演」。当時、放送されたテレビ特番を収録したマルチカメラ・プロショットです。まずは、絶大な日本人気を誇った“FEEL SO RIGHT JAPAN TOUR”のスケジュールからショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。

・1月7日:横浜アリーナ ←★本作★

以上、全14公演。彼女の最多公演は1988年の“THE MOMENT OF TRUTH TOUR”でしたが、1990年はそれに次ぐもの。しかも、単に回数が多いだけではなく、日本各地に大会場がずらり。まだ最大ヒットの「I Will Always Love You」が生まれていなかったとは言え、いかに絶対的な存在であったかが日程からもうかがえます。その中でも横浜アリーナは中核会場であり、冒頭から最終公演まで5回も実施。本作が撮影されているのは、その3公演にあたるコンサートでした。
このショウはテレビ特番「スーパーライブ WHITNEY HOUSTON in JAPAN」として放送。数々の既発を生んできた定番中の大定番として君臨してきました。本作もそんなお馴染みのTVプロショットなのですが、クオリティはお馴染みではない。当店では、国内の記録マニアによる極上マスターで数々の音楽番組をアーカイヴしておりますが、本作はそんなコア・マニアから提供された本作だけのオリジナル・マスター。今週はジャネット・ジャクソンの『TOKYO DOME 1990』と同時リリースとなりますが、この2本は同じマニアの手による最高峰版なのです。
実際、そのクオリティは驚異的。このマニアは時代時代でハイエンドの機材で録画しているわけですが、単に高価なデッキで録画しているだけではない。受信状況や配線、配電にも気を配り、テープの保存も徹底的。ダビング痕が皆無なのは当然として、わずかな退色もゴーストも走行ヨレもトラッキングさえもない。もちろん、時代柄アナログ放送だけに解像度自体は現代デジタル基準とはいかないわけですが、艶やかな発色とビビッドなエッジに「あれ? 公式レーザーディスクになってたんだっけ?」と思うほどです。
その映像美で描かれるのは、まだ26歳だったホイットニーのショウ。世界を席巻した美声は圧倒的で、若々しい声の張りと若さに似合わぬ深い深い情感が素晴らしい。そして、その歌声で綴るセットも超豪華。90年代初頭と言えば、公式映像『WELCOME HOME HEROES WITH WHITNEY HOUSTON』が残された時期でもありますので、ここで比較しながら整理してみましょう。

・You Give Good Love(★)/Saving All My Love For You/How Will I Know/All At Once(★)/The Greatest Love Of All
・So Emotional(★)/Didn’t We Almost Have It All/Where Do Broken Hearts Go/I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)
・Takin’ A Chance(★)/All The Man That I Need/Who Do You Love/Higher Love(★)
・A House Is Not A Home

……と、このようになっています。何しろ、3曲目にして「Saving All My Love for You」を歌ってしまい、「これからどうするの?」と思ってもまだまだヒット曲が連発。その「Saving All My Love for You」から「Where Do Broken Hearts Go」までの7曲連続全米No.1というビートルズ超えの記録を持っていましたが、本作はそのすべてを熱唱。新曲「All The Man That I Need」も1位曲ですし、番組イントロの「I’m Your Baby Tonight」も入れると、当時の全米No.1ヒットがすべて登場する。ハイライトは、ダンサブルな「I Wanna Dance With Somebody」と、バンド紹介を挟んで歌われる「The Greatest Love Of All」。その美しいメロディを切々と綴る世紀の歌声。文字通り、呼吸を忘れる美の世界に魂が凍り、解かされるのです。
もちろん、単なるグレイテスト・ヒッツでもない。この時期ならではの「Who Do You Love」や『WELCOME HOME HEROES』でも観られない「You Give Good Love」「All At Once」も披露される。極めつけは「Takin’ A Chance」と「Higher Love」。どちらも1990年の来日公演しか記録の残っていない激レア曲。それをオフィシャル級のマルチカメラ・プロショットで観られるわけです。



1. Introduction (I’m Your Baby Tonight)
2. So Emotional
3. You Give Good Love
4. Saving All My Love For You
5. How Will I Know
6. All At Once
7. A House Is Not A Home
8. Didn’t We Almost Have It All
9. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
10. Takin’ A Chance
11. All The Man That I Need
12. Who Do You Love
13. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
14. Band Introduction
15. The Greatest Love Of All
16. Higher Love
17. Ending (Miracle)


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