Asia / Rarities Collection / 1CDR

Asia / Rarities Collection / 1CDR / Highland Project

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1992-1996 Radio Show. Soundboard


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Summarizes the rare sound of Asia that progressive rock super star was formed in the 1980s to gather “Rarities Collection” is the first appearance in the high-quality sound!

Radio show sound source and demonstrations from 1992 through 1996, studio outtakes and has recorded acoustic versions and unfinished demo, I just interesting sound jam session, etc..

John Wetton, Steve Howe and after the Disclose the history of Asia of up to Jeff Downs and 90s John Payne became the center a valuable source collection!




1992-1996 Radio Show

01. Heat Of The Moment (acoustic)
02. Voice Of America (acoustic)
03. Video Killed The Radio Star (instrumental)/1983-1990 Radio Show
04. Back In Town (intro by Steve How)
05. Studio Jam #1
06. Studio Jam #2
07. Who Will Stop The Rain ?
08. Heat Of The Moment (John Payne a cappella)
09. Only Time Will Tell (John Payne a cappella)
10. Sol Survivor (John Payne a cappella
11. Wildest Dreams (John Payne a cappella)
12. Lay Down Your Arms (different version)
13. Burning Chrome (Dusty Road instrumental)
14. Crime Of The Heart (John Payne demo)
15. Who Will Stop The Rain ? (Max Bacon RAIN demo)
16. Lady Of Darkness (Max Bacon RAIN demo)/Aqua Demos And Outtakes 1988-1991
17. Who Will Stop The Rain
18. Heat Of The Moment
19. Heaven On Earth (acoustic)
20. Sad Situation (acoustic)
21. Feels Like Love (acoustic)
22. Never
Highland Project. HLP-135

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