Soft Machine / Complete Live In Paris 1970 / 2CDR

Soft Machine / Complete Live In Paris 1970 / 2CDR / Galaxy

Live At Th’etre de la Musique, Paris, France March 2nd 1970. Audience


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Soft Machine 1970 Paris performance is now available in an uncut complete recording version! The performance in Paris on March 2, 1970 was a performance that was recorded on French TV at that time and was also made into a DVD, but this time the uncut complete recording version by audience recording is appearing on 2CD. It is a remarkable collector’s item that completely reproduces the performance of the day including the parts not recorded in the video with the highest level of high sound quality for recording at that time!




1. Eamonn Andrews/2. Mousetrap/3. Noisette/4. Backwards/5. Mousetrap (reprise)/6. Out-Bloody-Rageous

1. Facelift/2. Slightly All The Time/3. Moon In June (inc. Organ Solo)/4. 18-8 Theme/5. Vocal Improvisation/6. Esther’s Nose Job

Live At Th’etre de la Musique, Paris, France March 2nd 1970

Galaxy. GX143A/B

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