Police / Hammersmith Palais 1979 / 1CD

Police / Hammersmith Palais 1979 / 1CD / Wardour
Live at Hammersmith Palais, London, UK 18th December 1979

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“REGGATTA DE BLANC” was sent to No. 1 in the UK and the POLICE in 1979 was running up the staircase of success. The best live album that tells the scene is a new excavation of the amazing terrain.
Included in this work is “December 18, 1979 London performance”. This is the world’s first audience recording. This work is not just a new excavation master. There has never been any recording on this day, but it was the prestigious “Kinney” that was synonymous with the history of bootleg in Japan. Speaking of Kinney’s original recordings, there are a lot of performances in Japan, but it is not only in Japan. Many people remember “LIVE AID (Wardour-310)”, which was a record-breaking hit at the end of last year, but that was also a Kinney recording. I recorded overseas shows with superb sound. This work is an in-stock item that has been directly converted into a CD from the original cut of the Kinney Collection.
The quality is ridiculous again, but before that, the show position is the first. Let’s look back on the overall picture of “REGGATTA DE BLANC TOUR”, which was also realized in Japan.

● 1979
・ August 17-September 23: Europe # 1 (17 performances)
・ September 27-30: North America # 1a (4 performances)
<< October 2 “REGGATTA DE BLANC” released >>
・ October 2-December 1: North America # 1b (41 performances)
・ December 3-22: Europe # 2 (15 performances) ← ★ here ★
● 1980
・ January 11: Hamburg performance
・ January 20-February 8: North America # 2 (14 performances)
・ February 14-27: Japan / Hong Kong (8 performances)
・ February 29-March 26: Oceania / India (11 performances)
・ March 28-April 28: Egypt / Europe # 3 (15 shows)
<< July 7 “ZENYATTA MONDATTA” production start >>

This is a panoramic view of the world tour that extends to Asia and Egypt. Europe, the main battlefield, is divided into three circuits, and the London performance of this work was a concert corresponding to the 12th performance of the final edition “Europe # 2” in 1979.
This work, which recorded such a show, is brilliant and superb sound even in kinky recordings called “magical”. Kinney features a beautiful sound that pursues the beauty of an audience with a clear air feeling rather than a sound board. For this reason, it is not uncommon for recordings to have a distance. However, the core of this work is powerful anyway, and it turns on furiously. There is no sense of distance in the extremely small hall noise, and the details are super clear. I don’t think it’s a line recording because it seems to be an audience, but it’s a superb recording that isn’t strange to distribute as a sound board if it was a poor standard at the time.
It ’s such a sound that ’s a full show full of momentum. Even the set list was not known so far, but the whole picture became clear at once by this work. Let’s organize the contents here.

・ Next to You / So Lonely / Hole in My Life / Truth Hits Everybody / Peanuts / Roxanne / Can’t Stand Losing You / Born in the 50 ’s
・ Walking on the Moon / Bring on the Night / The Bed’s Too Big Without You / Message in a Bottle
・ Songs you can’t listen to in the official “LIVE!”: Deathwish
● Other (3 songs)
・ Fall Out / Landlord
・ Songs that cannot be heard in the official “LIVE!”: Visions of the Night

… and it looks like this. “OUTLANDOS D’AMOUR” is based on the large-scale behavior, and the “REGGATTA DE BLANC” number and single songs are all rich in the structure. The stage of 1979 comes to mind the official work “LIVE!” Disc 1 (Boston performance in North America # 1b), but also “Deathwish” and “Visions of the Night” that can not be heard there. More than that set is the performance. At that time, THE POLICE was ignited by the popularity of fire, and it spread all over the world, but their home London was also the epicenter. The performance and the singing voice were squeezed, and the audience was excited. A huge song, thick chorus, and a vast call and response occur, and the enthusiasm is fed back to the three people on the stage and heats up.
”What is surprising here is that there is no upcoming screaming or shouting. Despite the terrific big explosion at the scene, the heavy performance sound doesn’t shake the dust, and the fine details are not hidden at all. The enthusiasm that ignites throughout the venue is only a sashimi, and you can fully enjoy delicious live music. Even though the performance sound and singing voice are just miracles level, they can feel the popularity of explosive power, and rather than collide with each other, they will raise the heat of the show with a synergistic effect … I’m going to work and write calmly, but the fist that became a real goo hurts and hits like I hit the keyboard. It’s a hot hot rock album that can’t be very calm.

The night of “HAMMERSMITH PALAIS” that the whole world will know for the first time. Moreover, a superb live album with a sound like “Kinney Magic”, and a huge local popularity. It is one piece that can only be described as a cultural heritage. An original cassette from the prestigious Kinney that continues to cause miracles even after 40 years. Please enjoy the full preservation press CD.

★ Complete first appearance sound source. Moreover, high sound quality!

★ After 40 years, the correct set of the day was revealed for the first time with the appearance of this edition.

『REGGATTA DE BLANC』を全英No.1に送り込み、成功の階段を一足飛びに駆け上がっていた1979年のTHE POLICE。その現場を伝える極上ライヴアルバムが驚天動地の新発掘です。
そんな本作に収められているのは「1979年12月18日ロンドン公演」。その全世界初登場オーディエンス録音です。本作は、ただの新発掘マスターではありません。この日はこれまで一切の録音がなかったのですが、そんな秘境のショウを記録したのは、日本のブートレッグ史と同義とも言える名門“キニー”。キニーのオリジナル録音と言えば、膨大な来日公演が残されておりますが、決して日本だけではない。昨年末に記録的大ヒットとなった『LIVE AID(Wardour-310)』をご記憶の方も多いでしょうが、あれもキニー録音。海外のショウも極上サウンドで記録していたのです。本作は、そんなキニー・コレクションのオリジナル・カットからダイレクトにCD化された銘品中の銘品なのです。
そのクオリティがまたとんでもないのですが、その前にまずはショウのポジション。初来日も実現した“REGGATTA DE BLANC TOUR”の全体像を振り返って確かめてみましょう。

・12月3日-22日:欧州#2(15公演) ←★ココ★


・Next to You/So Lonely/Hole in My Life/Truth Hits Everybody/Peanuts/Roxanne/Can’t Stand Losing You/Born in the 50’s
・Walking on the Moon/Bring on the Night/The Bed’s Too Big Without You/Message in a Bottle
・Fall Out/Landlord
・公式『LIVE!』で聴けない曲:Visions of the Night

……と、このようになっています。『OUTLANDOS D’AMOUR』大盤振る舞いを軸としつつ、『REGGATTA DE BLANC』ナンバーやシングル曲を散りばめた構成は初期ならではの濃厚さ。1979年のステージというと公式作『LIVE!』のディスク1(北米#1bのボストン公演)が思い浮かびますが、そこでも聴けない「Deathwish」「Visions of the Night」も披露しています。そのセット以上なのが、熱演ぶり。当時のTHE POLICEは火の付いた人気が猛烈な勢いで世界中に燃え広がっていったわけですが、彼らの本拠地ロンドンはその震源地でもあった。演奏も歌声もリキが入り、観客の盛り上がりもとにかく苛烈。盛大な喝采、ぶ厚い唱和、広大なコール&レスポンスが巻き起こり、その熱気がステージの3人にフィードバックされてどんどん加熱していくのです。

全世界が初めて知ることになる“HAMMERSMITH PALAIS”の夜。しかも、“キニー・マジック”を究めたようなサウンドに、絶大な地元人気まで揃った超極上のライヴアルバム……。まさに文化遺産としか言いようのない1枚です。40年が経っても奇跡を起こし続ける名門キニーのオリジナル・カセット。どうぞ、永久保存プレスCDで存分にご堪能ください。




1. Intro
2. Next to You
3. So Lonely
4. Walking on the Moon
5. Hole in My Life
6. Deathwish
7. Truth Hits Everybody
8. Fall Out
9. Bring on the Night
10. Visions of the Night
11. The Bed’s Too Big Without You
12. Peanuts
13. Roxanne
14. Can’t Stand Losing You
15. Message in a Bottle
16. Landlord
17. Born in the 50’s

Sting – Bass, Vocals
Andy Summers – Guitar
Stewart Copeland – Drums


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