Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) / Live In Ravenna 1976 / 1CDR

Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) / Live In Ravenna 1976 / 1CDR / Galaxy
Translated Text:
Live In Ravenna, Italy July 26th 1976. Audience

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PFM representing the Italian · Progress world recorded performances performed in 1976 in Ravenna, local Italy, from a soundboard-class ultra-high-quality audience recording master.

Performances of this day will not be overlooked by the local performances such as playing the opening of “Four Halls in the Ground” at the end or showing off the familiar “William Tell Overture” with reprints.

This season’s live performance, which was organized by six people with Vernal Lanczetti as a vocalist, is a highly recommendable title for the collector to listen to as the record of the seventies PFM at the height of the seventies! It is!




1. Four Holes In The Ground / Keyboard Solo / Instrumental
2. Dove…Quado (part 1)
3. Acoustic Guitar Solo
4. Out Of The Roundabout
5. Chocolate Kings
6. Alta Loma / Violin Solo (incl. Wiliam Tell Overture)
7. Celebration / William Tell Overture (reprised)
8. Four Holes In The Ground (reprised)

Live In Ravenna, Italy July 26th 1976

Galaxy. GX 044

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