Rolling Stones / Landover 2019 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Landover 2019 / 2CD / Non Label

Live at FedExField, Landover, MD, USA 3rd July 2019 PERFECT SOUND


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The Stones released last week as a gift was Stones last year’s Landover, but it was a very good sound quality Odins recording and above all, it was a day with a big centerpiece called “Mercy Mercy”, Many voices have been asked to be promoted to a limited press CD. Before the fact that the sound source appeared at the timing that more than six months had passed since the live was held, there was no idea to turn it into a press CD, and I saw the eyes in the form of a gift like the one above It is up to you. However, the centerpiece of “Mercy Mercy” is very strong. Many of the voices saying, “I want to hear this on a press CD” have been heard right after the gift appeared.
Certainly, “Mercy Mercy” on this day was not only a valuable live performance since Hyde Park in 1969, but it was also wonderful. On the contrary, it is no exaggeration to say that this is the most talked about rare number on last year’s “NO FILTER” tour. It seems that many people who heard the gift felt it, but this Odins recording first has good sound quality. The texture is very warm and the sound image is very close. If a rare number appears, there is certainly enough qualification for a press CD release.

In addition, the Stones performed a strong performance from the opening again, like the last year’s “NO FILTER” tour, which was popular in terms of performance. Especially “Jumping Jack Flash” and “You Got Me Rocking” are good. Even before the rare number was announced for the first time in 50 years, they will be able to convey their strong performance on this day. In other words, the setting for the moment that geeks around the world have longed for is ready.
Before starting to play, Mick introduced “ a song written by Don Covey who was active in Washington ”, and that was why it was a revival after a long absence even though it was not a voting song That’s right. For the first time in 50 years, “Mercy Mercy” is a wonderful performance that never feels blank. Originally, I started Stones because I wanted to play such a song, so it would be easy to perform after a long absence. The scene where Mick decides in a falsetto is perfect.
Interestingly, Bernard Fowler’s back chorus follows that of the original family, Covey, rather than the Stones version, resulting in a feel closer to that of the original version that the Stones recorded at the chess studio in ’64. Is also interesting. I can’t help but hope that I continue to play on the tour.

RoOne of the highlights of the day, “Rocks Off,” which is undeniable compared to previous years, is still much better than the European version that has been shown in recent years. I guess that the show here was a hint at the already released “SANTA CLARA 2019”.
However, as mentioned at the time of the gift release, it is true that there were places where the performance was slightly disturbed later. For example, Mick was about to sing the song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. Something is still smiling. Or Keith misses the sound during the “Honky Tonk Women” interlude.
The problem is that “Paint It Black” loses momentum from Charlie’s drumming and falls into a performance that seems to be almost stopped. In the next “Midnight Rambler”, the other three were in great shape, but Charlie was pulling his legs, and the intensity as usual ended up being one short. It’s terrible to ask the old man for the sharpness of the old Stones every night, but without these two songs he would have been the best day of the first half of the tour last year .
Despite this, Charlie regains his tone in the second half and leads to the energetic Stones finale. And the acoustic part “Angie” and “Let It Bleed” are good. Above all, “Mercy Mercy”, which was the biggest feature of last year’s tour, is exceptional. It is bliss to be able to enjoy precious moments with audience recordings of great sound quality!

(Remaster memo)
★ The range of high-frequency sounds such as vocals and guitars has been reduced, making it easier to listen to.

数週間前にギフトにてリリースいたしましたストーンズ昨年のランドーバーですが、かなり良好な音質のオーディンス録音であった上、何より「Mercy Mercy」という大きな目玉のある一日であったことから、限定プレスCDへの昇格リリースを望む声が多数寄せられました。こちらとしてはライブの開催から半年以上が経過したというタイミングでの音源の登場であったという事実を前に、それをプレスCD化する考えはまったくなく、先のようなギフトという形で日の目を見た次第です。ところが「Mercy Mercy」という目玉の存在は流石に強い。「これこそプレスCDで聞きたい」という声がギフト登場直後から多数寄せられることになってしまいました。
確かに、この日の「Mercy Mercy」は1969年ハイドパーク以来となる貴重なライブ演奏というだけでなく、その出来も素晴らしかった。それどころか昨年の「NO FILTER」ツアーにおいてもっとも話題を呼んだレアナンバーだと言っても過言ではない。ギフトを聞かれた多くの方が感じられたかと思われますが、このオーディンス録音はまず音質が良いですよね。非常にウォーミーな質感ですし、音像もなかなか近い。そこにレアナンバー登場とくれば、確かにプレスCDリリースの資格は十分。

それに演奏内容的にも好評だった昨年の「NO FILTER」ツアーらしく、ここでもストーンズはオープニングから力強い演奏を立て続けに披露。特に「Jumping Jack Flash」と「You Got Me Rocking」はいい感じ。50年ぶりのレアナンバー披露の前から、この日の彼らの好調ぶりをしっかりと伝えてくれるのです。いわば、世界中のマニアが待ち望んだ瞬間のお膳立ては整った。
演奏を始める前にミックが「ワシントンで活動していたドン・コヴェイが書いた曲」と紹介しており、なるほど投票ソング扱いでもないのに久々の復活を遂げたのにはそうした理由があったのですね。先の理由からちょうど50年ぶりとなった「Mercy Mercy」の演奏は全くブランクを感じさせない素晴らしさ。元はと言えばこういった曲をやりたくてストーンズを始めた訳ですから、久しぶりの演奏でもすんなりといったのでしょう。ミックがファルセットで決める場面もばっちり。

この日もう一つの目玉であった「Rocks Off」、こちらは往年の比べると勢いが足り感は否めませんが、それでもここ数年のヨーロッパで披露されたバージョンよりはずっといい。ここでの披露が既にリリース済の「SANTA CLARA 2019」での名演の伏線となったのではないでしょうか。
ただ、ギフト・リリース時に述べたように、以降になると少し演奏が乱れる箇所が散見されたことは事実。「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」の歌い出しをミックがとちりそうになった(’saw’と’her’を逆にして歌い出しそうになったところを慌てて正した)場面などはまだ微笑ましいものがある。あるいは「Honky Tonk Women」の間奏の途中でキースが音を外すのもまだ笑えるレベル。
問題は「Paint It Black」でチャーリーのドラミングから勢いが失われ、今にも止まりそうなほどもたついた演奏へと堕ちてしまう。次の「Midnight Rambler」でも他の三人は絶好調ながらチャーリーが足をひっぱる形となってしまい、いつものような激しさが今一つ足りないまま終わってしまいました。高齢の彼に往年のストーンズのような切れ味を毎晩求めるのは酷というものですが、これら二曲でのもたつきがなければ昨年のツアー前半におけるベストの一日となったであろうに惜しまれます。
とはいっても後半はチャーリーも調子を取り戻し、元気なストーンズのフィナーレへと導いてくれる。それにアコースティック・パートでの「Angie」と「Let It Bleed」の出来もいい。そして何より昨年のツアーで最大の目玉となった「Mercy Mercy」は格別。やはり貴重な瞬間を素晴らしい音質のオーディエンス録音で楽しめるのは至福!


Disc 1 (73:12)
1. Intro
2. Jumping Jack Flash
3. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
4. Tumbling Dice
5. You Got Me Rocking
6. Mercy, Mercy★
7. Rocks Off
8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
9. B-Stage S.E.
10. Angie
11. Let It Bleed
12. Sympathy for the Devil
13. Honky Tonk Women
14. Band Introductions
15. Slipping Away
16. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (51:33)
1. Miss You
2. Paint It Black
3. Midnight Rambler
4. Start Me Up
5. Brown Sugar
6. Gimme Shelter
7. Satisfaction



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