Pink Floyd / LA Rehearsals Complete / 2CDR

Pink Floyd / LA Rehearsals Complete / 2CDR /Amity

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Rehearsals at Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, USA 1st February 1980 STEREO SBD

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And recording the upgrade version of band rehearsal at Paramount Studios in LA valuable February 1, 1980 it is recorded on the disc 2 of “Lost Documentary” in the past. Generation is like the difference between tape compared to the already issued, the sound quality is has improved enough to be compared to, its outstanding take it I had to edit forcibly shorter in Long story short the passages in in order to fit on a single disk, but the present work will be able to enjoy the raw state had been recorded on tape (for its outstanding was recording of 75 minutes 27 seconds has been recorded for 90 minutes in this film). Was recorded in mixing desk (90 minutes) cassette and seems to be the master, the sound has been completely separated into stereo. And since it is recorded in anyway very good sound, the collector is a piece of must-have definitely. To fit the instructions of Roger of the directors have been recorded in the very real is like going to build a sound structure of the show, mania will not miss to hear even for an instant. Young Lust of guitar riff is recorded in Woah. Stop Bulding The Wall and entitled frustrating Roger in TRK11 is I will see how that has reached the peak. Hey You and would be falling overall sound is a moment in, But it was only fantasy of Roger raw voice sound of the bridge part, “I have become what exactly?” Along with the silence and is real even where Roger mutters. Irritation from these six days after the band and Roger must start a large-scale show of unprecedented will was considerable. For Floyd music history, is one of the most important sound source appeared in the master quality.

過去に「Lost Documentary」のディスク2に収録された貴重な1980年2月1日のLAのパラマウント・スタジオでのバンド・リハーサルのアップグレード・ヴァージョンを収録。既発に比べてテープのジェネレーションがまるで違い、音質が比較にならないほど向上しており、既発テイクはディスク一枚に収めるために曲間をかいつまんで無理やり短く編集していたのですが、本作はテープに録音されていたそのままの状態を楽しむことができます(既発が75分27秒の収録だったのが本作では90分収録されています)。ミキシング卓で録音された(90分)カセットをマスターにしているようで、音は完全にステレオに分離されています。とにかく非常に優れたサウンドで収録されているので、コレクターは間違いなく必携の一枚です。ダイレクターのロジャーの指示に合わせてショウのサウンド構成を構築していく様が非常にリアルに収録されており、マニアは一瞬たりとも聞き逃せないでしょう。Young Lustのギターリフが凄い迫力で収録。Stop Bulding The Wallと題されたTRK11ではロジャーのイライラがピークに達してる様子が分かります。Hey Youでは全体のサウンドが一瞬にして落ちてしまい、ブリッジパートのBut it was only fantasyのロジャーの生声が響き、沈黙と共に「いったいどうなってるんだ?」とロジャーがつぶやくところもリアルです。この6日後から空前絶後の大掛かりなショウをスタートさせなければならないバンドとロジャーの苛立ちは相当なものだったでしょう。フロイド音楽史にとって、最重要音源のひとつがマスター・クオリティで登場です。

Disc 1
1. The Thin Ice 2. Another Brick In The Wall Part 1 3. Happiest Days Of Our Lives
4. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 5. Mother 6. Goodbye Blue Sky 7. Empty Spaces
8. What Shall We Do Now? 9. Young Lust 10. One Of My Turns 11. Stop Building The Wall
12. Another Brick In The Wall Part 3 13. Goodbye Cruel World

Disc 2
1. Hey You 2. Don’t Start The Tape 3. Is There Anybody Out There? 4. Nobody Home 5. What’s On TV?
6. Vera 7. Bring The Boys Back Home 8. Comfortable Numb 9. The Show Must Go On

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