Premiata Forneria Marconi / Firenze 1975 / 2CDR

Premiata Forneria Marconi / Firenze 1975 / 2CDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Stadio Comunale, Firenze, Italy 15th September 1975


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Florence performances of September 15, 1975 Japan tour just before, and recorded in high-quality audience recording of the finest level. And if not in about “RIMINI 1975” was recorded about one month prior to the performance of this performance, sound high-quality sound in a sufficiently direct, you can enjoy a high quality of little broadcasting sound source level. “RIMINI 1975” Similarly, heyday five organized live in the home country Italy. Ridiculously thrilling performance is expanded over the whole volume, La Luna Nuova (Four Holes In The Ground), keyboard of judgment and of Puremori of in odd time signatures volley at Il Banchetto, Mr. Nine Till Five, Alta Loma Five in Till Nine, even this one of the cavalcade of Hayabiki such Musshida, just a number of studio panel in transcendence play made full use of live unique improvisation that can not taste, you can taste plenty. When it comes to the last of Chotcho and Sivas rhythm Corps Battle of you enough loss for words too terrible. Of course, we also combines classic beauty, Dove … Quando, also has become a listening station a superb melody that micelles in Dolcissima Maria. . Of Il Banchetto 7: 18, Alta Loma of Five Till Nine 7:24 of (about to 7 minutes), but is regrettable deterioration of sound due to the master, throughout otherwise, in a very stable superb sound quality enjoy you. Of the Italian progressive rock of the highest peak PFM, 5 people organized last precious live document. “RIMINI 1975” Similarly, by all means to obtain, it is sound source you want will enjoy.

★ This is a review of Yowake beatleg magazine vol.84 (7 May 2007 issue).

Italian treasures, recorded a live which was held in Florence in September 15, 75 of the PFM. Franz di Chotcho, Franco Musshida, Flavio Puremori, Patrick Jivu~asu, and that Mauro Pagani, is just five performances, such as the typhoon by the golden age, already live album “LIVE IN USA (COOK)” in it’s familiar. Sound source is a quality not an inch as “LIVE IN USA” except that the mono-ish. In addition, “LIVE IN USA” is
Whereas it was LP1 sheets, here so VOLUME that CD2 sheet sets, there is a minute in this work is to convey the charm of PFM. In addition, since each member of the PFM has a technique of go-getter, It is nice to be able to enjoy their solo play slowly and carefully. In particular highlight Nanoha, is a guitar solo of Franco Musshida unfolds over 20 minutes “Alta Loma Five Till Nine”, Battle battle further up to 17 minutes by bass and drums by Patrick Jivu~asu and Franz di Chotcho is it is something valuable that can not be listening only in this work. Not a good piece of music, as an opportunity to showcase the last fierce technique, raison d’etre of this work is large as possible. The middle number place, he would According tape, but this time will not have to worry too much.


来日公演直前の1975年9月15日のフィレンツェ公演を、極上レベルの高音質オーディエンス録音で収録。本公演の約一か月前の公演を収録した「RIMINI 1975」程ではないにせよ、サウンドは十分にダイレクトで高音質、ちょっとした放送音源レベルの高音質で楽しむことが出来ます。「RIMINI 1975」同様に、本国イタリアでの絶頂期5人編成ライヴ。とんでもなくスリリングなパフォーマンスが全編に渡って展開され、La Luna Nuova(Four Holes In The Ground)、Il Banchettoでの変拍子連発の中でのプレモリのキーボードさばきや、Mr. Nine Till Five、Alta Loma Five Till Nineでの、ムッシーダのこれでもかの早弾きのオンパレード等、まさにスタジオ盤では味わう事のできないライヴならではの即興性を駆使した超絶プレイの数々を、たっぷりと味わう事ができます。ラストのチョッチョとシヴァスのリズム隊バトルに至っては凄すぎて言葉を失う程です。もちろんクラシカルな美しさも兼ね備えており、Dove … Quando、Dolcissima Mariaで魅せる秀逸なメロディーも聴き所になっています。。Il Banchettoの7:18、Alta Loma Five Till Nineの7:24(~7分程)の、マスターに起因する音の劣化が残念ですが、それ以外は全体を通して、非常に安定した極上の音質で楽しめます。イタリア・プログレッシヴ・ロックの最高峰PFMの、5人編成最後の貴重なライヴ・ドキュメント。「RIMINI 1975」同様に、是非とも入手し、楽しんで頂きたい音源です。


イタリアの至宝、PFMの75年9月15日にフィレンツェで行われたライヴを収録。フランツ・ディ・チョッチョ、フランコ・ムッシーダ、フラヴィオ・プレモーリ、パトリック・ジヴァス、そしてマウロ・パガーニという、まさに黄金期の5人による台風のような演奏は、すでにライヴ・アルバム『LIVE IN USA (COOK)』でお馴染みだ。音源がモノラルっぽいことを除けば『LIVE IN USA』と寸分ないクオリティである。さらに『LIVE IN USA』は
LP1枚だったのに対し、こちらはCD2枚組みというヴォリュームなので、PFMの魅力を伝えるには本作に分がある。またPFMの各メンバーが凄腕のテクニックを持っているので、彼らのソロ・プレイをじっくりと堪能出来るのは嬉しい。特に圧巻なのは、フランコ・ムッシーダのギター・ソロが20分以上にわたって繰り広げられる「Alta Loma Five Till Nine」であり、さらにパトリック・ジヴァスとフランツ・ディ・チョッチョによるベースとドラムによる17分間に及ぶバトル合戦は本作でしか聴くことの出来ない貴重なものだ。楽曲の良さではなく、あくまでも壮絶なテクニックを披露する機会として、本作の存在意義は限りなく大きい。途中数ヶ所で、テープがよれてしまうのだが、この際あまり気にする必要はないだろう。

Disc 1
1. Introduction 2. La Carrozza di Hans 3. La Luna Nuova 4. Il Banchetto
5. Piano Inprovising By Flavio Premoli 6. Dove…Quando 7. Franco Mussida Solo
8. Dolcissima Maria

Disc 2
1. Mr. Nine Till Five 2. Alta Loma Five Till Nine 3. E Festa 4. Impressioni Di Settembre
5. Patrick Djivas & Franz Di Cioccio Solo/Impressioni Di Settembre(Reprise)

Franz Di Cioccio – Drums, Vocals Franco Mussida – Guitars
Flavio Premoli – Keyboards, Accordeon, Piccolo Patrick Djivas – Bass
Mauro Pagani – Violin, Flute


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