Prince / One Nite Alone In Osaka / 3CD

Prince / One Nite Alone In Osaka / 3CD / Zion

Translated Text:
Live at Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 28th November 2002


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Life last of the Japan tour “ONE NITE ALONE … TOUR 2002”, there was a “miracle of the Night” is handed down as a legend. It is “November 28, Osaka Castle Hall performance in 2002”. The whole picture is the emergence of live album, which was fully recorded with the best sound. The last Japan tour all nine performances. It makes it the largest in the number of performances in his Japan tour history, but first let’s take a look at the overview.

– November 15, 2011: Tokyo International Forum
– November 17: Act City Hamamatsu
– November 18, 2011: Nippon Budokan
– November 19, 2011: Nippon Budokan
– November 21, 2011: Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall
– November 22: Zepp Sendai
– November 26: Fukuoka Sun Palace
– November 28, 2011: Osaka Castle Hall [this work] – November 29, 2011: Nagoya Century Hall

In this way, the Osaka Castle Hall performances 8 performances eyes. Even in Japan tour was a late show. Why this day is referred to as the “miracle of the night”. The reason is that there are some, first say what long. Japan is the Prince to change the set list and arrangements by, but this day will continue to play to the dictates of motivation anyway begins to spring, it became a very long show, which also extends to about 2 hours and 50 minutes. In the 2002 Japan tour it was said to longer Nippon Budokan, but it was often the longest recording it than 6 songs. In addition, the music is also very versatile. Official board from the “ONE NITE ALONE … TOUR 2002” “ONE NITE ALONE … LIVE!” Has also been released, but the lots are songs you do not hear is there. A little “Pop Life” is also only mentioned “Money Do not Matter 2Night” “The Work Pt. 1,” “Purple Rain,” “Strollin ‘,” “Gotta Broken Heart Again”, “All The Critics Love U In Osaka,” “Pass The such as the Peas, “” The Ride, “” Sign O ‘The Times “,” Days Of Wild, “” Last December, “and so on. Since there is also a medley, strictly speaking, this still is not a all.
However, only it has continued the lazy no matter how long and not be a “miracle”. Passion of the Prince to produce this long show what you are wonderful. This day is anyway a top form, does not show also practice swing that much passion of Izumi wither also trying Kuridaso a song. The first place, to say to be a long show is the fact that Encore is long. In other words, without having to break down the passion until the last of the last, singing voice also guitar also hot in one song one song, scat are also sharp in the crisp. “Prince is condition is good enough to tour progresses,” but it is said, is exactly enthusiastic performance of the as if to prove it.
It was longer, but the main subject is from here. Audience album was recorded without leaving the whole volume such a “miracle of the Night” is you book work. Was recorded is a virtuoso in virtuoso to work in the center of Osaka, who have a historical masterpiece in a number of artists in mono. Speaking recently, David Bowie: The “A REALITY IN OSAKA THE LAST CONCERT IN JAPAN (Wardour-169)” is now a hot topic in high-quality transcendence, we the same as that great masterpiece. If the person who was to listen to the name board of the Bowie, further explanation is I think unnecessary, the sound of this work is astounding dimension of the best audience. Do you say, please do not think that sound to image no longer in the “audience”. Although realistic cheers and clapping between songs there is also the audience ness, musical tone is almost sound board as if. Prince of singing voice is whispering in my ear gently, scat us tell the passion itself Tagiru to direct. Of course, John Blackwell & Rhonda Smith of the groove is Mawari bounce rich, even where the sax of Maceo Parker glossy. One one of the instruments, and sheer musical tone of each note is as clearly, we perfect as if the balance was also mix like the official.
Perfect balance Nanoha, not just musical tone. Although in this work we have been also recorded great cheer of Japanese who’ve been waiting for the Prince for six years, it even has a perfect balance. Although the heat is firmly stamped on the chunky cheer, thick it is not big even. Without threatening tone was Buttoku Gasshiri, not even as small as say that the sound effect. While clothed the hot air feeling to the Prince spree laden “Osaka §!”, It does not in any way obstructed.
The feel of it especially would be the encore of the disk 3. “Days Of Wild” in closes the curtain once, does not stop ringing calls for an encore, among which already has a customer power. Part of the audience seems to have begun to return, but the Prince has re-appeared in the acoustic one hand still in response to cheers that do not fit. We sing the “Alphabet St.” “Last December,” along with the cry of “Alright!”. How even in the best condition of Prince itself, passion will not last in his one person. Only then communion with the enthusiasm of the audience enthusiastic performance is gradually born. The is also a the ideal document.

It finished playing talking, went away, leaving the word of “good-bye” Prince. This work together with such he will close the curtain. Even at the end of the Japan tour in his life, the most beautiful, the most hot and most long was Osaka Castle Hall performances. Was there, Prince and the audience who signed a music and passion. That all the “miracle of the Night” has created is the name of the recording of the name in the recording that was fully drawn in the “miracle of sound”.
Of course, those who were able to happen to be present Fortunately, those who have seen the other performances, bad luck for those who could not even go to the end of the visit to Japan. Live album that I would like you to listen to the people of all of them. Just “one of the miracle”, this weekend to your handy.

生涯最後のジャパンツアー“ONE NITE ALONE… TOUR 2002”には、伝説として語り継がれる“奇跡の夜”がありました。それは「2002年11月28日・大阪城ホール公演」。その全貌を極上サウンドで録音しきったライヴ・アルバムの登場です。最後のジャパンツアーは全9公演。彼の来日公演史でも最多の公演数となったわけですが、まずはその概要を見てみましょう。

・11月22日:Zepp Sendai
・11月28日:大阪城ホール 【本作】

このように、大阪城ホール公演は8公演目。ジャパンツアーでも後期のショウでした。なぜ、この日が“奇跡の夜”と呼ばれているのか。その理由はいくつかありますが、まず何と言っても長い。日によってセットリストやアレンジを変えるプリンスですが、この日はとにかく湧き出す意欲の赴くままに演奏し続け、約2時間50分にも及ぶ長大なショウになったのです。2002年のジャパンツアーでは日本武道館も長いと言われていましたが、それより6曲も多い最長記録でした。しかも、その曲目も実に多彩。“ONE NITE ALONE… TOUR 2002”からはオフィシャル盤『ONE NITE ALONE… LIVE!』もリリースされていますが、そこでは聴けない曲が盛りだくさん。ちょっと挙げただけでも「Pop Life」「Money Don’t Matter 2Night」「The Work Pt. 1」「Purple Rain」「Strollin’」「Gotta Broken Heart Again」「All The Critics Love U In Osaka」「Pass The Peas」「The Ride」「Sign O’ The Times」「Days Of Wild」「Last December」等々など。メドレーもあるので、厳密にはこれでも全部ではないのです。
長くなりましたが、ここからが本題。そんな“奇跡の夜”を全編余すことなく収録したオーディエンス・アルバムが本作なのです。録音したのは、大阪を中心に活動する名手中の名手で、数々のアーティストで歴史的な傑作をモノにしている方。最近で言えば、デヴィッド・ボウイの『A REALITY IN OSAKA: THE LAST CONCERT IN JAPAN(Wardour-169)』が超絶な高音質で話題となりましたが、あの大傑作と同じなのです。そのボウイの名盤をお聴きになった方なら、これ以上の説明は不要と思いますが、本作のサウンドは驚異的な次元の極上オーディエンス。と言いますか、もはや「オーディエンス」でイメージするサウンドとは思わないでいただきたい。曲間のリアルな声援や手拍子には客席らしさもあるものの、楽音はほぼサウンドボードかのよう。プリンスの歌声は優しく耳元で囁き、スキャットはたぎる情熱そのものをダイレクトに伝えてくれる。もちろん、ジョン・ブラックウェル&ロンダ・スミスのグルーヴは豊かに跳ねまわり、メイシオ・パーカーのサックスはどこまでも艶やか。1つひとつの楽器、1音1音の楽音がクッキリと切り立っており、バランスもまるでオフィシャルでミックスしたかのように完璧なのです。
それを殊更に感じるのはディスク3のアンコールでしょう。「Days Of Wild」で一度は幕を閉じ、すでに客電が付いている中でもアンコールを求める声が鳴り止まらない。一部の観客は帰り始めていたようですが、それでも収まらない歓声に応えてアコースティック片手にプリンスが再登場。「Alright!」の一声と共に「Alphabet St.」「Last December」を歌うのです。いかにプリンス自身が絶好調であっても、彼1人では情熱は続かない。観客の熱狂と交感してこそ熱演が生まれていく。その理想的なドキュメントでもあるのです。


Disc 1 (71:53)
1. Prince Drum Solo 2. The Rainbow Children 3. Pop Life 4. Money Don’t Matter 2Night
5. The Work Pt. 1 6. Purple Rain 7. 1 + 1 + 1 Is 3 / Housequake / Love Rollercoaster
8. Strollin’ 9. Gotta Broken Heart Again 10. All The Critics Love U In Osaka

Disc 2 (63:42)
1. Strange Relationship 2. Pass The Peas 3. When You Were Mine 4. The Ride 5. Sign O’ The Times
6. Take Me With U 7. The Everlasting Now
8. Piano Medley:Adore / The Most Beautiful Girl In The World / Condition Of The Heart
Do Me, Baby / I Wanna Be Your Lover / Diamonds And Pearls / The Beautiful Ones /
Nothing Compares 2 U / The Ladder / Starfish And Coffee / Sometimes It Snows In April

Disc 3 (33:57)
1. John Blackwell Drum Solo 2. Peach / It Ain’t Over 3. Days Of Wild 4. Alphabet St.
5. Last December

Prince – Vocal, Guitar, Piano, keyboard, Bass, Drums John Blackwell – Drums
Rhonda Smith – Bass Renato Neto – Keyboards Maceo Parker – Alt Saxophone
Eric Leeds – Tenor Saxophone Greg Boyer – Trombone Dudley D. – Turntables


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