Scorpions / Days of Drive / 6CDR

Scorpions / Days of Drive / 6CDR /Shades 079

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Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 5th June 1979, Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan 7th June 1979 & Korauken Hall, Tokyo, Japan 8th June 1979

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In the second Japan tour that SCORPIONS went on after the announcement of “LOVEDRIVE”, Nakano Sansurraza performance on June 5th, the first day in Tokyo, is left with an excellent sound board sound source and superb audience recording . However, as these top class sound sources have a strong presence, it seems that other performances and sound sources are somewhat less impressive. However, if you actually listen to the live performance, you should be able to understand that fans can immediately understand that the performances deserving the audience were playing every day.
This work “DAYS OF DRIVE” packages three Tokyo performances (June 5, June 7, June 8) in this ’79 Japan tour into one good quality audience / source! Both of these takes the sound directly from the original cassette master provided by the recording person, and SCORPIONS maniac is astounding six-disc set title!

First of all it will be the first day of Tokyo and Nakano Sansurraza performance on June 5. As mentioned above, the sound board sound source “TOKYO 1979: Pre-FM MASTER” leaked by stakeholders and the superb quality audience source “LIVEDRIVE” by newly appearing Miracle Man recording are decisive as this performance. However, from the different angles, book taking with a live pattern with a stable sound also has the appeal of Only One as a record of the audience seats.
It is characterized by a high sense of stability throughout the sound, the sound source is also ensured with the freshness unique to the master tapes, etc. It is a sound source with certain quality. Although the input of the bass is a little strong, thanks to that, Herman · La Level drum is very impressive.
A big listening place is Yamaha “We’ll Burn The Sky” in the first half and “In Trance” (Clearness in the first half is a special one). Here, let’s enjoy the essence of the early SCORPIONS of dark and melanchic. Conversely, in new songs such as “Loving You Sunday Morning” and “Always Somewhere”, while maintaining their melodies, I feel positive brightness that is already in the 80 ‘s and beyond. In addition, the latter half of the live “Lifes Like A River” and “Fly To The Rainbow” have something to watch for the well-balanced vocal of Klaus Meine, good balance of performance, and stability.
Also at the end of the live “Robot Man” 1:51, you can hear the scenes where the guitar has trouble and the moment sound will not come out realistically. Ridolf Schenker guides with high-tension MC, “Can not Get Enough”, the live over 90 minutes is impressive!

Disks 3 and 4 include the 2nd Tokyo time when this work appeared completely for the first time, and the Tokyo Kokendai Kinenkan performance on June 7th. This recording has been started by fade-in from the middle of the second track “Backstage Queen” due to the convenience of the master.
It seems that the limiter is hung on the equipment, the recording level is slightly lowered for the part where the sound is dense, but the outlook of the sound itself is good. You can enjoy “We’ll Burn The Sky” intro and “In Trance” with a fairly clear outlook. The spread of the sound that captured the venue echo and air feeling well is wonderful, and the audience’s clapping and large chorus will impress the audience with the above “In Trance”. It is also a nice point that the sound quality improves as the live progresses. “Always Somewhere” etc. can enjoy a melodic performance like SCORPIONS with a stable sound.
Live’s listening place is still the medley of “Life’s Like A River” and “Fly To The Rainbow”. In that “Life’s Like A River”, although Klaus calls the name of the song, the rare scene that the guitar started tuning and it is not possible to enter the performance immediately is also recorded in real. The state of the noisy audience seems to be a unique document of excellent live recording. Although the bass distortion is somewhat disappointing in the hard fast numbers such as “He’s A Woman, She’s A Man” and “Another Piece Of Meat” · “Robot Man”, which is taken up in the latter half of the live, it is lively and powerful You can enjoy it firmly. Klaus is listening to the energetic performances of the encore “Steamrock Fever” and “Can not Get Enough” which makes the listen to intense vocals!

In the last disks 5 and 6, Kurakuen Hall performance on June 8 was recorded for 1 hour and 33 minutes. Although the bass is distorted due to some input excess, this omission of the high tone and outlook is especially good among the three performances. Bass punch is intense, especially drums are impressive. From the opening ‘Pictured Life’ and ‘Backstage Queen’, you can enjoy hard and destructive ’70’s ​​SCORPIONS-like performance. In case
“Top Of The Bill” in “We’ll Burn The Sky” where you can listen to heavy and dramatic performances, “Lovedrive” with dynamic feeling · “Another Piece Of Meat” will attract listener’s ears. “Fly To The Rainbow” and “unique moon of the wild castle” unique to the performance of Japan are impressive.
“Robot Man”, “Steamrock Fever” and “Can not Get Enough” that concludes the last of the tour are wonderful force! I can not miss hearing that Rudolph is showing a hot MC with a German accent in this “Can not Get Enough”!

During the ’99 tour where the band was born again, the performance of the festival coming in especially great performance is an important tour in the history of the band. This work, which packaged that special Tokyo 3Days as a whole, is a 6 piece set that I want to collect at hand as long as SCORPIONS fans. If you do not have this work yet, I’d like to enjoy this opportunity!

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.108 (July 2009 issue). For your information.

CD-R that recorded all the Tokyo performances that took place three days from 5th, 7th, and 8th, since the arrival in Japan in June 1979. Both records were recorded from the master cassette that first appeared for 3 days, and the sound quality can be fully enjoyed by audiences recording. First of all, owing to the stage with Nagoya and Osaka on the 5th stage, I feel that I can afford Klaus ‘s vocals as well as the band’ s play from the opening. Day 2 – The 7th stage is recorded from the middle of the second track “Backstage Queen”. Although the stage of this day is stable all the time, although Klaus calls the title by “Life’s Like A River”, the sound of the Rudolph or Matthias guitar was not matched, for tuning, the happening happens However, songs did not start in ‘He’s A Woman, She’s A Man’, and the clapping of the audience is rising, so there may have been some ups and downs of the equipment. The stage on the 8th is sometimes the final day of the tour, and spectators are also excited with hot play as if regaining the ups and downs of the equipment of the previous day. In the “Can not Get Enough”, which is a summary of the set / list, although it is not common for the set list, Rudolph mixes German and English and starts introducing words and songs appreciated to the audience Then, you can enjoy the best performance without any omission until the end. N.W.O.B.H.M. It may be said that it was because Japan was able to enjoy such a hot stage to such an extent that it should be said that the night before, HARD & HEAVY was unfavorable globally.


本作「DAYS OF DRIVE」では、この’79年ジャパンツアーにおける3回の東京公演(6月5日,6月7日,6月8日)を、良質なオーディエンス・ソースひとつにパッケージ! いずれのテイクも録音者提供のオリジナル・カセット・マスターよりダイレクトに音盤化したもので、SCORPIONSマニアが驚愕した6枚組タイトルです!

まず最初に登場するのは、東京初日・6月5日の中野サンプラザ公演。本公演は前述したとおり、関係者流出のサウンドボード音源「TOKYO 1979: Pre-FM MASTER」や、新たに登場したMiracle Man録音による超優良オーディエンス・ソース「LIVEDRIVE」が決定的な存在。しかしそれらとは異なる角度から、安定したサウンドでライヴの模様を収めきった本テイクも、客席の記録としてオンリーワンの魅力があります。
大きな聴き所は前半のヤマ場「We’ll Burn The Sky」そして「In Trance」(前半のクリアネスは特筆モノ)。ここではダークでメランリックな初期SCORPIONSのエッセンスを堪能させます。反対に「Loving You Sunday Morning」や「Always Somewhere」といった新曲では、彼ららしいメロディを維持しつつも、すでに’80年代以降に通じるポジティヴな明るさを感じさせます。さらにライヴの後半「Lifes Like A River」や「Fly To The Rainbow」などは、明瞭に捉えられたクラウス・マイネのヴォーカルと良好な演奏のバランス、そして安定感に見るべきものがあります。
またライヴの終盤「Robot Man」の1:51では、ギターにトラブルが起きて、一瞬音が出なくなる場面もリアルな臨場感で聴くことができます。ルドルフ・シェンカーがハイテンションなMCで導く「Can’t Get Enough」まで、90分に渡るライヴは迫力満点です!

ディスク3・4は、本作が完全初登場だった東京2日目、6月7日の東京厚生年金会館公演を収録。本録音はマスターの都合により2曲目の「Backstage Queen」途中からフェイドインしてスタートしています。
機材にリミッターが掛けられているようで、音が密集するパートは若干録音レベルが下がるのですが、サウンドの見通しそのものは良好。「We’ll Burn The Sky」のイントロや「In Trance」などはかなりクリアな見通しで楽しめます。会場のエコーや空気感をうまく捉えた音の広がりは素晴らしく、上記した「In Trance」では観客の手拍子や大合唱が聴き手を感動させるでしょう。またライヴの進行につれて音質が向上していくのも嬉しいポイント。「Always Somewhere」などはSCORPIONSらしいメロディアスな演奏を、安定したサウンドで楽しめます。
ライヴの聴き所はやはり「Life’s Like A River」と「Fly To The Rainbow」のメドレーでしょう。その「Life’s Like A River」では、クラウスが曲名をコールするものの、ギターがチューニングを始めてしまい、すぐに演奏へ入れないという珍しいシーンもリアルに録音されています。この間の騒然とした客席の様子も、優れた実況録音ならではのドキュメントでしょう。ライヴの後半で取り上げられる「He’s A Woman, She’s A Man」や「Another Piece Of Meat」・「Robot Man」といったハードなファストナンバーでは低音の歪みがやや残念なのですが、ライヴ・テープらしい生々しい迫力はしっかりと楽しめます。クラウスが強烈なヴォーカルを聴かせるアンコール「Steamrock Fever」・「Can’t Get Enough」のエネルギッシュな演奏は必聴です!

ラストのディスク5及びディスク6では、6月8日の後楽園ホール公演を1時間33分に渡って収録。本録音も若干の入力過多により、低音が歪み気味なのですが、高音の抜けや見通しのよさは3公演の中でも特に優れています。低音のパンチは強烈で、とりわけドラムは迫力満点。オープニングの「Pictured Life」や「Backstage Queen」から、ハードで破壊力に富んだ、’70年代SCORPIONSらしい演奏を楽しめます。
重厚でドラマティックな演奏が聴ける「We’ll Burn The Sky」に「Top Of The Bill」、躍動感ある「Lovedrive」・「Another Piece Of Meat」は聴き手の耳を惹き付けるでしょう。「Fly To The Rainbow」や来日公演ならではの「荒城の月」は感動的です。
ツアーのラストを締めくくる「Robot Man」・「Steamrock Fever」そして「Can’t Get Enough」は素晴らしい迫力! この「Can’t Get Enough」ではルドルフがドイツ語訛りの熱いMCを披露しているのも聞き逃せません!


★beatleg誌 vol.108(2009年7月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

1979年6月に行なわれた来日公演から、5日・7日・8日の3日間行なわれた東京公演を全て収録したCD-R。3日間共、初登場のマスター・カセットから収録されており、オーディエンス録音で音質は十分楽しめるレベル。まず、5日のステージは、名古屋・大阪とステージをこなしてきたせいか、オープニングからクラウスのヴォーカルもバンドのプレイも余裕を感じる。2日目-7日のステージは、2曲目の「Backstage Queen」の中盤からの収録。この日のステージも終始安定しているが、「Life’s Like A River」でクラウスがタイトル・コールするが、ルドルフかマティアスのギターの音が合っていなかったのか、チューニングの為、仕切り直すというハプニングがあるし、「He’s A Woman, She’s A Man」でも曲が始まらず、観客の手拍子が沸き起こっているので、機材の不調もあったのかもしれない。8日のステージは、ツアー最終日ということもあり、前日の機材の不調の分も取り戻すかのように熱いプレイで観客も盛り上がっている。セット・リストは共通の為か、サプライズこそないものの、締め括りとなる、「Can’t Get Enough」では、ルドルフがドイツ語と英語をミックスして観客への感謝の言葉と曲紹介をしてスタートし、最後まで手抜きの一切ないベスト・パフォーマンスが楽しめる。N.W.O.B.H.M.前夜とも言うべき、世界的にはHARD & HEAVYが不遇の時代に、これほどまでに熱いステージが楽しめたのも日本だからだったと言えるのかも知れない。

Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 5th June 1979

Disc 1
1. Introduction 2. Pictured Life 3. Backstage Queen 4. We’ll Burn The Sky
5. Loving You Sunday Morning 6. Lovedrive 7. In Trance 8. Is There Anybody There?
9. Always Somewhere 10. Life’s Like A River 11. Fly To The Rainbow 12. He’s A Woman, She’s A Man

Disc 2
1. Another Piece Of Meat 2. Top Of The Bill 3. Drum Solo/Top Of The Bill(reprise) 4. Robot Man
5. Kojo No Tsuki 6. Steamrock Fever 7. Can’t Get Enough

Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan 7th June 1979

Disc 3
1. Backstage Queen 2. We’ll Burn The Sky 3. Loving You Sunday Morning 4. Lovedrive 5. In Trance
6. Is There Anybody There? 7. Always Somewhere 8. Life’s Like A River 9. Fly To The Rainbow

Disc 4
1. He’s A Woman, She’s A Man 2. Another Piece Of Meat 3. Top Of The Bill
4. Drum Solo/Top Of The Bill(reprise) 5. Robot Man 6. Kojo No Tsuki 7. Steamrock Fever
8. Can’t Get Enough

Live at Korauken Hall, Tokyo, Japan 8th June 1979

Disc 5
1. Introduction 2. Pictured Life 3. Backstage Queen 4. We’ll Burn The Sky
5. Loving You Sunday Morning 6. Lovedrive 7. In Trance 8. Is There Anybody There?
9. Always Somewhere 10. Life’s Like A River 11. Fly To The Rainbow

Disc 6
1. He’s A Woman, She’s A Man 2. Another Piece Of Meat 3. Top Of The Bill
4. Drum Solo/Top Of The Bill(reprise) 5. Robot Man 6. Kojo No Tsuki 7. Steamrock Fever
8. Can’t Get Enough

Klaus Meine – Vocals Rudolf Schenker – Rhythm Guitars Matthias Jabs – Lead Guitars
Francis Buchholz – Bass Herman Rarebell – Drums

Shades 079

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