Queen / Complete Edinburgh 1982 / 4CDR

Queen / Complete Edinburgh 1982 / 4CDR / Uxbridge

Royal Highland Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland 1st & 2nd June 1982

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Edinburgh shining exceptionally in the European leg of the “HOT SPACE TOUR 1982”, which is undoubtedly the last performance 2DAYS. The finest live album that recorded the whole story appeared.
This work includes “Edinburgh Performance June 1, 1982 + 2”. It is a 4-tuple with that full audience recording arranged 2 discs each. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from the tour schedule of the time.

“March” HOT SPACE “completed”
· April 9 – May 22: Europe (26 performances)
“May 21” HOT SPACE “Release”
· May 29 – June 5: UK (4 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· July 21 – September 15: North America (33 performances)
· October 19 – November 3: Japan (6 shows)

This is the whole world tour of 1982. Schedule to perform four performances in the UK in his home country shortly after release around the continent of Europe before the release of “HOT SPACE”. The last day is also the official work “QUEEN ON FIRE: LIVE AT THE BOWL”, but the Edinburgh performance of this work was a concert that was the second tour of the “UK” tour and the third show immediately before that.
This work is a splendid audience recording that recorded such a show. Recording has been known for a long time for two days, but this work is not such a copy or remaster of that origin. It was digitized directly from the master tape recorded by the same recording person. The sound glows like dazzling eyes. Although it was a honorable name recording from the beginning, its contours are crisp and fine details of the guitar can not be crushed even by one kick of the bass drum, and the synth tone is also sparkling and beautiful. And, above all, Freddie’s long tone. There is no distortion or cloudiness in the singing voice extending to the empty space any more, it shines like a laser beam.
It is dedicated in that sound, a masterpiece that is loved by enthusiasts during the performance. The 1982 European tour is also famous for a series of blown-up tense shows that are blown off, but the momentum in that country’s rampage as it is. The set conforms to “QUEEN ON FIRE” on the last day of UK, but there are slight differences. Although it is “first day (disc 1-2)”, although “Sheer Heart Attack” has been scrapped, Freddie’s powerful vocalization is wonderful, and the performance of high perfection is also delicious. “Back Chat” also decides to be a bit too. And the interesting thing is Brian’s guitar solo snowing from “Get Down Make Love”. I’m talking about “I Go Crazy” riff here, but this song was released in 1984’s single “Radio Ga Ga”. Although this day is not the first time to show off, I understand that I had ideas for quite a while.
If the first day is a powerful show, “Day 2 (Disc 3-4)” is Hyper! Here I am playing “Sheer Heart Attack” instead of “Back Chat”, but it is a great success that goes through the full story beyond that Freddie’s flying skill is amazing. Singing with the momentum reminiscent of the previous continental version, the call & response after “Play The Game” also extends the spectators spectacularly. And the audience opposite to it was delighted. Although I forgot to write, this work is wonderful in both the 2 performances and the spectators of the big crowd. Though it does not threaten the drum sound and thick sounds, the show and calls & responses are grand and wide. Whatever you can play Freddie, you can see well that it is not turning around, involving a large crowd and getting even more heat because it received the heat. Although “live is a living thing” is said, it is also a set that you can feel that meaning is a superb sound.

It is a superb live set that has drawn Edinburgh 2 performances with masterpieces as a master sound. For those who have been loved by traditional boards, the set of 4 pieces will taste the beauty of the sound that the master tape had sucked in for those who listen for the first time, plenty of Freddie’s amazing taste. A wonderful song, a wonderful show, a wonderful audience, a wonderful sound that inhaled them all. All that is overwhelming one. Please, please enjoy it to your heart’s content.

名演続出な“HOT SPACE TOUR 1982”の欧州レッグでもひときわ輝くエディンバラ2DAYS。その一部始終を記録した極上ライヴアルバムが登場です。

《3月『HOT SPACE』完成》
《5月21日『HOT SPACE』発売》

これが1982年のワールド・ツアー全景。『HOT SPACE』の発売前にヨーロッパ大陸を巡り、発売直後に母国イギリスで4公演を行うスケジュール。その最終日はオフィシャル作品『QUEEN ON FIRE: LIVE AT THE BOWL』にもなっていますが、本作のエディンバラ公演はその直前となる「英国」ツアー2公演目・3公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、マニアに愛されてきた名演中の名演。1982年の欧州ツアーはぶっ飛ばし気味の爆テンションなショウが連発した事でも有名ですが、その勢いそのままに母国でも大暴れ。セットはUK最終日の『QUEEN ON FIRE』に準じていますが、わずかに違いもある。まず「初日(ディスク1-2)」ですが、「Sheer Heart Attack」が削られているものの、フレディのパワフルなヴォーカリゼーションが素晴らしく、完成度の高い演奏ぶりも美味しい。「Back Chat」もビシッと決めてくれます。そして面白いのは「Get Down Make Love」から雪崩れ込むブライアンのギターソロ。ここで「I Go Crazy」リフをつま弾くのですが、この曲が発表されたのは1984年のシングル『Radio Ga Ga』。この日が初披露というわけでもないのですが、かなり前からアイディアを持っていたことが分かります。
初日がパワフルなショウなら「2日目(ディスク3-4)」はハイパー! こちらは「Back Chat」がない代わりに「Sheer Heart Attack」を演奏していますが、それ以上に全編を貫く絶好調フレディの飛ばしまくりが凄い。先のヨーロッパ大陸編を思わせる勢いで歌い上げ、「Play The Game」後のコール&レスポンスも観客を多彩でよく伸びる。そして、それに相対する観客も大喜び。書き忘れていましたが、本作は2公演とも大観衆のスペクタクルも素晴らしい。骨太・肉厚の演奏音を脅かしはしないものの、唱和もコール&レスポンスも盛大で広い。フレディがいかに弾けようとも、それが空回りでなく大観衆を巻き込み、その熱気を受けたからこそ一層ヒートアップしていくのがよく分かる。「ライヴは生き物」とは言いますが、その意味が極上サウンドで実感できるセットでもあるのです。


Royal Highland Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland 1st June 1982

Disc 1 (52:22)
1. Flash Intro 2. The Hero 3. We Will Rock You (fast) 4. Action This Day 5. Play The Game
6. Staying Power 7. Somebody To Love 8. Now I’m Here 9. Dragon Attack 10. Now I’m Here (reprise)
11. Love Of My Life 12. Save Me 13. Back Chat

Disc 2 (46:09)
1. Get Down, Make Love 2. Guitar Solo (with “I Go Crazy” riff) 3. Under Pressure
4. Fat Bottomed Girls 5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 6. Bohemian Rhapsody
7. Tie Your Mother Down 8. Another One Bites The Dust 9. We Will Rock You
10. We Are The Champions 11. God Save The Queen

Royal Highland Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland 2nd June 1982

Disc 3 (63:43)
1. Flash Intro 2. The Hero 3. We Will Rock You (fast) 4. Action This Day
5. Play The Game 6. Staying Power 7. Somebody To Love 8. Now I’m Here 9. Dragon Attack
10. Now I’m Here (reprise) 11. Love Of My Life 12. Save Me 13. Get Down, Make Love
14. Guitar Solo 15. Under Pressure

Disc 4 (33:55)
1. Fat Bottomed Girls 2. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 3. Bohemian Rhapsody
4. Tie Your Mother Down 5. Another One Bites The Dust 6. Sheer Heart Attack
7. We Will Rock You 8. We Are The Champions 9. God Save The Queen

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