Toto / La Serena / 2CDR

Toto / La Serena / 2CDR / Project Zip

Live At Mall Plaza Open Air, La Serena, Chile February 21st 2004

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From the 2004 South American tour of TOTO, which continued the 25th anniversary world tour, a complete recording of the open air concert held in La Serena, Chile with a sound board sound source. The original member Bobby Kimball returns to the vocals, and the lineup by Simon Phillips’ drums at this time is still valuable now. Speaking of Chile in 2004, the next day “Vina del Mar” performance is TV. It has been broadcast and is known, but this La Serena performance is a noteworthy collector’s item that can not be overlooked because there are many songs and the whole concert is recorded! !


01. Girl Goodbye / Child’s Anthem
02. Gift With A Golden Gun
03. I’ll Be Over You
04. Afraid Of Love
05. Africa
06. Keyboard Solo
07. Paul Meets Chani (from Dune Sountrack) / Don’t Stop Me Now
08. Stop Loving You
09. Guitar Solo
10. Medley : Waiting For Your Love / Georgy Porky / Lion / Hydra
11. Drum Solo

Disc 2
01. I Won’t Hold You Back
02. Rosanna / Hold The Line
03. Band Introduction
04. Home Of The Brave
◆Live At Mall Plaza Open Air, La Serena, Chile February 21st 2004

Project Zip. PJZ-757A/B

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