Ian Gillan / Japan Tour 1978 / 4CDR+1DVDR

Ian Gillan / Japan Tour 1978 / 4CDR+1DVDR / Shades

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Nagoya 18th October 1978/ Osaka 20th October 1978 / The Pop TV Studio Tokyo 22nd October 1978.

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Here is the title compiled by “Good Guillain” name in 1978 with good audience sound source and image related to Japan.
First of all, as a sound source, we went to the Nagoya City Public Hall on October 18th, the second performance in Japan, and the live performance at the Osaka Health Pension Center on October 20th in the 4th show, both at that time being the A ranking audience · recording Included. While I came to Japan as Ian Gillan band last year, I changed members a lot, recorded “GILLAN”, changed to a hard line. And, as a sound source from the arrival in Japan as a solo for the second time, especially in the Nagoya performance, digital remastering is performed again from the original master, and it is clear and on sound.
And the set also features the number from “GILLAN”, “JAPANESE ALBUM”, and shows off 8 songs in 10 albums all the time, except the rest is a live performance called purple number. The Osaka performance is not complete but because “Angkor Last” Lucille was not recorded yet, “Bringing Joanna Back” that did not play in Nagoya is checked in.
In addition, for Coupling DVD-R, Studio Live, etc. recorded for TV as a promotion to Japan are recorded for 25 minutes.
It is on the October 22 music program “THE POP” and on October 18 “11PM” appearance, since digitization has also been done from Omoto VHS Master, so in the full-length clear image.

まず音源には来日2公演目の10月18日名古屋市公会堂と、4公演目の10月20日大阪厚生年金会館でのライブを、いずれも当時としてはAランクといえるオーディエンス・レコーディングにて収録。 前年イアン・ギラン・バンドとしても来日した中、メンバーを大幅に入れ替え、『GILLAN』をレコーディングし、ハード路線に変更。 そしてその2度目のソロとしての来日公演からの音源で、特に名古屋公演は、オリジナル・マスターから再度デジタル・リマスタリングを施し、さらにクリアーでオンなサウンドにて。
そしてセットも、『GILLAN』つまり『JAPANESE ALBUM』からのナンバーがメインで、アルバム全10曲中8曲を披露し、それ以外はパープル・ナンバーというライブをコンプリートで。なお大阪公演はアンコール・ラストの「Lucille」が未収録ゆえコンプリートではないものの、名古屋では演奏しなかった「Bringing Joanna Back」がセットインしているところは要チェック。
10月22日の音楽番組「THE POP」と、10月18日「11PM」出演時のもので、大元のVHSマスターからデジタル化もされているので、全編クリアーな映像にて。

Disc 1 : 1. Second Sight 2. Secret Of The Dance 3. I’m Your Man 4. Child In Time 5. Abbey Of Thelema 6. Flute Solo 7. Bass Solo 8. Dead Of Night 9. Keyboard Solo 10. Conga & Drums Solo
Disc 2 : 1. Message In A Bottle 2. Fighting Man 3. Back In The Game 4. Guitar Solo/Smoke On The Water 5. Member Introduction 6. Lucille
[Live at Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan 18th October 1978]

Disc 3 : 1. Second Sight 2. Secret Of The Dance 3. I’m Your Man 4. Child In Time 5. Bringing Joanna Back 6. Abbey Of Thelema 7. Flute Solo 8. Bass Solo 9. Dead Of Night 10. Keyboard Solo 11. Drums Solo 12. Message In A Bottle
Disc 4 : 1. Fighting Man 2. Back In The Game 3. Guitar Solo 4. Smoke On The Water 5. Member Introduction
[Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 20th October 1978]

1. Introduction Pt.1 2. Secret Of The Dance 3. Bringing Joanna Back 4. Message In A Bottle 5. Introduction Pt.2 6. Dead Of Night 7. Band Introduction 8. Smoke On The Water
[THE POP Studio Live, Tokyo, Japan 22nd October 1978] 9. Message In A Bottle
[11PM Studio Live, Tokyo, Japan 18th October 1978]

◇ Ian Gillan – Vocals / Steve Byrd – Guitar / John McCoy – Bass / Colin Towns – Keyboards / Pete Barnacle – Drums

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