Rolling Stones / Syracuse 1994 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Rolling Stones / Syracuse 1994 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Non Label
Live at Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY, USA 8th December 1994 plus Bonus DVDR “Miami 1994 Laser Disc Edition”

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Stones 1994 Voodoo Lounge, America Tour was their restart that was revived in 1989-90 tours, and from the first day of the tour due to the development of recording equipment, it seems like a smashing It was the time when the item was created. It may have been the restart of Stones that the world has been paying attention to, but the set list that was more varied and varied than from 1989 to 1990 should have been a factor in producing many items. Since then (what!) 25 years have passed, and the representative of America in 1994 was Miami in November, which was broadcasted on television, and the final release was officially released last year.
In that respect, the audience recording items that were so popular in the market in 1994 can not be denied that the shadows and shapes have disappeared, but it was an epoch-making release that was released two years ago to throw a stone in such a situation. The item will be an audience album “SEATTLE 1994” with a performance on December 15th. In the first place, although the first appearance from the December leg with few items, the press CD that thoroughly restored the instability due to cassette recording was praised as “this is the sound that mania wanted to hear”.

The Syracuse performance one week ago was mentioned as “the most famous audience recording in December” when the Seattle was released. The audience recording title “THE SUN, THE MOON & THE STONES” was released in real time on this day, and it was evaluated as the most “listening” title among the December items that appeared at that time. In addition, HORNY BUNGLE RECORDS, which was released as a bonus, was a renaming of the TSP label that prevailed in the first generation, and it attracted attention in that regard.
That said, the sound quality itself was a moderate level of audience recording, and the TSP was already ready to release a title with a high level of sound quality. It is clear that the renamed label was used to avoid risk. Still, the artwork and so on are still the TSP sense, and the mania remembers it as a well-received title.

Recently, however, a completely different audience recording of Syracuse performances appeared on the net. It’s not just an audience recording using DAT, but a surprisingly high quality using a Schoeps high-performance microphone. It was clear that “THE SUN, THE MOON & THE STONES” was also recorded by DAT, but the microphone used was probably not so high performance, a random recording in the midrange It was in a state. In addition, I was able to hear that the sound quality was subtly deteriorated due to dubbing from DAT to cassette (ordinary action when dubbing from DAT to DAT was not easy).
In that respect, this recording is not only a version released directly on the net from DAT, but also realizes another level of clearness from “ THE SUN, THE MOON & THE STONES ” because the recording equipment is a high-performance microphone doing. It seems that “THE SUN-” is better only in terms of the direct feeling of performance, but other than this, the sound source of this time is overwhelming. Above all, there is no unnaturalness in this sound source as if Mick’s vocal was applied with a filter, which was a great stress on listening in the “THE SUN ~” sound source. On the contrary, his voice itself is captured nearby, and even more so that you can feel the ease of listening to the already released board. The only low frequency range that tended to saturate a little, especially Charlie’s Basdora, so this issue was mitigated by applying equalization.

And as I felt in Seattle, Stones after a successful TV career in Miami has a really strong performance. Especially on this day, Charlie’s drumming was in great condition, and it was remarkable that the new songs at that time. Above all, “Love Is Strong” and “I Go Wild” are overwhelmed as his play gets more intense as the performance progresses. Even though he was still 50 years old, Charlie’s drumming is great. In particular, the fact that his drum sounds were recorded in real life also strengthened the impression.
Isn’t he losing and Mick is doing so well, and will he feel liberated after finishing the Miami broadcast? On the other hand, it is Keith that the condition of the malfunction looks interesting. It’s not just the guitar or the whole live, but the two songs he sings. After all, Keith was coughing even during the “Before They Make Me Run”, and when he started singing the same song, his voice was raging. In short, it is speculated that he had a cold, but “The Worst”, which was sung as it was, made it feel amazing. The overall performance of Stones is outstanding, so two more songs Keith sings will appear as interesting scenes.
And the reason for the maximum ease of hearing of this sound source is that the level of the surrounding audience is low anyway. This is the situation even for “Satisfaction,” which is nostalgic for the first half of the tour. This is a level of tranquility that seems like an illusion that no one is around in the new songs at that time (laughs). Following that “SEATTLE 1994”, it was released again from the American tour in 1994. This time, a surprising upper version sound source that renovates the best of Syracuse, which was a classic hidden among enthusiasts, has appeared on the limited press CD. Enjoy the best after-sale of Miami after the finale fireworks with the sound quality that is easier to hear than the old-fashioned “THE SUN, THE MOON & THE STONES”!

(Remastered memo)
★ I am worried about the turbidity of the bass, the texture of the cymbals, and the sparse attack of each instrument.

★ Brown Sugar, Jumping Jack Flash sound quality is different from other parts, so we adjusted it to be as uniform as possible.

★ High quality sound source for the first time recorded with Schopes microphone.

その点、94年当時あれほど市場に溢れていたオーディエンス録音アイテムは影も形もなくなってしまった感が否めませんが、そんな状況に一石を投じるべく2年前にリリースされた画期的なアイテムが12月15日の公演を収めたオーディエンス・アルバム「SEATTLE 1994」でしょう。そもそもアイテムの少ない12月のレグからの初登場ながら、カセット録音による不安定さを徹底的にレストアしたプレスCDは「これぞマニアが聞きたかった音」だと賞賛されました。

そのシアトルのリリース時「12月のオーディエンス録音で最も有名なもの」として触れていたのが一週間前のシラキュース公演。この日はオーディエンス録音タイトル「THE SUN, THE MOON & THE STONES」がリアルタイムでリリースされていて、当時現れた12月アイテムの中では一番「聞き込める」タイトルだと評価されていたものです。おまけにリリースしたHORNY BUNGLE RECORDSは一世を風靡したTSPレーベルの変名であり、その点においても注目を浴びたのでした。

しかし最近になってネット上にシラキュース公演のまったく別なオーディエンス録音が登場したのです。それはDATを使用したオーディエンス録音というだけでなく、Schoepsの高性能マイクを使用した驚くほど上質なクオリティ。「THE SUN, THE MOON & THE STONES」もDATによる録音であることは明白でしたが、使用したマイクがさほど高性能なものではなかったのでしょう、中域に音が寄ったレンジのせまめな録音状態だったのです。おまけにDATからカセットにダビング(DATからDATへのダビングが容易でなかった時代には普通の行為)によって微妙に音質が落ちていることも伺えたのです。
その点、今回の録音はDATからダイレクトにネット上で公開されたバージョンというだけでなく、録音機材が高性能マイクということから「THE SUN, THE MOON & THE STONES」とは別次元のクリアネスを実現しています。演奏のダイレクト感という点だけは「THE SUN~」の方が上かと思われますが、それ以外は今回の音源の圧勝。中でも「THE SUN~」音源におけるリスニング上の大きなストレスだった、ミックのボーカルがまるでフィルターでもかけられたかのような不自然さが今回の音源には一切ありません。それどころか彼の声そのものが近くに捉えられており、なおさら既発盤を一蹴する聞きやすさを実感してもらえるかと。唯一、チャーリーのバスドラを中心とした低域が若干ながら飽和しがちな状態でしたので、今回のリリースに際してイコライズを施してこの問題を緩和させました。

そしてシアトルでも感じられた事ですが、マイアミのTV仕事を成功させた後のストーンズは演奏が実に力強い。中でもこの日はチャーリーのドラミングが絶好調で、それが顕著なのが当時の新曲群。中でも「Love Is Strong」と「I Go Wild」では、演奏が進むにつれて彼のプレイがどんどん激しくなってゆく様に圧倒されてしまいます。まだ50代だったという年齢も大きかったのでしょうが、それにしてもチャーリーのドラミングは素晴らしい。特に彼のドラムの音がリアルに捉えられた録音状態であることも、その印象をいっそう強めてくれるのです。
彼に負けじとミックも絶好調であり、やはりマイアミ中継を終えた後の解放感がそうさせるのでしょうか。反対に不調の具合が面白く映ってしまうのがキース。それもギターやライブ全体ではなく、彼が歌う二曲の場面。何しろキースは「Before They Make Me Run」の最中でも咳き込んでおり、いざ同曲を歌い出すと声がガサガサ。要は風邪をひいていたのだと推測されますが、そのままの調子で歌い切った「The Worst」では凄みすら感じさせるほど。全体的にストーンズの好調さが際立っていますので、なおさらキースが歌う二曲が面白い場面として映ります。
そしてこの音源最大の聞きやすさの要因と言えば、周囲の観客のレベルがとにかく低いという事。このツアーでは前半で演奏されていた扱いが今となっては懐かしい「Satisfaction」ですら、そんな状況です。これが当時の新曲群では周囲に誰もいないのかと錯覚しそうなレベルの静けさ(笑)。あの「SEATTLE 1994」に続いて再び94年アメリカ・ツアーからのリリース。今回はマニアの間で隠れた定番だったシラキュースのベストを刷新する驚きのアッパー版音源が限定プレスCDにて登場です。懐かしの「THE SUN, THE MOON & THE STONES」よりも聞きやすい音質で、アフター・マイアミの絶好調ストーンズをフィナーレの花火まで心ゆくまで味わってください!


★Brown Sugar, Jumping Jack Flashは他の部分と音質が違うので、なるべく均一になるように別調整しました。



Disc 1 (65:44)
1. Intro
2. Not Fade Away
3. Tumbling Dice
4. You Got Me Rocking
5. Shattered
6. Rocks Off
7. Sparks Will Fly
8. Satisfaction
9. Beast of Burden
10. Memory Motel
11. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo
12. Love Is Strong
13. It’s All Over Now
14. I Go Wild

Disc 2 (66:13)
1. Miss You
2. Band Introductions
3. Honky Tonk Women
4. Before They Make Me Run
5. The Worst
6. Sympathy for the Devil
7. Monkey Man
8. Street Fighting Man
9. Start Me Up
10. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
11. Brown Sugar
12. Jumping Jack Flash


Rolling stones / Mimai 1994 Laser Disc Edition / 1DVDR / Non Label
Live at Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, Florida, USA 25th November 1994 PRO-SHOT

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From 1994 “Voodoo Lounge” North America Tour, Miami performances on November 25 recorded ultra-high-quality professional shots. Live about two weeks after the new “SYRACUSE 1994”. At that time, the full version of the concert was broadcast live on TV, and later, video software edited in 95 minutes was officially released in the format of VHS video and laser disc. This disc is a DVD made directly by a mania from a US made laser disc, and the image quality and sound quality are surprisingly beautiful.

With the appearance of “Voodoo Lounge Uncut Miami 1994” released last year, it was a pirated video of the discontinued official and its copy that was completely finished, but if you were a mania, you could have enjoyed it for a long time with video software (or DVDR for video) And the 96-minute edition you’ve always thought of is the best place to bring it to the collection shelf. As mentioned above, this board is an official laser disc digitized with a high-end model of mania, so the quality is surprisingly beautiful and quality that is not lost even compared to the overseas official DVD of the 2000s Guarantee. (The company logo with the words “The Finest In Laser Videodiscs” at the beginning is nostalgic!) Actually, the image quality and sound quality are just “perfect”, and laser discs are high-quality software before DVDs appeared. However, it is the highest quality version that you can see that you can’t speak at all.

1994年「Voodoo Lounge」北米ツアーより、11月25日のマイアミ公演を超高画質プロショット収録。新作「SYRACUSE 1994」の約2週間後のライヴです。当時、テレビでコンサート完全版が生中継放送され、後に、95分に編集された映像ソフトがVHSビデオ、レーザー・ディスクのフォーマットで公式リリースされました。本盤は、マニアがUS製レーザー・ディスクよりダイレクトにDVD化したもので、画質・音質は驚く程に綺麗です。

昨年リリースされた「Voodoo Lounge Uncut Miami 1994」の登場で、完全に役目は終わった廃盤公式&そのコピーの海賊版映像ですが、マニアなら長い間、ビデオソフト(ないしはビデオ起こしのDVDR)で楽しんできた、思い入れたっぷりの96分編集版もこれもまた最良の状態でコレクション棚に持っていたいところ。本盤は前述のとおり、公式レーザー・ディスクをマニアがハイエンドな機種でデジタル化した一枚ですので、品質は驚くほどに美しく、2000年代の海外公式版DVDと比較しても全く負けていないクオリティを保証します。(冒頭の「The Finest In Laser Videodiscs」の文字を伴ったカンパニーロゴも懐かしい!)実際、画質・音質は「完璧」の一言ですし、DVDが登場する前の高画質ソフトであるレーザー・ディスクも実は全く侮れないということが判る、最高画質版です。

1. Opening2. Introduction by Whoopi Goldberg 3. Not Fade Away 4. Tumbling Dice
5. You Got Me Rocking 6. Satisfaction 7. Angie 8. Sweet Virginia with Whoopi Goldberg
9. It’s All Over Now 10. Stop Breaking Down with Robert Cray 11. Who Do You Love with Bo Diddley
12. Miss You 13. Honky Tonk Women 14. The Worst 15. Sympathy For The Devil 16. Start Me Up
17. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 18. Brown Sugar 19. Jumping Jack Flash with Whoopi Goldberg
20. End Credit


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