TOTO / Definitive Paris 1987 / 2CD

TOTO / Definitive Paris 1987 / 2CD / Zion
Live at Le Zenith, Paris, France 4th February 1987 STEREO SBD(UPGRADE)

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The masterpiece “FAHRENHEIT” era that welcomed Joseph Williams. The stereo sound board album which becomes the symbol is a reprint with the highest peak quality.
The iconic work is “Paris February 4, 1987.” It is the official grade sound board recording. TOTO, who pioneered a new era with Joseph, also performed in Japan, but in fact the global live activities were also quite limited. First, let’s look back on the position of the show from the panoramic view of “FAHRENHEIT TOUR 1986-1987”, including the situation.

● 1986
“August 25” FAHRENHEIT “sale”
・ October 22: Santa Cruz show
・ October 29-November 7: Japan (eight performances)
・ November 10: Honolulu concert
● 1987
・ January 20-February 5: Europe (11 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★

Above, all 21 performances. At first, there was no show in their home country, but only twice. It was only Japan in 1986 and Europe in 1987 that could be called a “tour” that repeated movement and show. Among them, the Paris performance of this work is the 10th performance of “Europe” leg … It is the concert of the last record that becomes the second from the last.
Because the show itself is so small, of course there are also few records. Even the audience recording is a rare tour, but Paris performances are known for the only perfect soundboard left on this tour. This work is its highest peak. In the past, there were no “Africa”, and there were also cases where a disc with a very crazy pitch appeared, but this work has no such drawbacks. Although it is a Fed-in, “Africa” ​​is also recorded with Jeff Pocaro’s drum solo, and the pitch is also accurate.
As a matter of fact, the “Africa” ​​temporarily becomes noisy, but the quality other than that is iron wall. The recording is unremarkable, the mix gives a balanced beauty, and the sound and the stereo feel are perfect. It is a beautiful sound board that is appropriate for calling it “official class”. Moreover, the story of the official standard at that time. This is not to say bad. The official standard of today is the sound that sounds like pushing the power because the sound pressure earning is normal, but this work is different. The superb sensitivity and sense of separation are still full of delicacy unique to that time. It is a superb soundboard that records the 80’s sound like the 80’s.
It is unbearable because it is the precious “FAHRENHEIT TOUR” drawn in such quality. Set is concentrated reduction of four pieces “TOTO” “HYDRA” “IV” “FAHRENHEIT”. In addition to the major golden songs, “Mama”, “Till The End”, “Somewhere Tonight” and “Could This Be Love” will show off the unique numbers of those days. Of course, he is 26 years old here, though most of the songs are playing after Joseph’s return. You can hear it with its youthful yet passionate fresh voices.
Also, more valuable than the original is Encore “(Reach Out) I’ll Be There”. This is the cover of FOUR TOPS of 60’s Motown. It is an extremely rare song that is said to be playing only enough in one hand in the entire history of TOTO, but it can be enjoyed on the official sound board.

It is so valuable “FAHRENHEIT TOUR”. It is the highest peak board of sound board recording that becomes the only. If you officially put out the deluxe edition of “FAHRENHEIT”, you can say that this is a good choice for a bonus, or anything else. The treasure of a live album that has exactly the same value as “FAHRENHEIT” itself. It is reprinted here by permanent preservation press 2CD.

その象徴作に収められているのは「1987年2月4日パリ公演」。そのオフィシャル級サウンドボード録音です。ジョセフと共に新時代を切り拓いたTOTOは来日公演も果たしましたが、実のところ世界的なライヴ活動はかなり限定的でもありました。まずは、その状況も含め、“FAHRENHEIT TOUR 1986-1987”の全景からショウのポジションを振り返ってみましょう。


そんなクオリティで描かれるのが貴重極まる“FAHRENHEIT TOUR”なのですからたまらない。セットはズバリ4枚『TOTO』『HYDRA』『IV』『FAHRENHEIT』の濃縮還元。黄金の大代表曲に加え、「Mama」「Till The End」「Somewhere Tonight」「Could This Be Love」といった当時ならではのナンバーもたっぷりと披露してくれる。もちろん、ジョセフの復帰後にも演奏している曲がほとんどではあるものの、ここでの彼は26歳。その若々しくも情熱溢れるフレッシュな歌声で聞けるのです。
また、そんなオリジナル以上に貴重なのがアンコールの「(Reach Out) I’ll Be There」。これは60年代モータウンのFOUR TOPSのカバー。TOTO全史でも片手で足りるほどしか演奏していないと言われる激レア曲なのですが、それをオフィシャル級の極上サウンドボードで楽しめてしまうのです。

とにもかくにも貴重な“FAHRENHEIT TOUR”。その唯一となるサウンドボード録音の最高峰盤です。もしオフィシャルで『FAHRENHEIT』のデラックス・エディションを出すなら、ボーナスには本作こそが相応しい……と言いますか、それ以外にあり得ない。まさしく『FAHRENHEIT』そのものと同価値となるライヴアルバムの至宝。永久保存プレス2CDでここに復刻です。


Disc 1 (42:48)
1. Intro
2. Till The End
3. Mama
4. 99
5. Somewhere Tonight
6. I’ll Be Over You
7. Could This Be Love
8. Acoustic Guitar Solo
9. Georgy Porgy

Disc 2 (45:11)
1. Africa incl. Percussion Solo
2. I Won’t Hold You Back
3. Girl Goodbye
4. David Paich Keyboard Solo
5. White Sister
6. Rosanna
7. Hold The Line
8. (Reach Out) I’ll Be There


Joseph Williams – Vocal
Steve Lukather – Guitar & Vocal
David Paich – Keyboards & Vocal
Steve Porcaro – Keyboards & Vocal
Mike Porcaro – Bass
Jeff Porcaro – Drums
Lenny Castro – Percussion
Paulette Brown – Vocal
Ralph Rickert – Trumpet & Vocal
Warren Ham – Saxophone & Vocal


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