David Bowie / Bowies Last Stand / 1CD

David Bowie / Bowies Last Stand / 1CD / Helden

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Conde Nast Fashion Rocks Radio City Music Hall New York NY USA September 8, 2005 Digitally Remastered


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Fan from January Bowie 2016 died, the shock was given to the world is not weakening yet, that exist normally until now, released an album, it is possible to meet the tour, which has been regarded as it a matter of course , the moment itself and Bowie are made aware that it was a sequence of special time. Bowie is sick in the middle of the 2004 Reality tour, cancel the schedule after. Then, enter a period of long silence. Part in also was reportedly retired, it has also refused approached London Olympic appearance. Meanwhile, what had been, but not in Tsumabiraka, fan that in 2013 was suddenly released a new album “THE NEXT DAY” is a surprise, also had high expectations to the next activity. However, Bowie contrary to expectations enters a period of silence again. I wonder are you doing on earth Bowie, what would are you thinking, and following the will of us to what fans should have watched warm.

Sick in the course of the tour in 2014, it canceled the Bowie subsequent tour, did not carry out the Tsuizo new tour in a lifetime. But standing in several stages in the single-shot. This work is one in which was recorded live sound source Bowie on tour since the 2014 was standing on the stage in a one-shot. Full concert is not carried out, stay in the guest appearances, but is a cast of a few songs each, you still out Bowie to the public, it is possible to see him sing live, fans were relieved by itself there were. Such a single stage was such a letter so to speak, tell the state of the current situation which is sent from Bowie was a semi-retired state.

First is the stage in New York September 8, 2005. Bowie sang, “Life on Mars” to back the simple performance of only piano. This was the first stage of the post-tour break. Quietly movingly sings like a masterpiece, but feel a little blank in singing, the voice of Bowie Weaving words to emotion plenty there are things that struck chest. The subsequent two songs is the co-star of the Arcade Fire. But Bowie did not have its own band because it was away from the tour, in collaboration with the momentum a rookie band, a dramatic rock tune on behalf of selling first and is to co-star in such a way that lend the chest to young people ing. “5 years” is one that is felt respect for the Bowie of Arcade Fire, are singing Bowie to back the performance was complete copy almost original.

Followed by 2006 May 29, Royal Albert Hall concert, which is to sing two songs of those that are Bowie on tour of Dave Gilmour was impromptu, of Floyd along with Gilmore as “Arnold Layne,” “Comfortably Numb” . Sing the Floyd of the number is Bowie, without any discomfort even listening, is exactly what is felt as a song of Bowie is where strange.

And Bowie has just become the last sang in public is a stage in New York September 9, 2006. At this time, the three songs “breath of the wild,” “great threshold voyage”, and is “CHANGES”. To back the only “wild of breath” … solemn piano accompaniment, Bowie is a terrific singing comes through that is singing with all your soul. Sprinkled with falsetto, wonderful version that tone of voice can be fluent in the hilly Bowie. In that has been standing on the stage much countless until now, this life is but you would not have known of course Bowie himself is trying to be the end of the stage, it can be said to be the singing of the once in a lifetime, not leave any regrets. Followed by “Wonderful Voyage” is light, and in a refreshing atmosphere, are very sing freely. Is a song had never to play a long time in the stage from the release, but it is the song that has been for the first time live performance in reality tour. And, just this is the end, is a “CHANGES”. Bowie life last live is a sang its theme “CHANGES”. The only natural, normally, happily, to Bowie that lightly singing, sentimental feelings there is no that this is the last. It’s a matter of course because it is not only in the posterity of knowledge, but we also, will with one’s ears glued to in such deep emotion. This is, Bowie, ante-mortem of the last, is the performance of the. “CHANGES”

Death of Bowie was also reported big as general news as well as rock fans only. Only in Bowie boasts a career spanning more than 40 years, its impact should there is enormous also the reverse of the musicians. The second half, to hear the news of the death of Bowie, a variety of musicians, expressed their memorial by playing a song of Bowie on stage, I have dedicated a feeling of renewed respect. Jon Bon Jovi is playing the “Heroes” in acoustic. Madonna in the tour, was added to the “beloved rebellious” to hurriedly set list. “The Bowie has changed my life. He is us I was taught that it’s okay also, unlike others” the word sounds in the chest. Play the “Let’s Dance” is Adam Lambert in contact with the obituary in their own performance in Osaka in Japan. And they played Bruce Springsteen also Madonna Like a “beloved rebellion” in the stage in the tour. For there was blues to fledgling era, in that the musicians with a name such as Bowie told me to cover his songs, it would be to have been very grateful.

And the best part is the end of the track, is Lady Gaga. Although I performance in the Grammy awards ceremony, Gaga (have put then Bowie of Tattoos) the same costume, stood on the stage subjected to the same make-up as the Bowie of Ziggy era. And it sang the medley of Bowie starting from “Space Oditi”. Music to destroy wacky fashion and stereotypes are those high it with the affinity of Gaga, and listen to this medley, this is not a transient performance for Gaga, really it is said to be a faithful follower of Bowie It comes through in enough.

Latest work HELDEN label is one in which the end of the tour since 2004, is Bowie an aggregation of stage performance, which was carried out in one-shot. Sick in the course of the tour in 2004, as opposed to have been carried out vigorously tour to it, it would be completely entered the seclusion, what then was standing on the stage that is included in this work There is What is all. And Bowie alive last performance was “CHANGES”. CHANGES … change, not to follow the things that has established good and, it is always the eternal theme of Bowie that was going toward something new. And this theme is also after the death of Bowie, to us to listen to the music of Bowie, us awaken the occasional new sensation. Bowie late now also the theme has been stay in our minds as those of eternity. And change <CHANGES> and the last message that was given to us from Bowie, should not have been complacent with the status quo, always before the facing is not must Ika changed, that from now on he of us, Bowie it is a testament.

Bowie on the front jacket, to back the snow falling streets, fingers take a chat and pose, we in a photograph of his last as if to say “See you later”. You can meet again in our own Bowie reflected in the mind. We are to anyone our heroes, that is accustomed to Bowie. If only just one day. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.


2016年1月ボウイが死去してから、世界に与えたショックはいまだ衰えず、今まで普通に存在し、アルバムをリリースし、ツアーで会うことが出来る、それを当然の事と捉えていたファンに、ボウイとの瞬間それ自体が特別な時間の連続であったと認識させられている。ボウイは2004年リアリティ・ツアーの途中で体調を崩し、後のスケジュールをキャンセル。その後、長い沈黙の期間に入る。一部では引退したとも伝えられ、ロンドン・オリンピック出演の打診も断っている。その間、何をしていたのかは詳らかになっていないが、2013年に突然ニューアルバム「THE NEXT DAY」をリリースしたことにファンは驚き、また次なる活動への期待が高まっていた。しかしながら、期待に反しボウイは再び沈黙の期間に入る。一体ボウイは何をしているのだろう、何を考えているのだろう、そして次は何をしてくれるのだろうとファンは暖かく見守っていたはずである。


まず最初は2005年9月8日ニューヨークでのステージである。ボウイはピアノのみのシンプルな演奏をバックに「火星の生活」を歌った。これがツアー中断後の初めてのステージであった。静かに感動的に歌い上げる様は圧巻で、歌唱にややブランクを感じるものの、情感たっぷりに言葉を紡ぐボウイの声には胸打たれるものがある。その後の2曲はArcade Fireとの共演である。ツアーから離れていたため自身のバンドを持っていなかったボウイだが、勢いある新人バンドとのコラボで、最初とはうってかわってドラマチックなロック・チューンを、若者に胸を貸すような形で共演している。「5年間」はArcade Fireのボウイに対するリスペクトが感じられるもので、ほぼオリジナルを完コピした演奏をバックにボウイが歌っている。

続いて2006年5月29日ロイヤルアルバートホール公演、これはデイヴ・ギルモアのツアーにボウイが飛び入りしたもので、ギルモアと一緒にフロイドの「Arnold Layne」と「Comfortably Numb」の2曲を歌っている。フロイドのナンバーをボウイが歌う、聴いても全く違和感がなく、まさにボウイの曲として感じられるのが不思議なところである。

そしてボウイがまさに公で歌った最後となったのが2006年9月9日ニューヨークでのステージである。この時は3曲「野生の息吹き」「素晴しき航海」、そして「チェンジズ」である。「野生の息吹き」・・・厳かなピアノ伴奏だけをバックに、ボウイが魂を込めて歌っているのが伝わってくる凄まじい歌唱である。裏声を交え、起伏あるボウイの声色が堪能できる素晴らしいバージョン。今まで数えきれないくらいステージに立ってきた中で、生涯でこれが最後のステージになろうとはもちろんボウイ自身は知らなかったろうが、悔いが残らぬ一世一代の歌唱であると言える。 続く「素晴らしき航海」は軽やか、かつ爽やかな雰囲気で、非常にのびのびと歌っている。リリースから長らくステージで演奏することのなかった曲であるが、リアリティ・ツアーで初めてライヴ演奏された曲である。そして、まさにこれが最後、「チェンジズ」である。ボウイ生涯最後のライヴは、自身のテーマを歌った「チェンジズ」である。あくまで自然に、普通に、楽しそうに、軽やかに歌っているボウイに、これが最後だというセンチメンタルな感情は全くない。これは後世の知識でしかないので当たり前のことだが、私たちはやはり、そういう感慨で耳をそばだててしまう。これが、ボウイ、生前最後の、パフォーマンスなのである。「チェンジズ」




フロント・ジャケットのボウイは、雪降る街並みをバックに、指をチャッとポーズをとり、我々に「See you later」と言ってるかのような最晩年の写真である。我々は、心に映る我々自身のボウイに再び会うことができる。我々は誰でも我々の英雄に、すなわちボウイになれる。たった1日だけなら。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。

Radio City Music Hall New York NY U.S.A. September 8, 2005

01. Introduction
02. Life On Mars?
03. Wake Up with Arcade Fire
04. Five Years with Arcade Fire

Royal Albert Hall London U.K. May 29, 2006

05. Introduction
06. Arnold Layne
07. Comfortably Numb

Hammerstein Ballroom New York NY U.S.A. November 9, 2006

08. Introduction
09. Wild Is The Wind
10. Fantastic Voyage
11. Changes with Alicia Keys

JON BON JOVI January 10, 2016

12. “Heroes”

MADONNA Houston U.S.A. January 12, 2016
13. Introduction
14. Rebel Rebel

ADAM LAMBERT Osaka Japan January 12, 2016
15. Let’s Dance

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Pittsburgh U.S.A. January 16, 2016
16. Introduction
17. Rebel Rebel

BECK with Ex.NIRVANA members Los Angeles U.S.A. February 16, 2016
18. The Man Who Sold The World

LADY GAGA Los Angeles U.S.A. February 16, 2016
19. Bowie Medley

Helden. DEN – 058

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