TOTO / Falling In France / 2CDR

TOTO / Falling In France / 2CDR / Trial

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Live At Patinoire, Meriadeck, Bordeaux, France 14th March 2006

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On March 14, 2006, France recorded the complete Bordeaux performance with a superb audience recording. You can enjoy plenty of tight and powerful performance that reminds me of that wonderful Japanese tour with the highest level of recording. From new songs to familiar TOTO classics, we have recorded shows for over 2 hours with outstanding sound balance. Anyway the drums are incredibly clear and powerfully recorded, plus the overall balance is outstanding, it is no exaggeration to say that one of the best quality in the 2006 tour. It is the highest sound quality board that all TOTO fans want to have fun.

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol. 75 (October 2006 issue). For your information.

France on March 14, which will be held just before the performance in Japan in 2006, includes the Bordeaux performance. By saying live by subtracting the latest work “”, we can start with that title song so we can feel a somewhat different atmosphere from usual. Although 4 songs are played from the latest work, when it becomes the original work before that, it goes back to “MINDFIELDS” of 1999, and among them 2 songs are also played. There is also a part that Bobby · Kimball’s voice seems to be slightly unpleasant, but even in the state without Dave · Peach, the performance itself has become quite calm quality. Steve Lucasa ‘s guitar and talking, which has de facto leadership, are real things. It will be memorable for those who told to Japan tour.


★beatleg誌 vol.75(2006年10月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。


Disc 1
1. Intro 2. Falling In Between 3. King Of The World 4. Pamela 5. Bottom Of Your Soul
6. Caught In The Balance 7. Make Believe 8. Hold The Line 9. Stop Loving You
10. I’ll Be Over You 11. Cruel 12. I Will Remember 13. Greg’s Solo 14. Rosanna
15. Band Introduction 16. Let It Go

Disc 2
1. Endless 2. Isolation 3. Gift of Faith 4. Kingdom of Desire 5. Luke’s Solo
6. Simon’s Solo (Hydra) 7. Taint Your World 8. I Won’t Hold You Back
9. Girl Goodbye 10. Home Of The Brave 11. Africa

Bobby Kimball – Vocals Steve Lukather – Guitar/Vocals Mike Porcarro – Bass
Simon Philips – Drums Greg Phillinganes – Keyboards/Vocals
Tony Spinner – Guitar/Vocals


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