Neil Young & Crazy Horse / The Complex Sessions / 1CDR

Neil Young & Crazy Horse / The Complex Sessions / 1CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:

Taken from US promo only 4 tracks CD “The Complex Sessions” (PRO-CD-7342), All tracks are live video versions of original tracks from the Reprise album “Sleep With Angels”


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This is Neil Young was in response quickly to punk mail Bumento in late 70’s in the old rockers, but there was a feeling that momentum waned The downturn in sales fashion the 1980s. However, I play a revival both in name and reality is beautifully respect as original grunge rocker to new musicians who received the baptism of punk, which debuted in the late 1980s. And active presence and leading up to the then current will as you know.

I announced at the same time also video work every time such Neil to their work over the middle since the early 1990s. It is Neil has left a large number of video works from the original 70’s, here’s to have left the video work, only this period now become.
When was released in ’95 as being linked to Sleeps With Angels was released in ’94 such, it is The Cmmplex Sessions is a video work by director Jonathan Demme. Content has become a live studio you select the four songs from the Sleeps With Angels. Performance full of the sense of tension as well as the video to hark back to the great master Jonathan Demme indeed I think in many people it is impressed to see.
We are pleased to introduce was reproduced in direct was distributed to stakeholders for the promotion of this work, the PRCD obtained by extracting only the sound from the video is the gift of this item. I will or imagination have created a PRCD bother themselves with Neil? Because we satisfied with this performance. In addition, I think this video has not been a DVD of it until now, very valuable work while only voice as digital media. Please enjoy this opportunity!


そんな94年に発売されたSleeps With Angelsに連動される様に95年に発表されたのが、ジョナサン・デミ監督による映像作品であるThe Cmmplex Sessionsです。内容はSleeps With Angelsから4曲をセレクトしたスタジオライブとなっています。さすが巨匠ジョナサン・デミと思わせる映像のみならず緊張感溢れる演奏はご覧になって感動された方も多いのではないでしょうか。

1. My Heart 2. Prime Of Life 3. Change Your Mind 4. Piece Of Crap

Neil Young – Guitar, Piano, Vocals Ralph Molina – Drums, Vocals
Billy Talbot – Bass, Vibes, Vocals Frank “Poncho” Sampedro – Guitar, Bass, Marimba, Vocals

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