Runaways / Suckin Whole Cherries / 1CDR+1DVDR

Runaways / Suckin Whole Cherries / 1CDR+1DVDR / Johanna

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New York Palladium, Jan 7th 1978. SBD


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★ 1978年, precious unreleased live recordings recording of The Runaways !
★ pro shot footage treasured DVD with the ultimate up to 130 minutes !

Bombshell bomb Cherry Bomb ! Coupling of treasured footage and ultimate precious unreleased live recordings of The Runaways appeared in the Deluxe Edition !
Runaways became the Girls band of legendary live in underwear corset appearance of annoying Sherry Curry .
Perhaps because of the heyday was short , items also without too much , in addition to the video collection DVD of (JPD-200) JOHANNA label its outstanding , which has been a bestseller in some collector’s scene , a new Rojene source excavation recently set the CD that was recorded stereo sound board and clear the NEW YORK PALLADIUM performances January 7, 1978 , which is also the U.S. radio show program “KING BISCUIT” sound source is .
Joan jet takes a vocal Sherry leave immediately after , Queens Of Noise, such as American Nights
And enthusiastically the representative music . Energetic live is a must-listen . 1981 New Year’s Eve New York 3 bonus songs recorded from the sound board new sound source that have been unearthed recently this announcement live only Joan Jet & The Blackhearts at the RITZ further .
Only three years later , growth swing of her won worldwide break in “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”? Please realize .
Those of the footage and when I say , and video clips of the hit song ” Cherry Bomb ” deadly , now famous film “JAPAN 1977″ (47 minutes) some mania have been published, for example, film concerts at that time ( There is the color bleeding and blurring to some extent also secular ) I record at the highest quality to be considered .
Live & document that chasing coverage , including stage and off stage the pattern of the Japan tour of this 1977
The contents of the must-see approach to charm they also became a social phenomenon , not even a fan .
Covered without those images of rough feel of the times and ” formic ○ The NOW” more live footage of valuable TV appearances, ” the night ○ ○トhead Tajio ” such as including also exhaustive .
Video and twin sister duo Cherie & Marie Shelley after the withdrawal Joan jet covering such as PV in the second quarter of vocal , all Ran’na~eizu video , it is footage of the ultimate right .


短かった絶頂期のせいか、アイテムも余り多くなく、一部コレクターズ・シーンではベストセラーとなっていたJOHANNAレーベル既発(JPD-200)の映像集DVDに加えて、最近新たなロージェネ・ソースが発掘された米国ラジオショウ番組”KING BISCUIT”音源でもある1978年1月7日のNEW YORK PALLADIUM公演をクリアーなステレオサウンドボード収録したCDをセット。
シェリー脱退直後でジョーン・ジェットがボーカルを取り、Queens Of Noise、American Nightsなどの
代表曲を熱演。エネルギッシュなライヴは必聴です。更に1981年大晦日New YorkはRITZでのジョーン・ジェット&ブラックハーツのみ発表ライブをこれも最近発掘されたサウンドボード新音源から3曲ボーナス収録。
僅か3年後、”I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”で世界的ブレイクを勝ち取った彼女の成長振り?を実感して下さい。
映像集の方はと言うと、必殺のヒット曲”チェリー・ボム”のビデオクリップや、当時フィルムコンサートなどで公開されていて一部マニアには有名なフィルム”JAPAN 1977″(47分)を現在考えられる最高クオリティにて収録(時代的にもある程度のボケや色ニジミはありますが)。
シェリー脱退後の双子姉妹デュオCherie & Marieの映像や、ジョーン・ジェットがヴォーカルの第二期のPVなど、あらゆるランナェイズ映像を網羅した、まさに究極の映像集です。

■ 1CDR ■
[ Palladium New York 1978 Jan 7th – Stereo Soundboard Recording ]
Tuning / Wasted / Blackmail / Queens Of Noise / You’re Too Possessive / Wild Thing / You Drive Me Wild / Wait For Me / I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are / I Love Playin’ With Fire / School Days / American Nights / C’mon /

Sandy West – drums
Joan Jett – guitar, vocals
Lita Ford – guitar, vocals
Vicki Blue – bass, vocals

[ JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS – RITZ NYC, 1981 Dec 31st – Stereo Soundboard Recording ]
Wait For Me / I Love Rock N Roll / You’re Too Possessive /

 1DVDR ■
Cherry Bomb Video Clip <Japan ’77> / Opening – Come On / Queen Of Noise / California Paradise / All Right You Guys / I Love Playin’ With Fire / Wild Thing / Rock-N-Roll / Neon Angels / Cherry Bomb / Black Mail /I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are / American Nights / Secret /

Cherry Bomb “Promo Video Clip ” / Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin “Yoru No Hit Studio” /
Interview “Yoru No Hit Studio” / Cherry Bomb “Yoru No Hit Studio” /
All Right You Guys “Sounds In S” / Interview “Sounds In S” / Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin “Sounds In S”/ Cherry Bomb “Sounds In S” / Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin “Let’s Go Young” /
Queen Of Noise “Let’s Go Young” / Interview “Let’s Go Young” / Cherry Bomb “Let’s Go Young” /
Queen Of Noise “Ginza Now” / Interview “Ginza Now” / Cherry Bomb “Ginza Now” /
Interview “Ginza Now” / All Right You Guys “Tokyo Music Festival ’77” /Japanese TV Interview & Live : Queen Of Noise – American Nights / Cherry Bomb / Queen Of Noise “Korakuen Hall, Tokyo ’77” / Cherry Bomb “Korakuen Hall, Tokyo ’77” / Mama Weer All Crazee Now “P.V.” / Saturday Night Special “P.V.” / Schooldays “Musikladen, German TV”/ Wasted “O.G.W.T.” / Cherie & Marie Curie News “Tele-dio 7” / Since You’ve Been Gone “Cherie & Marie Curie” /

Cherie Currie(Vo,Key)
Joan Jett(Gt,Vo)
Lita Ford(Gt)
Jackie Fox(B)
Sandy West(Ds)

Johanna . JPD-DX-010

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