YES / 1994 Talk Demos & Outtakes / 1CDR

YES / 1994 Talk Demos & Outtakes / 1CDR / Amity
Unreleased demo & outtakes for Talk album.

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YES / ABWH demo album that was at the milestone of the era was released at a time this week. This work is the third one following the demonstration of the phantom album “DIALOGUE” and “crystal”. It is a demonstration recording of “Talk” by the revived “90125 YES”.
This series is a collection by the same overseas core · mania all. This mania has collected demo sound sources of YES relation for many years, and examined each one of them. I reconstructed and reconstructed the best sounds and the longest recording masters one take at a time and released it at a stretch. This work is “Talk” editing of such mania compilation. In fact, the quality of this work is a record high. As a matter of fact, the “talk” demo is not well known for its state, so it seems like the official work will be thin like the “DEFINITIVE UNION DEMOS 1990-1991 (Virtuoso 387/388)” realized by pressing There is no such thing. Although this work also contains hiss / noise, a bit of master deterioration is felt, but there is no doubt even more than that.
Especially it is wonderful that the pitch is normal. Actually, although the master released by mania also did not fix the pitch, this work is thoroughly adjusted. Instead of being merely misaligned, I corrected the tape speed that was changing rapidly randomly according to the final take of the official. It has become one that you can enjoy the existing best master at its best.
The demo contained in such a work consists largely of two sources. The main thing is about 53 minutes and it holds all the “talk” songs other than “Real Love”, it also contains unreleased instrument songs and jams, as well as the instrument version of “Walls”. Even with a demo sound source in bite, although it varies from memo-like composition stage of idea to rough mix just before finish, this work seems to have come from the middle stage of production to the final stage. Although there is not a take that seems to be temporary lyrics and rhythm machines, many are trying to arrange or type like testing repeated for the final form. Sounds vary from track to track, but they are demonstrations of levels that can be enjoyed as songs, not parts.
The opposite source is the second source. The idea of ​​a song and fragmentary jam jumps out one after another. One song is only a few tens of seconds, total of four songs (+ John’s story) total of about six and a half minutes. It is a type of enjoying work scenery in the studio rather than analyzing in detail, so we compiled it in the last eleventh track in this work.

The era of “talk” where the production situation was changed from “flash” or “crystal” that was complicated and strange, regaining normal band activity. For this reason, it is a studio album that enjoys the earliest appearance of the songs more than interesting to read and understand the production situation.
The final work of the demo recording trilogue of the early 90’s reorganized by the core mania. Together with ABWH’s “SECOND LP DEMOS 1990 (Amity 496)” which is simultaneous release and the masterpiece of press “DEFINITIVE UNION DEMOS 1990-1991”, please experience the step of YES from the studio.
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今週は時代の節目にあったYES/ABWHのデモ・アルバムが一挙リリース。本作は、幻アルバム『DIALOGUE』や『結晶』のデモに続く第3弾。甦った“90125 YES”による『トーク』のデモ録音です。
今回の連作は、すべて同じ海外のコア・マニアによるコレクション。このマニアは長年に渡ってYES関係のデモ音源を収集しており、その1つひとつを精査。1テイクずつベストなサウンドと最長の収録マスターを厳選して再構成し、一気に公開したのです。本作は、そんなマニア編纂の『トーク』編なわけです。実際、本作のクオリティは過去最高。実のところ、『トーク』デモはあまり状態の良いものが知られておらず、プレス化が実現した『DEFINITIVE UNION DEMOS 1990-1991(Virtuoso 387/388)』のように、公式作に肉薄するようなものはない。本作もヒス・ノイズが入ったり、少々マスター劣化も感じられるのですが、それでもこれまで以上なのは間違いないのです。
そんな本作に収められているデモは、大きく2つのソースから構成されています。メインとなるのは約53分に及ぶもので「Real Love」以外の『トーク』全曲を押さえた上、未発表のインスト曲やジャム、さらに「Walls」のインスト・バージョンも収録しています。デモ音源と一口に言っても、アイディアのメモ的な作曲段階からフィニッシュ寸前のラフミックスまでさまざまですが、本作は制作の中盤から終盤にさしかかった頃と思われる。仮歌詞やリズムマシンと思われるテイクもなくはないものの、多くはアレンジを試したり、最終形に向けてテストを重ねているようなタイプ。サウンドはトラック毎にまちまちですが、いずれもパーツではなく曲として楽しめるレベルのデモです。

コア・マニアによって再整理された90年代序盤のデモ録音3部作の最終作。同時リリースとなるABWHの『SECOND LP DEMOS 1990(Amity 496)』や、プレスの大傑作『DEFINITIVE UNION DEMOS 1990-1991』と併せ、YESの歩みをスタジオの中からご体験ください。

1. Instrumental 2. Warm-up Jam 3. State of Play 4. Endless Dream 5. I Am Waiting
6. Walls 7. The Calling 8. Where Will You Be 9. Walls (instrumental)
10. Endless Dream

11. Snippets (from alt source)
The Calling / Roundabout Jam / Endless Dream / Walls / Jon’s Speech


Jon Anderson – Vocals Trevor Rabin – Guitars, Vocal Chris Squire – Bass, Vocal
Tony Kaye – Keyboards Alan White – Drums

Amity 497

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