Whitesnake / The Purple Tour In Utrecht / 1DVD

Whitesnake / The Purple Tour In Utrecht / 1DVD / Non Label

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Live At TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands 2nd December 2015


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But in the 21st century WHITESNAKE, “THE PURPLE TOUR” released the only shine. In conjunction with the self cover album “THE PURPLE ALBUM”, it was a special tour that revived the historical classics of the third and fourth DEEP PURPLE to the present age. Unfortunately, the live record is a new place to memorize even though the quality was weak compared to usual tours, but the best image that clears such a regret is on the press DVD!
Currently, “THE GREATEST HITS TOUR” which is already “THE PURPLE TOUR” will end. To be honest, the timing gap is also a nice thing, but this work is a superb quality that still can not be pressed. It is a wonderful video work of “THE PURPLE TOUR” number 1 without question. Such film was filmed “Utrecht Performance on the December 2, 2015 (Netherlands)”. Let’s look back over the whole picture of the monument tour “THE PURPLE TOUR” once again.

· May 28 – 2015 – August 16: North America (47 performances)
“Two months later”
· October 20 – 2015 – November 2: Japan (6 performances)
· November 8th – 20th December: Europe (17 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· December 7 th – 19 th 2015: UK (9 performances)

Over all, 79 performances. This work is an audience shot containing 16 performances of ‘European leg’ which was held after the Japanese performance. Such maximum taste of this work is intense quality. First and foremost is the vision. The site “Tivoli Vredenburg” is a structure where audience seats surround the stage and venues where there are considerable angles for a few seats. Although it is not declared, it is presumably thought that it was taken from the 2nd floor seat, and the show is fully recorded at the looking down angle at the front of the stage slightly to the right (Leb / beach side). And the field of view is completely occupied by a white snake. Perhaps even the second floor seats were in the front row, but the shadows of the arms and head of the front row are not reflected even for a moment. On the contrary even the drawer does not even reflect the audience of the first floor. The venue where there is an angle is so narrow that the site area is small, even if it is the second floor seat, it will be near the stage. The view that the taste was demonstrated to the fullest extent spreads to the full screen.
Camera work is also wonderful. Whether it is using a tripod, it is unusually stable and there is no camera shake of dust. The bold zoom is also frequently used with its stability feeling, chasing thoroughly the highlight of each member. Moreover, when you change the highlight, once you pull it back to the whole view, aim and re-zoom on it. With this “time and effort”, you can prevent blurring and grasp the image of the entire stage. The skilled skill that understands it as a shock is shining.
Even further, the image quality and sound quality that is essential are also excellent. As well as the scene, in addition to the clear sound of the obstacle zero, plus the transcendence of modern digital equipment If you go to the zoom with the vivid image quality, the beauty of the image which makes it clearly visible from one guitar string to the grain of the fingerboard. But, it’s just amazing, it’s amazing. Edge and coloring boasts extremely modern vividness, and its hue has a slightly film-like gloss for some reason why this gives rise to an unspeakable high profile. Vigorous clearness and glossy coloring, and a stable viewpoint without audiences …… That is the one picture angle of ProShot, or image beauty like the venue setup cameras.
“THE PURPLE TOUR” drawn with such a sight is also superb. Basically, the 21st century WHITESNAKE has been based on the geffin era, but here there are plenty of glorious PURPLE numbers. “Soldier Of Fortune” in “Burn”, “The Gypsy”, “You Keep On Moving”, “Mistreated”, “You Fool No One” … …. The heavy metallic era of gayfeather is also wonderful, but again the figure that traditional super-famous group revived in the 21st century specification is moving. Cavadair, which will become tough each time the tour usually goes on, will also create deep purple flavor depth. I am sorry that there is no “Stormbringer” that I played in the Japanese show, but I’m also having a “Bad Boys” that I heard only in the Tokyo performance instead, and more than anything, “Is not No Love In The Heart Of The City” It seems to be European to sing.
And the members that support such Cavadel are also good. Tommy Aldridge is clearly different from other images. Since it is a looking down point of view, it seems that his tapping seems to be in hand, and the “shoumann drummer for the first time” that gets outstandingly in one stroke one stroke is intense. Also, although I have written so many times, the team of Reb Beach & Joël Hawksstra is preeminent sense and compatibility. Especially the guitar solo time that two people take solo in order is amazing. Rather than merely striking a virtue, it is a beautifully fantastic mood. While being good at tapping with each other, the personality shone color-coded with chitin glows, but it also leads to the world view of the two people flowing. Moreover, the lighting of this scene is also beautiful at the highest, dancing the light sharply in accordance with Joel’s classical phrase, she is bizarre in the center of the stage. What a cool … ….
Although only two guitarists can see it, the main highlight of this work is in another guitarist. Adrian Vandenberg appears as a special guest in the Netherlands’ performance. He appeared in “Here I Go Again” and plays “that solo” in the dreadful plenty of the originator. Adrian who had already returned to the rock scene with VANDENBERG’S MOONKINGS has no blank feeling, and further “Still Of The Night” also shows off the triple guitar version. Spectacular things of the sight that three tall guitarists line up!

The late appearance of “THE PURPLE TOUR” the best finest picture. It is a masterpiece that burns the eyes of “PURPLE number of the 21st century” with image beauty which it is no longer necessary to call “gorgeous quality”. Vividly evoke the memories of the Japanese performance, and one that can be witnessed even with the precious Adrian replay. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend

21世紀WHITESNAKEでも、唯一無二の輝きを放った“THE PURPLE TOUR”。セルフカバーアルバム『THE PURPLE ALBUM』に伴い、第3期・第4期DEEP PURPLEの歴史的名曲群を現代に蘇らせたスペシャルなツアーでした。残念ながら、そのライヴ記録はいつものツアーに比べるとクオリティが弱かったことでも記憶に新しいところですが、そんな悔しみを晴らす極上映像がプレスDVDで登場です!
現在は、すでに“THE PURPLE TOUR”の次になる“THE GREATEST HITS TOUR”さえ終了。正直なところ、タイミングズレも良いところなのですが、本作はそれでもプレスせずにはいられない極上クオリティ。問答無用に“THE PURPLE TOUR”ナンバー1の素晴らしい映像作品なのです。そんな本作が撮影されたのは「2015年12月2日ユトレヒト公演(オランダ)」。ここで今一度、記念碑ツアー“THE PURPLE TOUR”の全容を振り返ってみましょう。


そんな光景で描かれる“THE PURPLE TOUR”がまた極上。21世紀WHITESNAKEは基本的にゲフィン時代を基本にしてきましたが、ここでは栄光のPURPLEナンバーが盛りだくさん。「Burn」や「The Gypsy」「You Keep On Moving」「Mistreated」「You Fool No One」に「Soldier Of Fortune」……。ヘヴィメタリックなゲフィン時代も素晴らしいですが、やはり伝統の超名曲群が21世紀仕様で蘇った姿は感動的。いつもならツアーが進むごとに厳しくなるカヴァデールも、深紫色の滋味深さを醸してくれます。日本公演で演奏した「Stormbringer」がないのは残念ですが、その代わりに東京公演でしか聴けなかった「Bad Boys」もやっていますし、何より「Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City」を歌ってくれるところも欧州らしい。
2人のギタリストだけでも見物ですが、本作最大の見どころは、もう1人のギタリストにある。オランダ公演のスペシャル・ゲストとして、エイドリアン・ヴァンデンバーグが登場するのです。彼は「Here I Go Again」で登場し、オリジネイターの凄味たっぷりに“あのソロ”を弾く。すでにVANDENBERG’S MOONKINGSでロックシーン復帰していたエイドリアンにブランク感は微塵もなく、さらに続く「Still Of The Night」もトリプルギター・バージョンを披露してくれる。長身ギタリストが3人並ぶ光景の壮観なこと!

遅れて登場した“THE PURPLE TOUR”随一の極上映像。もはや“豪華クオリティ”とさえ呼びたい映像美で“21世紀のPURPLEナンバー”を眼に焼き付けてくれる大傑作です。日本公演の想い出を鮮やかに呼び起こし、その上に貴重なエイドリアンとの再演までも目撃できる1本。今週末、あなたのお手元にお届けいたします。

1. My Generation 2. Burn 3. Bad Boys 4. Love Ain’t No Stranger 5. The Gypsy
6. Give Me All Your Love 7. You Keep On Moving 8. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
9. Reb Beach Guitar Solo 10. Joel Hoekstra Guitar Solo 11. Mistreated
12. Michael Devin Blues Harp Session 13. You Fool No One 14. Tommy Aldridge Drum Solo
15. You Fool No One (reprise) 16. Band Introduction 17. Soldier Of Fortune
18. Is This Love 19. Fool For Your Loving 20. Here I Go Again (with Adrian Vandenberg)
21. Still Of The Night (with Adrian Vandenberg) 22. We Wish You Well

David Coverdale – Vocal Joel Hoekstra – Guitar Reb Beach – Guitar Michael Devin – Bass
Tommy Aldridge – Drums Michele Luppi – Keyboards

Special Guest: Adrian Vandenberg

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 108min.

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