Queen / Magic Years A Visual Anthology / 3DVD

Queen / Magic Years A Visual Anthology / 3DVD / Non Label
The Foundation/ Live Killers In The Making/ Crowned In Glory

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Translated text:

The historical masterpiece of the official history image “THE MAGIC YEARS” is reprinted with superb quality. It appears in three sets of permanent preservation press DVD.
This work is an anthology work that looked back to “MAGIC TOUR 1986” which was the last tour of Freddy from the formation. It is a masterpiece that summarized the era when Freddie Mercury was fine in about three hours. Of course, although the main is “MAGIC TOUR 1986”, it shows plenty of the back side of the Nebworth show which was the last show with history and Freddie there. In the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” also a historical masterpiece “Bohemian Rhapsody” production and LIVE AID were drawn, but this work is being smoothed out by their own words. It is not a dramatized story, but a picture masterpiece depicting the true QUEEN.
The official work “THE MAGIC YEARS” which became the origin of such work was released in three films of “VOL.1” to “VOL.3” in 1987, but after that all DVDs will be made Without being out of print. In this work, borrowed three work VHS of the finest mint quality that Coremania treasured treasured precisely, it digitized precisely. That quality is truly amazing. Of course, at that time VHS it is different from the modern sense of digital primeval, but its preservation state is perfect. No twisting of the tape or deterioration of playback was observed at all, there was no line noise over 3 hours. There is no distortion at the edge of the screen which should also be the fate of videotape, and the sound is perfect as well. Although it seemed very slightly in the second hand market so far, the state so far was not what I expected. I often hear the story “buy three pieces for viewing / missionary / preservation”, but even if it is “for preservation”, this state is beyond the time of 30 years … ….

A huge anthology work revived with such quality is literally a touching super-masterpiece. As making as a member of the various live scenes, stakeholders, as a history work that enters fans’ comments will be said orthodox things ……… say, this time is not a live or promotional video “Rock History” video works As there is little releasing itself as this, this work pioneered the era and built that standard. And the pioneer’s creative excitement alone is terrible, the cast members are not humpers. If Bob Geldof and Producer Roy Thomas Baker are the leaders and members of the family and engineers talk about the back side nakedly, the same star’s stars are luxurious. Elton John, Billy Squire, John Taylor, Paul McCartney, Samantha Fox, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck, John Entwistle, Roger Daltry, David Bowie, Phil Collins, Diana Ross, Little Richard …… In addition to world-renowned celebrities, STATUS QUO, Fish, Gary Moore, Wendy O. Williams (why & & after all bathing). Not all of this, but each speaks of the thought to QUEEN in various ways. It is a furious lineup even from a modern perspective where rock anthology has become established.

And not only did not only arrange the performances with celebrities, but also the content is special. The birth of a masterpiece From the secret story to the irritability of the tour, the members are getting stuck to the scene just before the fight with each other. In this work, “VOL.1”, “VOL.2”, “VOL.3” are included in each disk of the three-piece set, respectively, firstly “VOL.1”. here. From the process of formation, until break of “A NIGHT AT THE OPERA”, and production scenery of “One Vision” are drawn. From the beginning celebrities ‘QUEEN critic, members’ rare episodes, PV commitment, gagging disgruntled back story, etc. are repeated episodes. Moreover, the image is also a rush of the super valuable image which is likely to get dizzy to dig into the performance chart of John · Deacon ‘s performance at the time of debut (“QUEEN” written in the course after graduation!
It is a place where there is no dirt as you write out all of them, but as long as you do not say anything, it will not tell you that it has two greatest sights. The first is the secret story of the birth of the symbolic song “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The leading role here is the producer Roy Thomas Baker, who looks back on the recording at that time. In response to “I came up with this song” and then I will make another idea such as “make it opera like here”, “(stunned) …… Oh, that’s okay, it’s like an opera style,” and “I leave it to Freddie I decided to do a lock part. ” And the song became longer and longer, the manager at the time holding a head unless it can be put on the radio. A super-famous piece shining brilliantly in the history of rock was born, brought up, and since it is a stakeholder who witnessed before entering the world, I can hear plenty of realistic comments.
And the other one is the production scene of “One Vision”. Progressive form at the time this video was produced is fresh. They are already experiencing a miraculous resurrection with “LIVE AID”, but they seriously face the creation and discuss without compromise. What is important is clearly Freddie, and members are also mercilessly skipping instructions such as “Good as it is now, Good as before”, “No gap in number 2” and so on. That figure is totally different from a gorgeous entertainer on the stage, “Musicians Freddy” itself. Furthermore, the members who disappeared from the front of the camera after comment by the producer Mac, “They fought like a couple like a big fight, not in front of people, but in the shadows”. Whether the couple fight is pulling back even if the scene changes, the phrase “The beat like a clock is what is now” or “The fight is going to be done later, now is no good” flies. And Freddie to take a guts pose as soon as we finally play the drum track and say “Do it!” I can witness the production site which can pass through seriousness and human relations without compromise.
On behalf of “VOL.2” is a success model depicting the appearance of leaping to the world big star from the first visit to when they found them. Members who are looking for words of gratitude thankfully for the state of Japan who greeted with storm-like fuss and great hospitality in 1975, which is not even accepted in his home country. People like to participate in tea ceremony in dreams etc etc etc. The comment reflecting the time is also vivid, but more than that, the expression of the member looking over Kyorochiro with expressions saying “What is going on?” After that, while plenty being talked about “Hyde park” which decided success in home country, the continuous North America tour which is hard work, the appearance of QUEEN becoming enormous swell is drawn. Besides the video, visit the Budokan in the first visit to Japan, there are plenty of precious live shots here as well. Television appearance in various countries, muddy wrestling in the launch party, and funny and valuable images will be extended as “this is still!”
The last “VOL.3” is a road movie that started with “LIVE AID” which was a miracle revival and drew until Freddie’s last “MAGIC TOUR 1986”. From the dressing practice of a dressing room to the form of dominating a huge stadium freely, you can see plenty of the last Freddie who was shining in the public place. As South Africa performances that caused worldwide bashing do not appear, the miracle of “LIVE AID” seems to be thin, but the comments of the members who bit 15 years are now heavy. No one knows tragedy creeping up at the time of this work, talking about the future. “The time will come when I will not be able to run the stage someday, the time will come when I will quit soon, but I will not throw away the music,” Freddie … ….

This work which closes the curtain with Freddy ‘s problem “Fuck day, tomorrow”. Because the tragedy after that is decisive, this work that can not hope for the recurrence of the official. However, this is one that pierces my heart. It is about 3 hours that not only the masterpiece movies that changed the rock culture, but also their walks, living style, and comments are carried to the golden odor.
The movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” was also wonderful, but it was not faithful to historical fact too much to emphasize entertainment. This work is the true QUEEN history. It is a 3-disc set that the principals of the time and stakeholders, lined stars, talk about it. Please, please enjoy at any time on the permanent preservation press DVD of the ultimate specification at all times.

★ Depending on circumstances, there is definitely no recurrence in the official, the single and first-class documentary that represents the 80s Queen. Especially the making scene in the studio is masterpiece. It is a splendid work that feels that the officials made this and was really good at this time and era. For permanent preservation of fan side please.
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公式ヒストリー映像の歴史的傑作『THE MAGIC YEARS』が極上クオリティで復刻。永久保存プレスDVDの3枚組で登場です。
本作は、結成前からフレディ最後のツアーとなった“MAGIC TOUR 1986”までを振り返ったアンソロジー作品。フレディ・マーキュリーが元気だった時代を約3時間で総括した超大作です。もちろん、メインは“MAGIC TOUR 1986”ですが、そこに至るまでの歴史やフレディとの最後のショウになったネブワース公演の裏側もたっぷりと見せてくれる。映画『ボヘミアン・ラプソディ』でも歴史的名曲「Bohemian Rhapsody」制作やLIVE AIDが描かれていましたが、本作は本人たちの言葉によってつまびらかにされていく。脚色された物語ではなく、真実のQUEENを描いた映像大作なのです。
そんな本作の元となった公式作品『THE MAGIC YEARS』は、1987年に『VOL.1』から『VOL.3』の3作に分かれてリリースされましたが、それ以降一切DVD化されることなく廃盤。本作では、コアマニアが大事に秘蔵していた極上ミントクオリティの3作VHSを借用し、精緻にデジタル化したものなのです。そのクオリティは実に素晴らしい。もちろん、当時のVHSですからデジタル全盛の現代感覚とは違いますが、その保存状態は完璧。テープのヨレや再生劣化がまったく見られず、3時間に渡って線ノイズ1本すらない。ビデオテープの宿命とも言うべき画面端の歪みさえなく、音声も同様に完璧なのです。これまでも中古市場で極わずかに見かけはしたものの、ここまでの状態は到底望めるものではありませんでした。よく「視聴用・布教用・保存用の3本買う」という話も聞きますが、その“保存用”だったとしても、30年の時間を超えてこの状態とは……。

そんなクオリティで蘇った巨大アンソロジー作品は、文字通りの感動超大作。作りとしては各種ライヴシーンにメンバー、関係者、ファンのコメントが入るというヒストリー作品としてはオーソドックスなもの………と言いますか、この時代はライヴでもプロモビデオでもない「ロック・ヒストリー」を映像作品としてリリースすること自体が少なく、本作が時代を切り拓き、そのスタンダードを築いたのです。そして、パイオニアだけに作り込みの気合いも凄まじく、出演陣もハンパではない。ボブ・ゲルドフやプロデューサーのロイ・トーマス・ベイカーを筆頭に、メンバーの家族やエンジニアたちが裏側を赤裸々に語るかと思えば、同業スター達も豪華絢爛。エルトン・ジョン、ビリー・スクワイア、ジョン・テイラー、ポール・マッカートニー、サマンサ・フォックス、ロッド・スチュワート、ミック・ジャガー、キース・リチャーズ、ジェフ・ベック、ジョン・エントウィッスル、ロジャー・ダルトリー、デヴィッド・ボウイ、フィル・コリンズ、ダイアナ・ロス、リトル・リチャード……世界に名だたるセレブの他、STATUS QUOやフィッシュ、ゲイリー・ムーア、果てはウェンディ・O・ウィリアムス(なぜか&やっぱり入浴中)に至るまで。これでも総てではなく、それぞれが多種多様にQUEENへの想いを語る。ロックアンソロジーが定着した現代の視点でも猛烈なラインナップなのです。

そして、単に有名人と演奏を並べただけでなく、内容も特濃。名曲の誕生秘話からツアーの乱痴気騒ぎ、メンバー同士の一触即発な喧嘩寸前シーンまで凝りっ凝り。本作は3枚組の各ディスクに『VOL.1』『VOL.2』『VOL.3』をそれぞれ収めていますが、まずは『VOL.1』。ここでは。結成の経緯から『A NIGHT AT THE OPERA』のブレイクまで、そして「One Vision」の制作風景が描かれます。冒頭からセレブ達のQUEEN評やメンバーの珍エピソード、PVに対するこだわり、ギャラ揉めの裏話等々などが目の離せないエピソードが連発。さらに映像もデビュー当時のパフォーマンスやらジョン・ディーコンの成績表(卒業後の進路に「QUEEN」と書いてある!)やら、掘り下げるほどに目眩がしそうな超貴重映像のラッシュです。
その総てを書き出していくとキリがないところですが、何も言わないと伝わらないので最大の見どころを2つほど。1つめは、象徴曲「Bohemian Rhapsody」の誕生秘話。ここでの主役はプロデューサーのロイ・トーマス・ベイカーで、レコーディング当時を生々しく振り返る。「この歌を思いついた」から始まり、「ここにオペラ風にしよう」など次々アイディアを出すに対し、「(唖然)……あぁ、いいよ。オペラ風ね」と返し、「それはフレディに任せてロックパートをやることにしたんだ」と語る。そして、曲はどんどん長くなり、ラジオでかけられないと頭を抱える当時のマネージャー。ロック史に燦然と輝く超名曲が生まれ、育ち、世に出るまでに立ち会った関係者だからこそのリアルなコメントがたっぷり聴けるのです。
そして、もう1つが「One Vision」の制作風景。このビデオが制作された当時の進行形な姿が生々しい。すでに“LIVE AID”での奇跡的な復活を経験していた彼らですが、真摯に創作に向き合い、妥協なく議論する。要となっているのは明らかにフレディで、メンバーにも容赦なく「今のも良いがさっきの方が良い」「2番でもギャップがそのままだ」等の指示を飛ばす。その姿はステージ上での華やかなエンターテイナーとはまったく違う、“音楽家フレディ”そのものです。さらにプロデューサーのマックによる「彼らは夫婦のように大喧嘩をした。人前ではなく、陰でやった」のコメントの後、カメラの前から姿を消すメンバーたち。シーンが変わっても夫婦喧嘩が後を引いているのか「今のは時計みたいなビートだ」やら「ケンカは後にしよう、今はよせ」との言葉が飛ぶ。そして、最終的にドラムトラックを再生させて「やったぜ!」と言わんばかりにガッツポーズを取るフレディ……。妥協なしの真剣さと人間関係まで透ける制作現場に立ち会えるのです。
最後の『VOL.3』は、奇跡の復活となった“LIVE AID”に始まり、フレディ最後の“MAGIC TOUR 1986”までを描いたロードムービー。楽屋の発声練習から巨大なスタジアムを自在に支配する姿まで、公の場で輝いていた最後のフレディがたっぷりと見られます。世界的猛バッシングを引き起こした南アフリカ公演のくだりは登場しないので、“LIVE AID”の奇跡ぶりは薄く感じますが、15年間を噛みしめるメンバー達のコメントは今だからこそ重い。この作品当時は忍び寄る悲劇など誰ひとり知らず、未来を語る。「いつかステージを走り廻れなくなる時が来る。やがては辞めるときが来るだろう。でも音楽は捨てない」と語るフレディ……。

フレディの「問題は明日さ(Fuck day, tomorrow)」で幕を閉じる本作。その後の悲劇が決定的だからこそ、オフィシャルの再発は望めない本作。しかし、そうであるからこそ胸に突き刺さる1本です。ロック文化を変えた傑作映像作品というだけでなく、彼らの歩み、生き様、そして数々のコメントが黄金期の匂いまで運んでくれる約3時間です。



Disc 1(59:46)
Magic Years Volume One ‘The Foundations’

1. Introduction – excerpt of ‘One Vision’
2. Interview with Bob Geldof
3. ‘We Will Rock You’ with audio and video footage
4. Short excerpt of ‘We Will Rock You’ from 1979
5. Backstage footage of ‘The Magic Tour’

The Band
6. Interview with Jackie Stewart
7. Interview with Gary Langham
8. Interview with Elton John
9. Interview with Billy Squier
10. Interview with one of Roger’s schoolfriends

Early Days
11. Clip of ‘Keep Yourself Alive’
12. Interview with John Taylor (Duran Duran)
13. Early interview with Roger
14. Interviews with Freddie and Roger
15. My Fairy King, interviews with Brian
16. Interviews with Roger and Brian
17. Interview with John, Freddie and Paul McCartney, etc
18. Interview with Freddie
19. Interview with John and Michael Appleton
20. Interview with Brian
21. Interview with Barbara Baker (Roy Thomas Baker’s wife)
22. Interview with Jim Beach and Norman Sheffield (ex-manager)

Bohemian Rhapsody
23. Interviews with Samantha Fox, Dave Stewart & Roy Thomas Baker
24. Interview with John Deacon, Roy Thomas Baker and John Reid
25. 1977 BPI award for best British single

Making Videos
26. Selection of clips and interview with Michael Appleton and Brian and ‘Spread Your Wings’ and ‘We Will Rock You’
27. Footage of ‘Bicycle Race’, and interview with Roy Thomas Baker
28. Interview with Freddie and ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’
29. Interview with Brian and ‘making of’ footage of ‘Save Me’
30. Interview with Roger, ‘Flash’, and interview with Brian
31. Interview with John and footage of ‘I Was Born To Love You’
32. Interview with Freddie and interview with Mel Smith
33. ‘It’s A Hard Life’, and interviews with Roger and Diana Moseley
34. Interview with Russel Mulcahy, Roger and Christopher Lambert
35. Clip of ‘One Vision’

In The Studio
36. Brian’s ‘Piano Solo’ and interviews with Roger and Brian
37. Interview with John, Freddie, and Brian improvising ‘One Vision’
38. Roy Thomas Baker, Mack, David Richards, Roger, Freddie, Brian and John
39. Further improvised footage and ‘One Vision’ ‘Just For Fun’ version
40. Interview with Freddie

End Credits
41. Excerpt of ‘One Vision’

Disc 2(56:57)
Magic Years Volume Two ‘Live Killers In The Making’

Japanese Tour, 1975
1. Interview with Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach
2. Interview with John and footage of Queen in Japan
3. Interview with John and more footage of around Japan
4. Live Footage and interview with John and Roger

Hyde Park & Earl’s Court Concerts
5. ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ (Hyde Park 1976) and interview
6. Freddie’s ‘Vocal Impro and ‘Flick Of The Wrist’ (Hyde Park 1976)
7. OGWT interview with Brian and footage of ’39’ (Hyde Park 1976)
8. Interview with John Harris and ‘Killer Queen’ (Earl’s Court 1977)
9. Live Footage(Earl’s Court) and interview with Gary Numan
10. Interview with Brian and ‘You Take My Breath Away’ ‘Rock And Roll Medley’ (Earls Court 1977)

American Tour, 1977

11. Backstage footage from Houston 1977
12. ‘We Will Rock You’ (Houston 1977) with interviews
13. ‘We Are The Champions’ (Houston 1977) and interviews

After Show Parties & Queen Fans
14. Excerpt of ‘Body Language’ and mud-wrestling footage etc
15. ‘Let Me Entertain You’ ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ (Paris 1979)
16. Convention auction, and interview with Jacky Gunn

The Group, The Red Special & Saturday Night Live
17. Interview with Freddie
18. Now I’m Here (Concert for Kampuchea 1979), and interviews
19. ‘Las Palabras De Amor’ (Top Of The Pops 1982), and interviews
20. ‘Now I’m Here’ (Concert for Kampuchea, 1979), and interviews
21. Interview with Brian and his father Harold about making his guitar
22. ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ (Saturday Night Live 1982)

South America, 1981
23. Drum Solo and footage of Queen on Brazilian TV, March 1981
24. Somebody To Love’ (Sao Paulo) and interview with Jim Beach
25. ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ (Buenos Aires 1981) and interviews
26. ‘Love Of My Life’ (Buenos Aires 1981) and interview with Freddie

‘Under Pressure’ and Milton Keynes 1982
27. Montreux and interviews with David Bowie and Freddie
28. ‘Under Pressure’ (Milton Keynes 1982) and interviews
29. ‘Play The Game’ ‘Staying Power'(Milton Keynes 1982), interview

Queen On TV
30. Interview with Japan Promoter and ‘Teo Torriatte’ (Tokyo 1982)
31. Brian, Roger and John on Japanese TV
32. Freddie on Kenny Everett’s TV show and Roger on ‘Pop Quiz’
33. Roger and John on Korean TV
34. ‘Radio Ga Ga’ (Sydney 1985) with Phil Collins interview

Rock In Rio
35. ‘Radio Ga Ga’ (Rio 1985) and Mike Smith news report
36. ‘Keep Passing The Open Windows’, and Freddie TV interview
37. ‘I Want To Break Free’ (Rio 1985) and interviews with John and Freddie

End Credits
38. Footage of Rio audience and audience noise

Disc 3(57:56)
Magic Years Volume Three ‘Crowned In Glory’

Live Aid
1. ‘Is This The World We Created?’ (Budapest 1986), interviews and ‘Radio Ga Ga’ (Live Aid 1985)

2. Interview with Freddie, Freddie Singalong (Live Aid), and interview with Brian
3. ‘Hammer To Fall’ (Live Aid), interview and ‘We Are The Champions’ (Live Aid 1985)

Live At Wembley
4. Interview with Brian
5. Setting up for a concert and interviews
6. Interview with tour promoter Harvey Goldsmith
7. Interview with John
8. Interview with a Queen fan and Jim Callaghan (Queen security)
9. Interview with Freddie, Brian, Paul McCartney, Roger
10. Interview with Freddie and Brian
11. Backstage, ‘One Vision’ (Wembley 1986), interviews ‘A Kind Of Magic’ (Wembley 1986)
12. Interview with Freddie and Elton John
13. Interviews with Samantha Fox and Freddie Mercury
14. ‘My Melancholy Blues’ and Freddie travelling and interview
15. ‘Dancer’ with after-show party and interviews with Roger and Brian

Live In Budapest
16. ‘Procession’ and ‘Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon’
17. Freddie practising his ‘Singalong’
18. Brian and Freddie rehearsing ‘Tavaszi Szel Vizet Araszt’
19. Backstage and ‘Tavaszi Szel Vizet Araszt’ from the concert
20. Interviews, ‘Love Of My Life’
21. ‘Hammer To Fall’ and ‘Tutti Frutti’ and interview with Freddie

Live At Knebworth
22. ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ and interviews
23. Backstage and interviews
24. ‘Radio Ga Ga'(Knebworth) and interviews
25. ‘We Are The Champions'(Knebworth 1986)
26. Interview with Freddie, ‘God Save The Queen’ (Wembley 1986) and backstage

End Credits
27. ‘Is This The World We Created?’ (Budapest 1986), and short comment from Freddie


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