Queen / Newcastle 1979 1st Night / 2CDR

Queen / Newcastle 1979 1st Night / 2CDR / Uxbridge

Live At City Hall Newcastle UK 3rd December 1979.

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The miracle tour “CRAZY TOUR” where Freddie was in great shape in the entire history of QUEEN. The precious live album is here.
What is recorded in this work is “December 3, 1979 Newcastle performance”. That audience recording. As I reported on “GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT (Uxbridge 1201)” the other day, there is no tour that deserves to be called a “miracle” like “CRAZY TOUR”. Freddie was a person who had a lot of ups and downs depending on the day, but “CRAZY TOUR” was a complete exception. Every day and every night is in great shape. It’s not just that the throat is in good condition, but the explosive tension of “LIVE AID”. “LIVE AID” was able to keep the tension and throat because it was about 25 minutes, but it ran through a full show of 100 minutes or more. As a matter of fact, “LIVE AID Bari no Full Show” is popping up on other tours, but “CRAZY TOUR” is every night. Since there are only 5 performances left, I can’t say if it’s really all performances, but at least those 5 performances are transcendent and the performance rate is 100%.
This work is a masterpiece live album that conveys one act of such “CRAZY TOUR”. At our shop, the masterpiece “NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT (Uxbridge 941)” at the same venue is also a standard, but this work is a separate performance. In addition, the masterpieces “HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1979 LEGENDARY MASTER TAPES (Wardour-405)” and “LIVERPOOL 1979 1ST NIGHT (Uxbridge 1206)” will be released at the same time this week, so let’s organize the collection of miraculous tours by schedule.

・ November 22-30: 6 performances (no recording)
・ December 1st “GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT”
・ December 3: Newcastle performance ← ★ This work ★
・ December 4th “NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT”
・ December 6 “LIVERPOOL 1979 1ST NIGHT”
・ December 7-22: 10 performances (no recording)

Above, all 21 performances. Speaking of the symbol of this tour, it will be the final day pro shot “HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1979 (there is also a full audience recording of the same title)”, but in addition to that, recordings have been left for 4 consecutive performances. The Newcastle performance of this work is the second one. It was a stage between “GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT” and “NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT”.
The quality of this work that recorded such a show is between “GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT” and “NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT”. At the beginning, like “GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT”, it seems that the audience needs to get used to it, but the cloudiness clears up from the middle of the second song “Tie Your Mother Down”, making it easier to hear at once. Above all, the distance is closer than “GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT”, and the powerful core reaches you with vivid details. Of course, it is adjusted by meticulous mastering independently, and you can see that Freddy’s best performance can be picked up.
It was even more surprising to be drawn with a sound that surpassed “GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT”. It’s a terrific masterpiece that can even haze that daimyo board! If you have experienced “GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT”, you may have been surprised by Freddy’s great performance, but this work goes even further. Far from being the same as the studio recording, the voice grows even more, and you can freely play with plenty of seasoning phrases. In “’39”, he sings a line higher than the original. This tremendous throat and tension surpasses “HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1979” and is on par with “NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT” at the same venue. “Miracle in a miracle” that will be the climax even on a miracle tour. “LIVE AID” is a symbol of the huge venue spectacle and the drama of the revival drama, but if you just say it in a famous performance, this work is far beyond …
It is also known that “CRAZY TOUR” has a different set every night. All records will be available for the two titles this week, so let’s focus on the differences from other performances and organize them.

● Fixed set (18 songs)
・ SHEER HEART ATTACK: Killer Queen / Now I’m Here
・ A NIGHT AT THE OPERA: Death On Two Legs / I’m In Love With My Car / You’re My Best Friend / Bohemian Rhapsody
・ A DAY AT THE RACES: Somebody To Love / Tie Your Mother Down
・ NEWS OF THE WORLD: Get Down Make Love / Spread Your Wings / Sheer Heart Attack / We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions
・ JAZZ: Let Me Entertain You / Mustapha / Don’t Stop Me Now
・ THE GAME: Save Me / Crazy Little Thing Called Love
● Daily songs (5 songs)
・ QUEEN: Keep Yourself Alive
・ A NIGHT AT THE OPERA: Love Of My Life / ’39
・ JAZZ: If You Can’t Beat Them / Fat Bottomed Girls

… And it looks like this. “GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT” was almost only the basic set, but after that it increased. Five new songs will be unveiled, and you can enjoy “If You Can’t Beat Them” and “Fat Bottomed Girls” that you can’t even listen to in “NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT” the next day. In other words, the biggest feature of the day is the song that I haven’t played. “We Will Rock You (fast)” and “Jailhouse Rock” are in pole position in the other four performances, but the day suddenly starts with “Let Me Entertain You”. Even in the miracle tour, there is a unique mood only for this work.

A series of great performances like a miracle ……, or “CRAZY TOUR”, which has only great performances. In the meantime, two days in Newcastle where a “miracle in a miracle” happened. Until now, there was only one “NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT (Uxbridge 941)”, but this work has made it possible to experience the site on the first day. “QUEEN fans all over the world should remember” Newcastle in 1979 “forever” “December 3rd & 4th should be an anniversary” … A super-famous performance that rushes to such a playful word. If you have “NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT”, please collect it as a sister work, and if you haven’t experienced it, please collect it as a set!

QUEEN全史でもフレディが絶好調を極めた奇跡のツアー“CRAZY TOUR”。その貴重なライヴアルバムが登場です。
そんな本作に記録されているのは「1979年12月3日ニューカッスル公演」。そのオーディエンス録音です。先日も『GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT(Uxbridge 1201)』でレポートしましたが、“CRAZY TOUR”ほど「奇跡」と呼ぶに相応しいツアーはありません。フレディは日によって好不調の幅が激しい人でしたが、“CRAZY TOUR”は完全に例外。連日連夜すべてが絶好調。それも単にノドの調子が良いだけに留まらず、“LIVE AID”ばりのブッちぎれた爆テンション。“LIVE AID”は約25分だからこそテンションとノドをキープできたわけですが、それが100分以上のフルショウを突っ走るのです。実のところ、他のツアーでも「LIVE AIDばりのフルショウ」はポツポツあるものの、“CRAZY TOUR”はそれが連日連夜。残された記録は5公演分しかないので、本当に全公演かどうかは断言できないものの、少なくともその5公演は全部超絶であり、名演率100%なのです。
本作は、そんな“CRAZY TOUR”の一幕を伝える傑作ライヴアルバム。当店では同会場の名作『NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT(Uxbridge 941)』も定番となっておりますが、本作は別公演。さらに今週は最高傑作『HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1979 LEGENDARY MASTER TAPES(Wardour-405)』や『LIVERPOOL 1979 1ST NIGHT(Uxbridge 1206)』も同時リリースとなりますので、日程で奇跡ツアーのコレクションを整理しておきましょう。

・12月1日『GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT』
・12月3日:ニューカッスル公演 ←★本作★
・12月4日『NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT』
・12月6日『LIVERPOOL 1979 1ST NIGHT』

以上、全21公演。このツアーの象徴と言えば最終日プロショット『HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1979(同タイトルのフル・オーディエンス録音もあります)』となるわけですが、それ以外にも4連続公演で録音が残されています。本作のニューカッスル公演はその2本目。『GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT』と『NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT』の合間のステージでした。
そんなショウを記録した本作は、クオリティも『GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT』と『NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT』も中間という感じ。冒頭は『GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT』と同じようにややオーディエンス慣れも必要な感じですが、2曲目の「Tie Your Mother Down」途中から曇りがサッと晴れ、一気に聞きやすくなる。何よりも『GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT』より距離が近く、力強い芯が鮮やかなディテールを伴って手元に届く。もちろん、独自に細心マスタリングで調整しており、フレディの絶好調ぶりも手に取る様に分かるのです。
『GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT』を超えるサウンドで描かれるのは、さらなるびっくり。なんと、あの大名盤さえ霞みかねない凄まじい名演なのです! 『GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT』を体験された方ならフレディの絶好調ぶりに驚かれたと思いますが、本作はさらに上を行く。スタジオ録音と変わらないどころか、もっと声が伸び、ちょっとした味付けフレーズも余裕たっぷりで自在に遊びまくり。「’39」ではオリジナルよりも高いラインを悠々と歌っています。この凄まじいノドとテンションは『HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1979』も超え、同会場の『NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT』と並ぶ。奇跡のツアーでも絶頂となる「奇跡の中の奇跡」。“LIVE AID”は巨大会場のスペクタクルや復活劇のドラマもあっての象徴ですが、こと名演ぶりだけで言えば、本作は遙かに超えています……。
また、“CRAZY TOUR”は毎晩セットが異なる事でも知られています。今週の2タイトルで全記録が出揃いますので、ここで他公演との違いに注目して整理してみましょう。

・SHEER HEART ATTACK:Killer Queen/Now I’m Here
・A NIGHT AT THE OPERA:Death On Two Legs/I’m In Love With My Car/You’re My Best Friend/Bohemian Rhapsody
・A DAY AT THE RACES:Somebody To Love/Tie Your Mother Down
・NEWS OF THE WORLD:Get Down Make Love/Spread Your Wings/Sheer Heart Attack/We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions
・JAZZ:Let Me Entertain You/Mustapha/Don’t Stop Me Now
・THE GAME:Save Me/Crazy Little Thing Called Love
・QUEEN:Keep Yourself Alive
・A NIGHT AT THE OPERA:Love Of My Life/’39
・JAZZ:If You Can’t Beat Them/Fat Bottomed Girls

……と、このようになっています。『GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT』はほぼ基本セットのみでしたが、その後は増量。5曲が新たに披露され、翌日『NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT』でも聴けない「If You Can’t Beat Them」「Fat Bottomed Girls」も楽しめます。もっと言うと、この日最大の特徴は演奏していない曲。他4公演では「We Will Rock You (fast)」や「Jailhouse Rock」がポール・ポジションを務めていますが、この日はいきなり「Let Me Entertain You」でスタートする。奇跡ツアーの中でも本作だけの独特なムードがあるのです。

奇跡のような名演連発……と言いますか、名演しかない“CRAZY TOUR”。そんな中にあって「奇跡中の奇跡」が起きたニューカッスル2日間。これまでは『NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT(Uxbridge 941)』1本だけでしたが、本作によってさらに初日の現場も体験できるようになったわけです。「世界中のQUEENファンは“1979年のニューカッスル”を永遠に記憶すべき」「12月3日&4日は記念日にすべき」……そんな戯れ言まで頭を駆け巡ってしまう超名演。『NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT』をお持ちの方は姉妹作として、未体験の方はぜひともセットでコレクションしてください!

Disc 1 (61:37)
1. Intro
2. Let Me Entertain You
3. Tie Your Mother Down
4. Somebody To Love
5. If You Can’t Beat Them
6. Mustapha
7. Death On Two Legs
8. Killer Queen
9. I’m In Love With My Car
10. Get Down, Make Love
11. You’re My Best Friend
12. Save Me
13. Now I’m Here
14. Don’t Stop Me Now
15. Spread Your Wings

Disc 2 (46:17)
1. Love Of My Life
2. ’39
3. Fat Bottomed Girls
4. Keep Yourself Alive
5. Drum & Guitar solo
6. Brighton Rock(ending)
7. Bohemian Rhapsody
8. Sheer Heart Attack
9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
10. We Will Rock You
11. We Are The Champions
12. God Save The Queen

Uxbridge 1205

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