Paul McCartney & Wings / Wings At The Speed Of Sound / 1DVD+2CD

Paul McCartney & Wings / Wings At The Speed Of Sound / 1DVD+2CD / Digital Archives Promotion

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Alternate Archive Collection


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70s Wings is the latest series of attention that the relevant sound source and the image of the album, which was announced “Wings-at-Wings at the Speed of Sound” was summarized in 1DVD + 2CD in which practices a record World Tour. So far the series similarly recorded in two sound source select the video album by the original edit of songs promo clip tailoring by 96khz / 24bit high-resolution PCM stereo sound source and the original stereo sound source to DVD. And recorded valuable ’76 video as “Wings Over Europe” is extra. Including the latest selection of high-quality quality of interview footage and private film, also rare live video of the time while fragment is a must as this time of rare video collection. CD1 Promo edited in, single version Introduction recording together an album-related outtakes and session sound source. And recording together remix sound of the album songs in CD2. And in the latest series of large recommendation as series same ultimate alternate archive collection also this so far

[Collector’s point] Following official the non-recording of sound and video from deeply pursue the series of popular as “Alternate Archive Collection” of content by the center to “Venus and Mars”, “Wings-at-Speed Of sound “is also introduced. Series same album songs so far to DVD recorded video album by the original edit of promo clip tailoring. Its in the video sound source I have two select recording the original stereo sound source by 96khz / 24bit high-resolution stereo sound source and Steve Hoffman. And recorded valuable ’76 video as “Wings Over Europe” is extra. Once the Paris performance while this time of limited high-quality quality that has been select at the moment from the video TV interview video and recently excavated private film further fragmentary film footage was just what the image quality is poor in the video era and making it the must-see collection live video also including the Venice performances. Promo edit the CD1, single version Introduction recorded album-related outtakes and session sound source. Interesting instrumental acetate sound of “LET ‘EM IN” initial rehearsal and John Bonham was the participation of “BEWARE MY LOVE”, slightly different “MUST DO SOMETHING”, and the like with the official recording, centered on the official unreleased of outtakes related sound source has been summarized in. The recording is mainly summarizes the remix sound source to CD2. Single hit songs as “LET ‘EM IN” “SILLY LOVE SONGS” is songs recorded published remix sound source from DJ White label analog promo board as “WINGSPAN REMIXES” after. The official also this Deluxe Edition is the latest title of large recommendation series attention to deliver content that can not be overlooked as Alternate archive collection in pursuit of sound and video of the unreleased in maniac.

[コレクターズ・ポイント] オフィシャル未収録の音源や映像を中心により深く追求した内容の”オルタネイト・アーカイブ・コレクション”として好評のシリーズから『ヴィーナス・アンド・マース』に続いて『ウイングス・アット・スピード・オブ・サウンド』も登場です。DVDにはこれまでのシリーズ同様アルバム全曲をプロモ・クリップ仕立てのオリジナル編集によるビデオ・アルバムを収録。その映像音源には96khz/24bitハイ・レゾルーション・ステレオ音源とスティーブ・ホフマンによるオリジナル・ステレオ音源を2種セレクト収録しています。エクストラでは”ウイングス・オーバー・ヨーロッパ”として貴重な76年映像を収録。かつてビデオ時代には画質が悪いものばかりだったこの時期の限られた映像から現時点でセレクトされた高画質クオリティのTVインタビュー映像や近年発掘されたプライベート・フィルムさらに断片的なフィルム映像ながらもパリ公演とベニス公演のライブ映像も含めた必見コレクションとなってます。CD1にはプロモ・エディット、シングル・バージョンはじめアルバム関連のアウトテイクやセッション音源を収録。興味深い「LET ‘EM IN」の初期リハーサルやジョン・ボーナムが参加した「BEWARE MY LOVE」のインスト・アセテート音源、公式収録とは僅かに異なる「MUST DO SOMETHING」等、公式未収録のアウトテイクを中心に関連音源がまとめられています。CD2には主にリミックス音源をまとめて収録。シングル・ヒット曲「LET ‘EM IN」と「SILLY LOVE SONGS」は後に”WINGSPAN REMIXES”として公開されたリミックス音源をDJホワイト・レーベルのアナログ・プロモ盤から全曲収録。今回も公式デラックス・エディションには未収録の音と映像をマニアックに追求したオルタネイト・アーカイブ・コレクションとして見逃せない内容でお届けする大推薦シリーズ注目の最新タイトルです。

DVD WINGS AT THE SPEED OF SOUND – VIDEO ALBUM LET ‘EM IN THE NOTE YOU NEVER WROTE SHE’S MY BABY BEWARE MY LOVE WINO JUNKO SILLY LOVE SONGS COOK OF THE HOUSE TIME TO HIDE MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT SAN FERRY ANNE WARM AND BEAUTIFUL EXTRA VIDEO – WINGS OVER EUROPE INTERVIEW IN DENMARK 1976 INTERVIEW IN HOLLAND 1976 INTERVIEW IN FRANCE 1976 PARIS PRIVATE FILM FOOTAGE LIVE IN PARIS FRANCE 1976 (I’ve Just Seen A Face / Rock Show) ARRIVAL IN VENICE LIVE IN VENICE ITALY 1976 (Rock Show / Jet / Band On The Run) PROMOTION 2014 NTSC 16:9 WIDESCREEN time approx. 70min. 96khz/24bit High Rosolution PCM stereo / Original Stereo Mix + Dolby Digital Stereo CD 1 1. LET ‘EM IN (Promo Edit – stereo) 2. SILLY LOVE SONGS (Promo Edit – stereo) 3. BEWARE MY LOVE (Single Edit) 4. LET ‘EM IN (Take 1 – Rehearsal) 5. THE NOTE YOU NEVER WROTE (Basic Track without Strings Horns) 6. SHE’S MY BABY (Take 1) 7. SHE’S MY BABY (Rough Mix) 8. BEWARE MY LOVE (Alternate Take) 9. BEWARE MY LOVE (John Bonham Acetate – Instrumental) 10. WINO JUNKO (Rough Mix) 11. SILLY LOVE SONGS (Basic Track without Strings Horns) 12. COOK OF THE HOUSE (Live 1979) 13. TIME TO HIDE (Basic Track Instrumental) 14. MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT (Paul’s Vocal Original) 15. MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT (Single Edit) 16. RICHARD CORY (Studio Version) 17. OLD MAN RIVER (Tour Rehearsal Session) 18. SOILY (Tour Rehearsal Session) 19. STEALIN’ (Tour Rehearsal Session) 20. SUICIDE (Tour Rehearsal Session) CD 2 1. LET ‘EM IN (Paul’s Introduction) 2. LET ‘EM IN (Promo Edit – mono) 3. SILLY LOVE SONGS (Extended Video Remix) 4. THE NOTE YOU NEVER WROTE (2011 Remix) 5. COOK OF THE HOUSE / SUGARTIME (Linda’s Recipe Remix) 6. LET ‘EM IN (Extended Remix) 7. LET ‘EM IN (Wingspan Special Remix) 8. LET ‘EM IN (Wingspan Dif.Gear Mix) 9. LET ‘EM IN (Wingspan Wing-It Mix) 10. SILLY LOVE SONGS (Wingspan Loop Da Loop Main Mix) 11. SILLY LOVE SONGS (Wingspan Loop Da Loop Radio Mix) 12. SILLY LOVE SONGS (Wingspan Artful Dodger Mix) 13. SILLY LOVE SONGS (Wingspan Wings vs Loop Da Loop Mix)

Digital Archives Promotion. DAP-P011CD1/2DVD

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