Van Halen / Milan 1995 / 1CD

Van Halen / Milan 1995 / 1CD / ZODIAC 421

Live at Factory, Milan, Italy 30th January 1995 STEREO SBD

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The last masterpiece with Sammy Hagar ” BALANCE ”was sent out, and VAN HALEN in 1995 was walking toward the end of the golden age. Two live albums that update the highest peak of the big classic sound board album are released at the same time. Of course, it will be permanently preserved on the press CD!
“January 30, 1995 Milan performance” is engraved in this work, which is the second release at the same time. It is the stereo sound board recording. Both of these two titles are not part of the world tour, but a promotion gig accompanying the release of the album “BALANCE”. Again, let’s look back at the outline of our activities in 1995, the end of the golden age.

《January 24th “BALANCE” released》
・ January 27th + 31st: Promotion (2 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ March 11th-May 15th: North America # 1 (37 performances)
・ May 24th -June 30: Europe (25 performances)
, July 15-October 15: North America # 2 (60 performances)
, October 25-November 5: Japan / Hawaii (9 performances)

This is VAN HALEN in 1995. Normally, North America is the main battlefield, but at this time, I went to Europe when the album was released. We held 2 promo gig performances in Europe. The simultaneous release of “ARNHEM 1995 (Zodiac 420)” and this work are sister works born from these two performances. And both of these two days will be broadcast on TV / radio. This work is one that updates the highest peak of FM sound board of Milan performance.
In fact, the quality of this work is amazing. It was supervised by the same core enthusiast as “ARNHEM 1995”, and after all the best masters are selected and mastered precisely. However, even if it is the same that pursues the possibility of the original sound to the limit, there is another sound source of another performance. After all individuality is a little different. “ARNHEM 1995” was characterized by a well-organized sound like an official work, but this work is attractive with a rough-cut direct feeling. It’s a type that is directly connected to the mix table, and although it’s rough, the performance is close to my ears. Sammy tells the MC, “It’s been 10 years since I played in such a small club!”, But the feeling of close contact with this work is not so much, it feels like there are four people in my head. The loud cheers are far away, and the liveliness of the venue is not so violent, but the feeling of synchronization with the band itself is unmatched.
What is drawn with such an exact match sound is a show different from the main part of the world tour. Speaking of the classic “BALANCE TOUR”, the full pro shot “RIGHT BALANCE: TORONTO 1995″ is popular in our shop, so let’s organize it while comparing.

● Balance (4 songs)
・ The Seventh Seal (★) / Don’t Tell Me (What Love Can Do) / Amsterdam / Feelin’
● Others (4 songs)
・ Dave era: Panama / Ain’t Talkin”Bout Love (★)
・ Sammy era ; Judgment Day (★) / Best Of Both Worlds (★)
* Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be seen in the professional shot “RIGHT BALANCE: TORONTO 1995”.

… And it looks like this. After all I am happy with the “BALANCE” number, which occupies half. After all, the song “BALANCE” wasn’t played at all after Sammy left, and “The Seventh Seal” was only featured in some performances on the 2004 temporary return tour. Most of them are precious songs only for this tour.
Moreover, the performance itself of this work is very good. If you look closely, there is less one song “Top of the World” than the sister work “ARNHEM 1995” released at the same time, but Sammy’s tone is clearly better in this work. Perhaps the conditions have been improved in the last few days, the songs that seemed to be painful at the Arnhem performance did not stagnate in Milan, and the highs grew well and were in great shape. The new songs will not be jarring, and you will be able to hear the original charm firmly.

“ARNHEM 1995”, which has the preciousness of the premiere and the superb sound that can be passed through official products, and this work, which is approaching with a feeling of direct connection and excellent vocalization that can not be official. It is the highest peak update board of the sound board album that is not inferior in the future. A treasure of the “BALANCE” era that decorates the endless beauty of the Sammy era, which did not give up the No. 1 throne in the United States for 10 years. Please enjoy it with the permanent storage press CD!


《 1月24日「BALANCE」発売》
・1月27日+ 31日:プロモーション(2公演)←★ココ★

1995年のヴァン・ヘイレンです。通常は北米がメインの戦場ですが、この時、アルバムがリリースされたときにヨーロッパに行きました。ヨーロッパで2回のプロモーションギグ公演を行いました。 『ARNHEM 1995(Zodiac 420)』と本作の同時発売は、この2つの公演から生まれた姉妹作品です。そして、この2日間は両方ともテレビ/ラジオで放送されます。この作品は、ミラノ公演のFMサウンドボードの最高峰をアップデートした作品です。
実際、この作品の品質は素晴らしいです。 「ARNHEM1995」と同じコアマニアが監修し、やっぱり最高のマスターが選ばれ、正確にマスタリングされています。ただし、原音の可能性を極限まで追求したものと同じでも、別の演奏の音源があります。やっぱり個性が少し違います。 『ARNHEM 1995』は、公式作品のように整然とした音が特徴ですが、ラフなダイレクト感が魅力的な作品です。ミックステーブルに直結するタイプで、ラフながらも耳に近いパフォーマンスです。サミーはMCに「こんな小さなクラブで遊んでから10年になります!」と言っていますが、この作品との親密さはあまりなく、頭の中に4人いるような気がします。大声で歓声が上がり、会場の賑わいはそれほど激しくありませんが、バンド自体とのシンクロ感は比類のないものです。
そんな完全一致音で描かれているのは、ワールドツアーの本編とは違うショーです。クラシックな「BALANCETOUR」といえば、フルプロショット「RIGHT BALANCE:TORONTO 1995」が当店で人気なので、比較しながら整理していきましょう。

・デイブ時代:パナマ/トーキンじゃない ”バウトラブ(★)
※注意:「★」マークは、プロショット「RIGHT BALANCE:TORONTO1995」では見られない曲です。

…そしてそれはこのように見えます。結局、半分を占める「BALANCE」の数に満足しています。結局、サミーが去った後、「BALANCE」という曲はまったく演奏されず、「The Seventh Seal」は、2004年の一時的な帰りのツアーの一部の公演でのみ取り上げられました。それらのほとんどはこのツアーのためだけの貴重な曲です。


1. Intro
2. The Seventh Seal
3. Judgment Day
4. Don’t Tell Me (What Love Can Do)
5. Amsterdam
6. Panama
7. Feelin’8
Best of Both Worlds
9. Ain’ t


Sammy Hagar –lead vocals, guitar
Eddie Van Halen –guitar , backing vocals
Michael Anthony –bass , backing vocals
Alex Van Halen –drums, percussion


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