Roger Waters / Sacramento 2017 / 2CD

Roger Waters / Sacramento 2017 / 2CD / Sigma
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Live at Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, CA. USA 12th June 2017 ULTIMATE SOUND

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Ultra high performance capsule microphone, “MK 4” made by Schopes. The advancement has become remarkable also to an unofficial sound source now, but I think that there are not a few people who were surprised by the sound quality of that extraordinary listening as a matter of fact. Even in the ongoing US + THEM tour by Roger Waters, the transcendent recording using that MK 4 is starting to ravage, and last week’s “LOUISVILLE 2017 MATRIX (Sigma 186)” and “LOUISVILLE 2017 (Amity 400)” (This is Tapehead 2 ) And others have appeared and it is still in the midst of being a hot topic. And this week, the same Auckland performance “OAKLAND 2017 (Sigma 188)” using the same MK 4 will be released, but another one, this work which recorded this Sacramento performance of June 12 this also has a tremendous high performance · It will appear as a high-quality electric shock new title !!

Recorded this is also an eccentric name taper “Daspyknows” recently. Although he has published a number of sound sources that he had recorded with the love aircraft MK 4 so far, this work and “OAKLAND 2017 (Sigma 188)” released at the same time this week are a bit different. It’s in too good condition and luxury recording position.

“Section 7 row c 3 seats off dead center”. The memorandum that I wrote when he neted up the MK 4 recording of this Sacramento performance, was written so clearly. When I compare this with the seat table of the golden 1 center which is the venue, I can see that there is no more place to record as a recording position. (↓ is the seat table phosphorus
It is ahead.


… How is it? In the middle of the arena of the arena · In front of you, favorite condition like the smallest section (= the section with almost no obstruction even if it fills all in the section) established in front of the desk mix board As you can see in the best place I think that will become. Moreover, since the microphone has come with MK 4, there is no sound to be bad with this. It is a translation that this direct record and pressed sound is made into this latest work, but its sound quality is phenomenal in fact. Of course, perfect sounds that are completely free from room to add hands to noise removal are breathed in every corner of the disc!

In the rising “Breathe”, everyone is noticed first of all, its texture-rich timbre prominence and sound smoothness. In the natural stereotype where all the sounds arrive at the same time the music of this day slowly spinning music is rather moving rather than excitement, the expected value suddenly explodes. In “One of These Days” the twin bass fosters a dynamic feeling of mellow echoes, and the contrast of the sound that the guitar cuts with a sharp tone is giving it an irresistible charm. It is also a topic that you can understand the high speed sound of each instantaneously as interesting as the sound of the right is reaching from the right speaker and the sound of the left by the straight ball. You will be pleased with the best sound that the excellent sensitivity of input sensitivity stands out also for the chorus of “The Great Gig in the Sky”. I understand that singing expressions of deep and pale pianissimo and strong fetescimo come out with a tremendous resolution, and I will listen to that extraordinary recording power again. “Welcome to the Machine” does not distort the fine dust, it does not shake, the heavy tough sound of the core rises, and it is surprised by the sound image which details the movement of each musical instrument which forms the sound image of the bone. The ratio of the noise caused by the signal passing through the instrument is called the SN ratio (the higher the number, the less the noise), but the fact that the SN ratio blossoms high in silence is “When We Were Young” And “The Last Refugee”. It is rare that it is rare to record with such a high-precision recording position, an excellent high-performance microphone with such a high degree of transparency, and at the same time this can never be seen as a sound that is not an accidental product due to recording It is supposed to be. “Picture That” also features a powerful flight of the original song’s goodness, full of vital life performance is recorded with outstanding accuracy and freshness. Also, “Wish You Were Here” has become a sound full of undulation feeling that the vibration of the string of the guitar can be seen, and it seems that there is no single fan who can not get hot in this. “The Happiest Days of Our Lives” sharp percussion sounds and Roger’s singing voice jump out with a great sound and the dave (· kill mister) guitar which can be heard with “Another Brick … Part 2” also superimposes the sound · It will be necessary check because it comes out with sound.

Although “Dogs” still has high-performance digital sounds as usual, here there is also a tremendous thing about the flight and flight of the synthesizer coming out in the middle stage, the signal of clear sound directly connected to the venue · 100% direct You should be able to fully enjoy the surprise to jump out. “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” not only shows dynamic middle and low sounds realistic clear but also a feeling of being cut into high frequencies comes directly to recorded sounds, and you can experience vivid full-band sound. Especially on this day the lyrics No. 3 which multiplied the actual US government’s White House and the actress Mary · White House are singing quite hostilely (※ “♪ You’re trying to keep our feelings off the The singing voice comes close suddenly in the part of “street”, clearly singing strongly), its strong message nature is transmitted more directly than the same song performance on the other day. “Money” leaves a very interesting listening contrast with sound contrast with the midfield (= becoming a metallic expression) with a beautiful finish of clear sound in the first half of the song. The sound of the midfield from which sax will come out will also be felt high in the recording performance where acute angular and pulsive sound unique to wind instruments emerges clearly. Moreover, although the treble which the “Us and Them” also has done is left an impression which is hard to forget in the ear, interestingly it also sings partly strongly like here “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” There is a scene in the middle stage, it has become a key feature. “Smell the Roses” has become a tough sound that you can realize that a lot of information is contained in one sound, I think that you will be amazed by its overwhelming dynamism that waves in all bands. This can also be said to be a sound image that can realize the high performance of the microphone. “Comfortably Numb” I would like to draw attention to the last long guitar solo. Not only is it eloquent solo more than usual, it is a shine-on sound that can be said to be a highlight in terms of sound quality, and it keeps a wonderful listening response.

MK 4 placed in the center of the arena where the distribution of sounds is most directly received, the direct sound of the performance and harmony that has been swept for more than 2 hours from four directions toward it. Continuing to capture this with overwhelming recording power, the one with the power of sound that can be read as a real documentary on June 12, 2017 is this work, that is, the true ability that MK4 microphone releases. Try this together with this latest work, “ROGER WATERS – OAKLAND 2017 (Sigma 188)” which will be released at the same time, which will give a new surprise to the ears who have learned about recent digital – audience recordings. Both are important twinning titles to ask the real value of US + THEM tour !!
超高性能カプセルマイク、Schopes製” MK4 “。今や非公式音源にもその進出が目覚しくなってきましたが、実際お聴きになってその桁違いの音質に驚かれた方も少なくないと思います。現在進行中のロジャー・ウォーターズによるUS+THEMツアーでもそのMK4を使用した超絶録音が猛威を奮い始めており、先週も『LOUISVILLE 2017 MATRIX (Sigma 186)』や『LOUISVILLE 2017 (Amity 400)』(こちらはTapehead2氏)等が登場して現在も話題になっている真っ最中です。そして今週も同じMK4を使用した米国オークランド公演『OAKLAND 2017 (Sigma 188)』がリリースされますが、もう一本、この6月12日の米国サクラメント公演を収録した本作もまた凄まじいまでに高性能・高音質の電撃新タイトルとして登場致します!!

これを録ったのも昨今気鋭の名テーパー” Daspyknows “氏。彼はこれまでにも愛機MK4で録音した音源を幾つも発表していますが、本作、そして今週同時リリースされる『OAKLAND 2017 (Sigma 188)』は一味違います。それは余りにも好条件かつ贅沢な録音位置にあるのです。

“section 7 row c 3 seats off dead center”。彼がこのサクラメント公演のMK4録音をネットアップした際に記したメモには、慎ましくそう書かれていました。これを会場であるゴールデン 1 センターの座席表で照らし合わせてみると、録音位置としてこれ以上無い場所である事が分かるのです。(↓が座席表のリン

…どうでしょう。アリーナのド真ん中・真正面、卓ミックスボード前に設けられた一番小さいセクション(= そのセクションに全員埋まっても遮るものが殆ど無いセクション )という好条件この上ない位置で録っているのがお分かりになると思います。しかもマイクはMK4ときているのですから、これで音が悪かろう筈がありません。これをダイレクト収録してプレス音盤化したものがこの最新作となっている訳ですが、実際その音質は驚異的。イコライズは勿論、ノイズ除去に至るまで手を加える余地など一切無いパーフェクト・サウンドがディスクの隅々で息衝いているのです!!

立ち上がり「Breathe」でまず誰もが気付かれるのは、その質感豊かな音色の際立ちと音の滑らかさでしょう。全ての音が同時に届く自然な定位の中でゆっくりとこの日の音楽が紡がれてゆく姿は、興奮というよりむしろ感動的であり、期待値がいきなり炸裂するサウンドなのです。「One of These Days」ではツイン・ベースがまろやかな響きの躍動感を育んでおり、これにギターが鋭い音色で切り込んでゆく音の対比がたまらない魅力を発しています。右のスピーカーからは右の、左からは左の音が直球で届いているため楽器の響き一つ一つのハイスピードな着音が面白いほど良く分かるのもトピックでしょう。「The Great Gig in the Sky」のコーラスも入力感度の良さが際立つ極上音がお愉しみ戴けます。深くて淡いピアニッシモと強いフォルテッシモの歌唱表現が凄まじい解像度で出ているのが分かり、その桁違いの録音力に改めてじっと聞き入ってしまう筈です。「Welcome to the Machine」では微塵も歪まず・揺らがない芯の太いタフなサウンドが聳え立ち、しかもその骨太の音像を形成する各楽器の動きが詳細に追える音像に驚かされます。信号が機器を通過することによって生じる雑音の比率をSN比(※ 数値が高ければ高いほどノイズが少ない)と言いますが、そのSN比が静音の中で高く花開くのが「When We Were Young」と「The Last Refugee」です。いかに好条件の録音位置、優れた高性能マイクであってもこれほど高い透明度で録れるのは稀ですし、同時にこれが決して録りっ放しによる偶然の産物ではないサウンドである事も改めて実感出来る筈です。「Picture That」も原曲の良さが力強く飛翔する、生命力に溢れた演奏が抜群の精度と鮮度で録れています。また「Wish You Were Here」もギターの弦の振動が見える様な波動感満点のサウンドとなっていて、これで胸熱くならないファンは一人も居ないのではないでしょうか。「The Happiest Days of Our Lives」は切れ味鋭いパーカッションの音とロジャーの歌声が素晴らしいサウンドで飛び出しますし、「Another Brick…Part 2」で聴けるデイヴ(・キルミスター)のギターも音色が映えるスーパー・サウンドで出てきますので要チェックでしょう。

「Dogs」でも相変わらずの高性能デジタル・サウンドが展開しますが、ここでは特に中盤で出てくるシンセサイザーの飛来・飛翔感も凄まじいものがあり、澄み切った音の信号が会場直結・100%のダイレクト感で飛び出す驚きを満喫出来る筈です。「Pigs (Three Different Ones)」も躍動する中低音がリアルな冴えを見せるだけでなく、高域にも切れ込む力感が収録音に直接出ており、鮮烈な全帯域サウンドが体験出来るでしょう。特にこの日は実際の米国政府のホワイトハウスと、女優メアリー・ホワイトハウスを掛けた歌詞3番でかなり敵意に満ちた歌い方をしており(※ “♪ You’re trying to keep our feelings off the street “の部分で突然歌声が近くなり、明らかに力んで歌っている)、その強いメッセージ性が他日の同曲演奏以上にダイレクトに伝わってくるのです。「Money」は曲前半の澄み切る音の余韻が麗しく、テンポアップする中盤(=メタリックな表現になる)とのサウンド面での対比が非常に面白い聴き心地を残します。サックスが出てくる中盤のサウンドも、管楽器特有の鋭角的でパルシヴな響きがクッキリ浮かび上がる録音性能の高さが感じられるでしょう。また「Us and Them」も済んだ高音域が耳に忘れ難い印象を残すのですが、興味深い事にここにも「Pigs (Three Different Ones)」の様に部分的に強く歌い上げてメッセージ性を込めているシーンが中盤にあり、要注目となっています。「Smell the Roses」は一音一音に情報量が多く含まれているのが実感出来るタフなサウンドとなっており、全帯域で波打つその圧倒的な躍動感に驚かされると思います。これもまたマイクの性能の高さを実感出来る音像と言えるでしょう。「Comfortably Numb」は何と言っても最後の長大なギター・ソロに御注目戴きたいと思います。いつも以上に雄弁なソロとなっているだけでなく、音質的にもハイライトと言えるシャイン・オンなサウンドとなっており、素晴らしい聴き応えを残してくれます。

音の配分が最も直接的に受け取れるアリーナのド真ん中に置かれたMK4、それに向かって四方から2時間以上も掃射され続けた演奏とハーモニーの直撃音。これを圧倒的な録音力で捉え続け、2017年6月12日のリアル・ドキュメンタリーとしても読み取れる音の力を備えたものが本作、すなわちMK4マイクが放つ真の実力となっているのです。昨今のデジタル・オーディエンス録音を知り尽くした耳にも新たな驚きを放つこの最新作、同時リリースされる『ROGER WATERS – OAKLAND 2017 (Sigma 188)』と併せて是非お試し下さい。どちらもUS+THEMツアーの真価を問える双璧の重要タイトルとなっています!!
Disc 1(60:31)
1. Speak to Me 2. Breathe 3. One of These Days 4. Time 5. Breathe (Reprise)
6. The Great Gig in the Sky 7. Welcome to the Machine 8. When We Were Young
9. Deja Vu 10. The Last Refugee 11. Picture That 12. Wish You Were Here
13. The Happiest Days of Our Lives 14. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
15. Another Brick in the Wall Part 3

Disc 2(74:52)
1. Battersea Rises SFX 2. Dogs 3. Pigs (Three Different Ones) 4. Money
5. Us and Them 6. Smell the Roses 7. Brain Damage 8. Eclipse 9. Band Introductions
10. Vera 11. Bring the Boys Back Home
12. Comfortably Numb

Sigma 189

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