Status Quo / Knebworth 1986 / 1CD

Status Quo / Knebworth 1986 / 1CD / Wardour

Live at Knebworth Park, Stevenage, UK 9th August 1986

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Following the legendary LIVE AID, the British heavyweight sharing stage with QUEEN at Nebworth Park STATUS QUO. The best live album is on permanent storage press CD.
It is indeed Queen’s last day that was included in such a work, “August 9, 1986 Nebworth Show”. They are also known to be opening at “MAGIC TOUR 1986”, but only the 5 UK performances actually accompanied were accompanied. On this day Bellie Sam served as the undercard of QUEEN who played a revival with BIG COUNTRY.
This work, which recorded such a show, is a superb audience recording with a supermarket. This week, QUEEN’s historical masterpiece “DEFINITIVE KNEBWORTH 1986 (Wardour-320)” will appear, but in fact this work is a sister work of that. It is also by Mr. Crazy S. “Mr. Crazy S.” It is continuous recording at the same venue. And this work is also digitized again from original cassette owned by “Crazy S.” like QUEEN ed. Opening scenes that felt tape was felt by the previous episode are gleamingly revitalized in this reproduction. Miracle recording is a masterpiece upgraded.
In fact, the sound leads to the QUEEN edition which was acknowledged as “entering the 5 th finger in all audience recording”. Clearness of zero echoes that made use of outdoor taste, direct feeling which is thought to be close to PA, delicate detail comparable to sound board …… It is suitable for calling everything as a sister version. However, it is not an entire story. As a matter of fact, there is instantaneous noise in “Whatever You Want”, and after that, the sound fluctuation which tries the direction of chatter and microphone just before the overpeak is felt (slightly). However, it is the third track “Roll Over Lay Down”. From that, the balance of miracles is realized, ultra superb sound goes through without stagnation to the last. Perhaps, “Crazy S.” may have tried variously to have QUEEN stage perfect. And it was the 3rd song of this work that decided the position and the direction to be “this!” … I can feel the real of such a recording. What I would not misunderstand here is that it is never a “bad duplicate recording” (in that case I will not press). Even if the first three songs are the same as ordinary record books to the last, they are not enemy level. However, the miracle sounds of the 4th and subsequent songs are just too beautiful with iron walls.
And, it is the paradise of a boogie that fascinates the UK that is drawn with the sound transformed into a miracle level. The set is zero from the 1980s with the masterpiece “PILEDRIVER” as the axis. Rockin ‘All Over The World “,” Do not Waste My Time “,” Caroline “who pushes over with the golden 70’s repertoire big battle and miracles with LIVE AID are playing firmly.
Yes, I can not but remember LIVE AID in this performance. STATUS QUO appeared as the first in Wembley Stadium, and as a matter of course it was a miraculous show and it became a talking grass alongside QUEEN, but in fact the internal circumstances were similar. Although QUEEN was able to endure whispered dissolution theory whispered, they were forced to change members from friction within the band, and finally stopped at “BACK TO BACK” in 1984. Activities in 1985 were the only LIVE AIDs, where they played a miracle revival. They regained their motivation to resume activities with LIVE AID, and in 1986 they started a large-scale European tour and went through for the re-entry board “IN THE ARMY NOW”. The boogie of this work is full of such enthusiasm and the audience of his home country is welcomed with delight.
In particular, “Rockin ‘All Over The World” certainly want to experience. It is a famous song that also became the opening scene of LIVE AID, but the audience of this day definitely reminds that impression. A great big chorus caught up around the edges, the sound of the best performance of the sound board level roars through the violent chorus. Starting with this song, in a few songs it is drawn with transcendental sound that surpasses even QUEEN edits. The QUEEN matrix board released the other day “DEFINITIVE LIVE AID (Wardour – 316)” is a huge hit, but this work depicts a spectacle equivalent to that super masterpiece despite the 100% audience. A band who has revived and a big crowd glowing in its delight. It is exactly the show which burns for more than an hour while the heat of LIVE AID is recovering.

It became the two major legends of LIVE AID, and QUEEN and STATUS QUO who revived the miraculous resurrection again interfered with Nebworth. STATUS QUO compilation of sisters who recorded the performances with super-superb sound. It is also a sub-text complementing the last show of QUEEN, but a miraculous music album that is overwhelmed by their entertainment that revived more than that. Please enjoy yourselves carefully with a permanent preservation press CD.

★ It is a terrible live board. Even just “Rockin ‘All Over The World” is great impression, no mistake.

伝説のLIVE AIDに続き、ネブワース・パークでもQUEENとステージを分け合った英国の重鎮STATUS QUO。その極上ライヴアルバムが永久保存プレスCDで登場です。
そんな本作に収められているのは、まさしくQUEEN最後の日でもあった「1986年8月9日ネブワース公演」。彼らは“MAGIC TOUR 1986”でオープニングを務めたことでも知られますが、実際に同行したのは本国イギリスの5公演のみ。この日はベルイー・サム、BIG COUNTRYと共に復活を果たしたQUEENの前座を務めたのです。
そんなショウを記録した本作は、まさに超の付く極上オーディエンス録音。今週は、QUEENの歴史的名作『DEFINITIVE KNEBWORTH 1986(Wardour-320)』が登場しますが、実は本作はその姉妹作。同じく名匠“Crazy S.”氏によるもので、同じ会場で連続録音なのです。そして、本作もまたQUEEN編と同様に“Crazy S.”所有のオリジナル・カセットから改めてデジタル化したもの。既発ではテープヨレが感じられたオープニング・シーンも、今回の再生では艶やかに甦っている。奇跡の録音がアップグレードした大傑作なのです。
実際、そのサウンドは「全オーディエンス録音でも五指に入る」と絶賛されたQUEEN編に通じる。野外の旨みを活かしきった反響ゼロのクリアさ、PA間近と想われるダイレクト感、サウンドボードにも匹敵する細やかなディテール……すべてが姉妹編と呼ぶに相応しい。ただし、全編というわけではない。実のところ、「Whatever You Want」では瞬間的なノイズが存在し、その後もオーバーピーク寸前のビビリやマイクの方向を試すような音揺れが(わずかながら)感じられる。しかし、それは3曲目の「Roll Over Lay Down」まで。そこからは奇跡のバランスが実現し、ラストまで淀みなく超極上サウンドが貫くのです。恐らく、“Crazy S.”氏はQUEENのステージを万全に迎えるべく、いろいろと試していたのでしょう。そして、「これだ!」となるポジションと方向を決めたのが本作の3曲目だった……そんな録音のリアルも感じられるのです。ここで誤解しないでいただきたいのは「途中までダメな録音」では決してないこと(それならプレス化は致しません)。冒頭3曲もあくまで並の客録が束になっても敵わないレベル。ただ、4曲目以降の奇跡サウンドがあまりにも鉄壁で美しすぎるだけなのです。
そして、奇跡レベルに変貌したサウンドで描かれるのは、英国を魅了するブギのパラダイス。セットは名作『PILEDRIVER』を軸にしつつ80年代からはゼロ。徹底的に黄金の70年代レパートリーの大盤振る舞いで押しまくり、LIVE AIDで奇跡を起こした「Rockin’ All Over The World」「Don’t Waste My Time」「Caroline」もしっかりと演奏してくれるのです。
そう、この熱演ぶりにはLIVE AIDを思い出さずにはいられない。STATUS QUOはウェンブリー・スタジアムの一番手として登場し、やはり奇跡的なショウを繰り広げてQUEENと並ぶ語り草となったわけですが、実は内部事情も似ていました。QUEENは解散説が囁かれながらも耐えきったものの、彼らはバンド内の軋轢からメンバーチェンジを余儀なくされ、1984年の『BACK TO BACK』で遂に活動停止。1985年の活動はLIVE AIDだけであり、そこで奇跡の復活を果たしたのです。LIVE AIDで活動再開の意欲を取り戻した彼らは1986年に大規模なヨーロッパ・ツアーを開始し、再起盤『IN THE ARMY NOW』に向けて突っ走って行った。本作のブギには、そんな熱気がたっぷりと詰まっており、母国のオーディエンスが歓喜で迎えているわけです。
特に「Rockin’ All Over The World」はぜひご体験いただきたい。LIVE AIDのオープニング・シーンにもなった名曲ですが、この日の観客は間違いなくあの感動を思い出している。端正にして盛大な大合唱が巻き起こり、そのぶ厚い唱和を突っ切ってサウンドボード・レベルの極上の演奏音が轟く。この曲を始め、数曲ではQUEEN編さえも凌駕する超絶サウンドで描かれているのです。先日リリースされたQUEENのマトリクス盤『DEFINITIVE LIVE AID(Wardour-316)』が大ヒットとなっておりますが、本作は100%オーディエンスにも関わらずあの超名作と同等のスペクタクルを描き出している。復活を遂げたバンドと、その歓喜に湧く大観衆。まさにLIVE AIDの熱気が甦りつつ、さらに1時間以上に渡って燃え上がるショウなのです。

LIVE AIDの2大伝説となり、奇跡の復活に湧いたQUEENとSTATUS QUOが再び相まみえたネブワース。その熱演を超極上サウンドで記録した姉妹作のSTATUS QUO編。QUEENのラストショウを補完するサブテキストにもなりますが、それ以上に復活を果たした彼らの熱演に圧倒される奇跡的な音楽アルバム。どうぞ、永久保存プレスCDでじっくりとお楽しみください。

★凄いライヴ盤です。「Rockin’ All Over The World」だけでも大感動、間違いなし。

1. Intro 2. Whatever You Want 3. Paper Plane 4. Roll Over Lay Down 5. Little Lady
6. Mystery Song 7. Most Of The Time 8. Wild Side Of Life 9. Hold You Back
10. Dirty Water 11. Rockin’ All Over The World 12. Big Fat Mama
13. Don’t Waste My Time 14. Roadhouse Blues incl. Price Of Love 15. Caroline

Francis Rossi – Guitar, Vocal Rick Parfitt – Guitar, Vocal John Edwards – Bass, Vocal
Andy Bown – Keyboards Jeff Rich – Drums

R.I.P. Rick Parfit (12th October 1948 – 24th December 2016)

Special Thanks: Crazy S.




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