Rainbow / Definitive Budokan 1980 / 2CD

Rainbow / Definitive Budokan 1980 / 2CD / Darker Than Blue

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 12th May 1980


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You must from now profusely fine talk. However, that it would like to say is very simple. “You can easily find of 1980 Budokan, First of all this!” As the title, I a. We will put in a corner of my head that the, why “First of all this!” Of whether, let’s continue to detail introduce the reason ….
First of all, do you know Kinney made LP legendary “SOLITARY TRAVELLER”. Also in the history of RAINBOW it is “one of the best and of Meien” honor analog boot leg matches High the “May 12, 1980 Budokan” in superb audience recordings. This work is to obtain a master cassette of Omoto that gave birth to Kano lords panel, this one was reprinted. Of course, if neither a cause LP, it will not be a copy of the same day its outstanding CD. Kind of the original cassette who had inhaled the field of air directly. It was large decision of RAINBOW ’80 was digitized in direct live album that I!
Speaking of the “May 12, 1980 Budokan”, Japan tour, the Budokan last day of the strongest line-up, which celebrated its Graham Bonnet. Although it is in too late, but let’s recap all the dates of 1980.

– May 8: Nippon Budokan
– May 9: Nippon Budokan
“Two days off”
– May 12: Nippon Budokan [this work] – May 13: Osaka Festival Hall
– May 14: Osaka Festival Hall
– May 15: Osaka Festival Hall

In this way, RAINBOW of 1980 gave a live one by 3 days in the “Budokan” and “Osaka Festival Hall”. This visit to Japan performances, “the strongest of RAINBOW” and set the star player called, moreover, including Ritchie Blackmore, everyone in the best condition best condition. All six performances’s the Meien complete set, but four consecutive days performances of “May 15 Osaka Festival Hall” from especially across the off “May 12 Budokan”, in between some mania “of the miracle 4 enough to be is even said to be “” had become MADE IN JAPAN “of RAINBOW If you have made a live album at this four-day” day between “and also called (there is also the fact that the same venue as the DEEP PURPLE’s first visit to Japan). Among them, Budokan last day that this work has been recorded’s a large Meien which has received the honor of “best of the best.” The Meien the first time is widely known, what the driving force behind that have been handed down for many years is, Kinney made LP “SOLITARY TRAVELLER”. This recording, in which all dates of Japan tour has been excavated as well, lord board that has been told a large Meien to Katsuaki sound of preeminent. This work is something that is turned into CD with the latest digital from kind of the Omoto cassette master.
In fact, large impressed by the opening of this work “Pomp and Circumstance”. Clear is ideally be recorded from treble to bass, the sound of bass, which spread to the venue of the Budokan also great. Many times until now, nothing dozen times, what is a hundred times there in the record do not know what I heard, the freshness have never heard things. The derivation panel from recording “INNOCENT VICTIMS COMPLETE (Darker Than Blue 108/109)” also did considerable, still different freshness of the original cassette. Site sound as it is of vivid, sound hauntingly texture of analog recording …… Yokuzo, Yokuzo, is what was also me containment the site of the air for 35 years. Moreover, Omoto “ON TOUR 1980 – ALL NIGHT LONG” to master because like, pat is also a place name MC of “Tokyo !!”, which has been erased in some of its outstanding. Noise removal, etc., but also mastering was done carefully, without it, such as breaking the original sound with equalization, we have reproduced as it is important to the analog sense of the original cassette itself had.
In addition, its outstanding and one different special is the other in this work. Last part of the “SOLITARY TRAVELLER” and its derivatives title was missing “Catch The Rainbow” and “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” until now also supplemented with Miracle Man recording of the same live, in full version of the show I finished. The first place, “SOLITARY TRAVELLER” recording of missing “Catch The Rainbow” and about 15 seconds after the show, “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” 1 minute 45 seconds of the last. The most but I cheers part, the last of texture performance of “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” had fallen about 7 seconds it was painful. Although it is in the tone of most 7 seconds, and warp to “Kill The King” remains “that?” Of the left unfinished because this is not. The uncomfortable feeling plenty, and I had imperceptibly become a second encore. This disadvantage, “SOLITARY TRAVELLER” derived board from, of course, was the same even in its outstanding “GIGANTIC EXPLOSION”, etc. that was used to compensate for that part. However, in this work, in addition to its texture 7 seconds, and then chipping after encore wait and “Catch The Rainbow” over 1 minute 30 seconds is firmly reproduction, prize is to listen connected to the full. Because it is 1980 tour also configured to have been built to perfection of the show, this difference of seamless mood is really big, it also is applied to a natural flow to the lord recording of tradition.
Meien the legendary revived in its original sound and full form. Although Japan tour the first day of the “May 8” was pulled foot in equipment (such as settings and PA balance of the keyboard), started to really shines from the second day, “May 9”, the third day This work remains higher tension, and further one step up also perfection of performance. Do well was the attention to the reaction of Japan, or from across the off, I do not know what came is fired up in Tokyo last day, was not before two days, “Blues,” “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” is also The intake, Graham also rolled riding in Ritchie is also beginning to end tone. Which song, you do not have to be desired complaint taking any moment. RAINBOW which rose gear in the last day of this Budokan, the remains of its momentum, and rushed to the Osaka Festival Hall for three days, ran through the “four days of miracle”. It is said to as “” had become MADE IN JAPAN “of RAINBOW” “four days of miracle”, I was its start dash.

Its outstanding Yara missing Yara Yara number of tracks, it has also made fine talk a lot. However, as I wrote at the beginning, that it would like to say is, “You can easily find of 1980 Budokan, First of all this!”. Also eventful in full rainbow color history, “top recording finals” will Popping to win candidate After the daimyo board, now you will receive weekend to your hand!


まず、伝説のキニー製LP「SOLITARY TRAVELLER」をご存じでしょうか。RAINBOWの歴史でも“最高の名演のひとつ”の誉れ高き「1980年5月12日武道館」を極上のオーディエンス録音で収めたアナログ・ブートレッグです。本作は、かの大名盤を生んだ大本のマスター・カセットを入手し、復刻した1本です。もちろん、LP起こしでもなければ、同日既発CDのコピーでもありません。現場の空気を直接吸い込んできたオリジナル・カセットの現物。それをダイレクトにデジタル化したRAINBOW ‘80の大決定ライヴアルバムなのです!


このように、1980年のRAINBOWは“武道館”と“大阪フェスティバルホール”で3日間ずつライヴを行いました。この来日公演は、“最強のRAINBOW”と呼ばれるスター・プレイヤーが揃い、しかもリッチー・ブラックモアをはじめ、全員が絶好調中の絶好調。全6公演すべてが名演ぞろいなのですが、特にオフを挟んだ「5月12日武道館」から「5月15日大阪フェスティバルホール」の4日連続公演は、一部マニアの間では“奇跡の4日間”とも呼ばれ(DEEP PURPLE初来日と同じ会場ということもあって)「この4日間でライヴ盤を作っていたらRAINBOWの『MADE IN JAPAN』になっていた」とさえ言われるほど。その中でも、本作が記録された武道館最終日は「ベスト中のベスト」の栄誉を受けてきた大名演なのです。その名演ぶりが広く知られ、長年語り継がれてきた立役者こそが、キニー製LP「SOLITARY TRAVELLER」。この録音は、来日公演の全日程が発掘されてきた中でも、バツグンのサウンドで大名演を克明に伝えてきた大名盤。本作はその大本カセット・マスターの現物から最新デジタルでCD化したものなのです。
実際、本作のオープニング「威風堂々」からして大感動。クリアで高音から低音まで理想的に録られており、武道館の会場に広がる低音の響きも素晴らしい。今まで何回も、何十回も、何百回聴いたか分からない録音ではありますが、その鮮度は聴いたことがないもの。同録音からの派生盤「INNOCENT VICTIMS COMPLETE(Darker Than Blue 108/109)」もかなりのものでしたが、やはりオリジナル・カセットの鮮度は違う。現場音そのままの生々しさ、アナログ録音の質感を湛えたサウンド……よくぞ、よくぞ、35年間も現場の空気を封じ込めてくれていたものです。しかも、大本マスターゆえに「ON TOUR 1980 – ALL NIGHT LONG」等、いくつかの既発では消されていた「Tokyo!!」の地名MCもばっちりです。ノイズ除去など、マスタリングも丁寧に行いましたが、イコライジングで原音を崩すようなことはせず、オリジナル・カセット自体が持っていたアナログ感をそのまま大切に再現いたしました。
さらに、本作では既発とは違うスペシャルがもう1つ。今までの「SOLITARY TRAVELLER」やその派生タイトルでは欠落していた「Catch The Rainbow」や「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」のラスト部分も同じライヴのMiracle Man録音で補填し、ショウの完全版に仕上げたのです。そもそも、「SOLITARY TRAVELLER」録音の欠落は「Catch The Rainbow」終演後の約15秒と、「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」ラストの1分45秒。そのほとんどが歓声部分なのですが、「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」の最後のキメ演奏が7秒ほど落ちていたのは痛かった。たかだか7秒分の楽音ではあるものの、これがないために尻切れトンボの「あれ?」のまま「Kill The King」にワープ。違和感たっぷりに、いつの間にかセカンドアンコールになっていたのです。この欠点は、「SOLITARY TRAVELLER」からの派生盤はもちろんのこと、そのパートを補填に使用した既発「GIGANTIC EXPLOSION」等でも同じでした。しかし、本作では、そのキメ7秒に加え、その後の1分30秒にわたるアンコール待ちや「Catch The Rainbow」後の欠けもしっかりと再現され、ショウが完全に繋がって聴ける。ショウの構成までもが完璧に構築された1980年ツアーですから、このシームレスなムードの違いは実に大きく、伝統の大名録音に自然な流れまでもが加わったのです。
そのオリジナル・サウンド&完全形で蘇る伝説の名演。ジャパンツアー初日「5月8日」には機材に足を引っ張られた(キーボードのセッティングやPAバランスなど)ものの、2日目「5月9日」からは本領を発揮しはじめ、3日目の本作はテンションも高いままに、さらに演奏の完成度も一段上がっている。日本の反応に気をよくしたのか、オフを挟んだからか、東京最終日で気合いが入ったのかは分かりませんが、前2日間にはなかった「Blues」「Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow」も取り入れ、グラハムもリッチーも終始調子に乗りまくり。どの曲、どの瞬間を取っても文句の付けようがありません。この武道館の最終日でギアの上がったRAINBOWは、その勢いのまま、大阪フェスティバルホール3日間へ突入し、“奇跡の4日間”を駆け抜けました。「RAINBOWの『MADE IN JAPAN』になっていた」とまで言われる“奇跡の4日間”、そのスタート・ダッシュとなったのです。


Disc 1 (39:30)
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Countdown Intro. 3. Eyes Of The World 4. Love’s No Friend
5. Since You Been Gone 6. Over The Rainbow 7. Man On The Silver Mountain 8. Catch The Rainbow

Disc 2 (57:54)
1. Keyboard Solo 2. Lost In Hollywood 3. Guitar Solo 4. Beethoven 9th 5. Keyboard Solo
6. Drums Solo feat. 1812 Overture 7. Guitar Solo 8. Lazy 9. All Night Long 10. Blues
11. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 12. Member Introduction 13. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
14. Kill The King 15. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll(reprise) 16. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Graham Bonnet – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass
Don Airey – Keyboard Cozy Powell – Drums

Darker Than Blue 195/196

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