UK / The First UK Tour 1978 / 1CDR

UK / The First UK Tour 1978 / 1CDR / Galaxy
Translated Text:
Live At Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, England May 4th 1978. Audience

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John Wetton, Eddie Jobson, Alan Holdsworth and Bill Braford’s Super Group, the Progres Four Royal Oaks gathered. K. A precious live instrument from the first UK tour that took place at the debut of the debut!
May 4, 1978 Recorded performances at Newcastle City Hall from a high-quality audience recording master.
It is a highly recommended title as excavation live tone source when Alan · Holdsworth, Bill · Braford enrolled, who will withdraw after the national tour after this! It is!
Live At Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, England May 4th 1978
01. Alaska/02. Time To Kill/03. Thirty Years/04. The Only Thing She Needs/05. Carrying No Cross/06. In The Dead Of Night/07. By The Light Of Day/08. Presto Vivace & Reprise/09. Forever Until Sunday/10. The Sahara Of Snow
Galaxy. GX 052

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