Rod Stewart & The Faces / Afterhours / 1CDR

Rod Stewart & The Faces / Afterhours / 1CDR / Non Label

Live At Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA, USA 7th March 1975.

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The legendary LP bootleg is reprinted with the highest quality ever. The legend board is “AFTER HOURS (TKRWM 1811)”. It is one piece that contained the original LP sound on a CD.
The legendary edition contains “March 7th, 1975 San Bernardino Performance”. In the FM broadcast by prestigious KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR, a large standard among the large standard that has symbolized the late THE FACES for many years. That’s why it has produced a large number of existing releases, but this film is an LP released in early 1976. Artwork printed as “ROD STEWART” instead of “THE FACES”, and red Tekken comes to light in light blue. Artwork … Some old-age collectors may feel nostalgic.
This work is reprinted in the highest peak quality of that legendary board. As a master that has appeared in recent years, core collectors from overseas have unearthed the best analog board in obsessive research and digitize it finely. There are plenty of sounds different in dimension from the many board wakes that have appeared in history so far.
In fact, the sound of this work is a wonderful, breezy analog feeling. While the vivid and vivid edge of the sound board shines, the core gives it a realistic feel unique to analog, and the natural sound is astonishingly beautiful. This beauty can only be achieved because it is “contemporary LP wake up”. Physically grooved vinyl sheets are much more resistant to aging than magnetic tapes, and modern technology has evolved into a digitization of know-how to understand the goodness of analog and then digitize. Even if the original master tape is alive, it can not leave the sound of that time, and sound that can not be achieved by the rough CD conversion of the analog dignity / digital blind faith era. It is a world of beauty that has survived to the test of time and came to the present age.
Performance of the late THE FACES depicted in the sound …. There was also a show that got drunk in the second half and turned into a gagguda, but in this show with broadcast recording I am blessed, and the sense of tension and heat is more than usual. The unique loose ensemble produces a great groove, and it is a much more fulfilling performance than the last-minute fall tour. Of course, Shoman shines like that: Rod Stewart & Ron Wood are also in excellent condition. Both giants, which have been increasing their brilliance as a star, are making a comeback while facing each other. A great British rock that never comes back again is one of Gyu.

As a matter of fact, speaking of “1975 San Bernardino”, a long sound board is also excavated, and its highest peak is also the press album “SAN BERNARDINO 1975 (Wardour-137)”. This work is a live album of about 46 minutes, which is much shorter than that. However, this sound has made the San Bernardino performance legendary, and has continued to convey the truth of the late THE FACES. The world of beautiful sound that could be saved only by analog LP. Please enjoy it at this opportunity.

伝説のLPブートレッグが史上最高峰クオリティで復刻です。その伝説盤とは『AFTERHOURS(TKRWM 1811)』。そのオリジナルLPサウンドをCDに封じ込めた1枚です。
この伝説盤に収められているのは「1975年3月7日サンバーナーディーノ公演」。名門KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOURによるFM放送で、長年に渡って後期THE FACESを象徴してきた大定番中の大定番。それだけに幾多の既発を生み出してきたわけですが、本作は初期の1976年にリリースされたLP。「THE FACES」ではなく「ROD STEWART」と印刷され、水色の中に赤い鉄拳が浮かび上がるアートワーク……古参コレクターの中には、懐かしく感じる方もいらっしゃるのではないでしょうか。
そのサウンドで描かれる後期THE FACESの名演……。後期には酔っ払ってグダグダになるショウもありましたが、放送収録があるこのショウではビシッとしていて、緊張感も熱気も普段以上。独特のルーズなアンサンブルが絶品のグルーヴを生み出し、解散寸前の秋ツアーよりも遙かに充実したパフォーマンスなのです。もちろん、そんな中で輝くショウマン:ロッド・スチュワート&ロン・ウッドも絶好調。日増しにスターとしての輝きを増していった両巨頭が、対峙しながらも引き立てあっている。もう二度と戻ることのない、素晴らしいブリティッシュ・ロックがギュウ詰めの1枚なのです。

実のところ、現在では“1975年サンバーナーディーノ”と言えば、長尺サウンドボードも発掘され、その最高峰はプレスアルバム『SAN BERNARDINO 1975(Wardour-137)』ともなっている。本作は、それよりも遙かに短い約46分のライヴアルバムです。しかし、このサウンドこそがサンバーナーディーノ公演を伝説たらしめ、後期THE FACESの真実を伝え続けてきたのです。アナログLPだからこそ保存できた美音の世界。どうぞ、この機会に存分にお楽しみください。

1. (I Know) I’m Losing You 2. Bring It On Home To Me 3. Sweet Little Rock And Roller
4. Fly In The Ointment 5. Every Picture Tells A Story 6. Stay With Me / Motherless Children
7. Gasoline Alley / Stay With Me (Reprise) 8. Maggie May 9. Twistin’ The Night Away


Rod Stewart – Vocals Ron Wood – Guitar, Vocal Ian McLagan – Keyboards
Tetsu Yamauchi – Bass Kenney Jones – Drums

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