Ultravox / Complete Live 1977 / 1CDR

Ultravox / Complete Live 1977 / 1CDR / Highland Project

Translated Text:

Live At Radiohuset, Stockholm, Sweden October 19th 1977. Soundboard


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First appearance in the ’70s punk-New Wave era appeared 80s New Romantics in Issei dominated the Ultoravoccs of initial John Fox era of live sound board is complete master!

This live was recorded October 19, 77 Sweden Stockholm concert is once sound known from analog era as the initial live staple.

At that time always encore performance on stage as “Rockwrok”, “The Man Who Dies Every Day” is unreleased, Nagaraku full version but had been expected, finally this time the original sound source complete recording.

And 80s electro pop is hard full version of the long-awaited initial Ultoravoccs typical live punky playing in the counter!



当時ステージでは必ずアンコール演奏する「Rockwrok」と「The Man Who Dies Every Day」が未収録で、永らく完全版が期待されていましたが、遂に今回オリジナル音源コンプリート収録。


Live At Radiohuset, Stockholm, Sweden October 19th 1977

01. I Want To Be A Machine
02. Rockwrok
03. Slip Away
04. The Frozen Ones
05. Distant Smile
06. Young Savage
07. My Sex
08. The Man Who Dies Every Day
09. Artificial Life
10. Wide Boys
11. Saturday Night (In The City Of The Dead)
12. Wild, Beautiful And The Damned
13. Rockwrok
14. Fear In The Western World

Highland Project. HLP-123


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